Boston Globe: Bridgeport To Become World’s Largest Oil Refinery

oil refinery
In 100 years there will be six UI smokestacks and we'll all be bathing in oil.

The Boston Globe reports in a gag story about Fenway Park 100 years from now that “Antique electric-powered automobiles can be found parked among the gas guzzlers in the airborne elevated garage tethered behind right field. Personal parking licenses go for $2,500 a season, but gasoline is only $1.05 a gallon thanks to the discovery of vast oil reserves beneath Long Island Sound and the conversion of Bridgeport, Connecticut into the world’s largest oil refinery.”

Fenway Park's future
Fenway 100 years from now. Will the Bridgeport Bluefish become the Red Sox AAA team?

Read the Globe story here.



  1. Not a bad idea. Bridgeport already smells like New Jersey, it might as well as look like New Jersey.

    Fortuitous, actually. WALMART has announced plans to place gasoline stations at their retail outlets.

    The idiots who are planning the future of Steelpointe probably catalyzed the Oil Refinery idea. I can see it now. On the most potentially lucrative parcel of waterfront land in the country, Mario Testa will develop a WALMART gas station that offers prepackaged calamari at the checkout counter.

  2. A “tip of the cap” to the Globe even mentioning Bridgeport (in the tradition of Barnum). And just for an instant I thought they might be thinking of the vast deposits of ‘fryolator’ oils being converted to biodiesel in our City. Getting in early on a growth initiative, with Mayor Finch pushing the environmental stuff (even if Frederick Law Olmstead might die a second death were he to see the visual concepts of “Seaside Park Solar”) even when it conflicts with ‘green’ and finally using your brownfields without renewing them might be a home run. Fantasy and facts often fight for news space, even in straight news articles these days. When Mayor Finch speaks it is especially important to verify the facts he uses in support of his vision. Time will tell.

  3. OIB’s otherwise outstanding graphic of Bridgeport’s future as a gasoline refinery needed to include the ferry service from Downtown to Pleasure Beach. 😉


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