BOE Members Seek Stoppage Of State Takeover Of Schools

Just hours from a rally on the steps of Bridgeport City Hall to protest the state takeover of city schools, two dethroned Board of Education members have filed suit in state court to try to block state education control. They are being represented by Norm Pattis, one of the better legal flamethrowers in the state, who loves needling the establishment. Why state court versus federal court? Pattis tells OIB:

“An untested state statute. Were it to be filed in federal courts, a judge would be inclined to grant qualified immunity in the federal claims and send the issues back to state court. We’re trying to eliminate the federal middleman and get right down to business.

I am stunned by Malloy’s boldness. He basically told the people of Bridgeport they are too stupid to govern their own schools. And he did so without even nominal compliance with what the law requires. Who died and elected his administration to play the role of King George and the Tories?”

From the CT Post:



  1. Good for them.
    Let’s get the mayor into court and say under oath the same lies he has been spreading since this thing began.
    And let’s get the mayor pointing fingers at Dan Malloy and Ben Barnes.
    They have never seen anyone turn on them faster than a Finch injured in flight.

  2. This is the mayor who was outraged about what happened last Election Day and yet turned around and in his initial budget did not include a penny more to fund all of the recommendations of his select committee and then turns around and testifies in Hartford parents of school children don’t vote in Bridgeport but that’s OK because democracy doesn’t work in Bridgeport.
    In Bridgeport voters elect incompetent candidates like the Board of Ed. And the current mayor is proof positive.

  3. Attorney Norm Pattis is not only one of the better legal flamethrowers in the state but a real pitbull. One of the cases listed on Pattis’ website is a case, “Won a $1.5 million verdict for a female New Haven firefighter.” I saw the entire trial and I found Norm to be a cross between Peter Falk’s Columbo by the way he dresses and his courtroom style like Johnnie L. Cochran. Now, let the games begin.


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