Blumenthal, Murphy Endorse Finch

Joe Ganim, Blumenthal, Paul Ganim
Joe Ganim, left, chats with Senator Richard Blumenthal last November in front of Wilbur Cross School. At right Paul Ganim, Bridgeport probate judge.

From Finch reelection campaign:

Today, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy have thrown their support behind Mayor Bill Finch’s re-election campaign.

“The decision for Bridgeport leadership is as clear as deciding between the past and the future,” said Senators Blumenthal and Murphy. “We are proud to support Mayor Bill Finch in his bid for re-election and I hope you will too.”

In supporting Mayor Finch, the Senators mentioned that his strong leadership, and focus on creating jobs and growing the economy, are key reasons for their choosing to support him.

“What we need in Bridgeport, as you very well know, is growth in job creation and economic development. When we are in Washington representing our great state, our major focus is on securing new opportunities in these fundamental areas in order to strengthen the middle class and to revitalize our urban centers. When businesses seek to invest in an area–and when developers decide to build, and when citizens decide to move to a new place–the reassurance of confident and dependable leadership is a definite pulling factor. That is what Bridgeport has behind the leadership of Mayor Bill Finch.”

Regarding job creation and economic development, the Senators specifically noted that they are impressed by the progress made at Steelpointe Harbor–a 2.8 million square-foot mixed-use, urban-oriented waterfront project in Bridgeport that is expected to create thousands of jobs and add millions to the tax rolls–which after decades of broken promises, is finally being developed.

“Steelpointe Harbor–a plan in Bridgeport as long as I can remember–is coming to fruition under Mayor Finch. Much of this progress can be accredited to the Mayor and other local officials who have instilled confidence in developers through consistently honest leadership.”

In addition, the Senators pointed to downtown improvement projects as further proof that Bridgeport is getting better under Mayor Finch’s leadership.

“Downtown is improving with a smart focus on transit-oriented development. We have worked with the Mayor to bring a federal tax program to the area to fuel growth and with access to shops, services, and transportation Downtown Bridgeport is undergoing revitalization. Through a collective effort and with the leadership of the Mayor’s administration we have seen the reputation of this great city improve tremendously: surely an allure to potential new businesses and residents.”

In response to their endorsement, Mayor Bill Finch stated that he is honored to have such strong support from two champions of Bridgeport and its future.

“Bridgeport is moving in the right direction due in part to support from our two U.S. Senators,” said Mayor Finch. “Whether it’s creating jobs on the waterfront, keeping our streets safe, increasing access to pre-k for kids, or growing green business and jobs, Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy are always there for our state’s largest city. I want to thank them for being such strong champions of Bridgeport, and for supporting my re-election campaign. I’m truly honored.”



  1. Of course these two are not as high profile as Alma Maya and Fleeta Hudson, but I think their endorsement is appropriate and carries a lot heavier weight than you would believe. Especially on the National level. Ganim was well known on the National level also. Not for such good things.

    Congratulations to Mayor Finch for having two very respected politicians who are actually in office support your efforts to keep Bridgeport on track to enjoy a massive rebirth.

    Can we have another Steelpointe announcement please?

    1. Is something expected to change for me, Straight Arrow? Other than a bet with Maria P and Howard G and a dinner with Come Back Bridgeport I will still be Steven Auerbach and you will still be an anonymous blogger. Did you imagine something else? Please share.

      1. I will have to beg to differ on that point. I think the anonymous bloggers enhance the entertainment value of this blog exponentially. The best laughs on here come from the Pseudonyms.

  2. Watch how quickly they will flip if Finch doesn’t get the DTC endorsement.
    I am sure Finch told them it is in the bag but with Finch the bag quite often only contains hot air.

  3. Wow Ron, not going to vote for Blummy and Himes next cycle, wow! If I said that you would call me a self-hating young black man! Bet you won’t say Obama sucks. He really does.

    1. donj, how did that Bush 43 economy and two wars work out for you? donj, I bet if Colin Powell were in downtown New York City at night, he couldn’t get a cab.

  4. Well, I think it’s abundantly clear Washington (and Hartford) are happy with “business as usual” in Bridgeport–or should I say, they are happy with “no business, as usual,” in Bridgeport.

    Time for a total replacement of our federal delegation. After this year’s performance in Hartford, I would have to say “ditto” for our state delegation.

    And of course, Snake Oil Salesman-in-Chief, Dan Malloy, also has to go.

  5. Gabrielle, Ron, Bob, Up On Bridgeport,
    Shouldn’t you guys be keeping Mary-Jane Foster’s campaign afloat by making some positive comments? I am getting the impression you are losing steam. Mary-Jane could have gotten the Police endorsement but yet WICC is only talking about Joe’s endorsement. The call-ins though are very telling and not very impressed with that endorsement.

        1. Steve, really, WICC local radio station in Bridgeport? Steve, who’s listening to WICC, listeners in Fairfield and Trumbull? Bridgeport voters are not listening. PLEASE.

        2. Steve, don’t believe me, just ask WICC what groups are their listeners and you will find the bulk of the Bridgeport voters don’t tune into WICC. WICC gets listeners during real bad weather to see if schools and businesses are closed or on delay.

          1. Ron, I totally agree with you. WICC has all Fox talk radio. In Bridgeport, what in hell were they thinking?

  6. Up On Bridgeport, why September? Could you really be naive? I know you aren’t. Denial? Do you talk to people? I do not think there is any interest. Steelpointe! Four years ago there was nothing. It is all about the future.

  7. I said nothing negative, Steve. I am the Treasurer for Mary-Jane Foster. There is nothing I can say about Mary-Jane that will change your view. I have no desire to do so anyway. I am too busy with Reports, and Headquarters, and payroll, walk pieces, art and operational activities that it takes to orchestrate a campaign.

    The campaign btw, is moving forward very nicely. Your circles think as you do. You are seeking out what you are claiming to hear and you are finding it. I do not campaign the way you do, so I feel no obligation to respond to your opinion our campaign is losing steam. You would see it that way. I don’t.

    1. I hope you are not losing steam! Everyone knows my respect and admiration for Mary-Jane Foster and they know why I am supporting Finch. It is never a negative. I also do not do character assassinations on Joe Ganim, though many would find that hard to believe. I save all my anti-Ganim rhetoric for this blog only. If I am campaigning I can concentrate on the many positives of Bill Finch. People are more interested in the good things and not badmouthing opponents.

      1. If you are only talking about the positive things with Tax Bill Finch, what do you say after my name is Steve Auerbach. Nice weather we’ve been having, eh?

        1. Bob, I remind them Mary-Jane Foster is running against Joe Ganim and then my enthusiasm for Bridgeport takes over and I tell them everything Finch has done to improve and market the city. Downtown housing, restaurants and the arts. Steelpointe, Pleasure beach. The endorsements. Every project on Steelepointe. I think I am probably the best spokesperson for Bill Finch, and bragging about the assets under his leadership is easy.

          I assume when you are knocking on doors you are also a breath of fresh air and excitement leaving the voters with suicidal tendencies. 🙂

          1. I leave them with suicidal tendencies only if they tell me they are supporting Finch or Ganim.

      1. Why yes, Hector. Yes I was. And I would do it again. Steve was a good candidate, worked hard, now takes the legislative position he earned seriously, and has the best interest of our district in the forefront of his mind at all times. He is also my friend and I trust him.

        I thought you and I had left this behind us. But if you insist.

  8. Hypocrisy yet again. MJF has repeatedly had a “For Sale” sign on her home since 2011. I guess that shows nothing but “true commitment” to Bridgeport.

    1. How many years has J Ganim not lived in Bridgeport? How many months has Ganim lived in Bridgeport? Outside of renting a condo on the Bridgeport/Fairfield line does Ganim live there?
      MJF has not kept it a secret she and Jack are looking to downsize. When did that become a crime? How many times have you moved in the last 10 years?

  9. Maria, Mary-Jane Foster and Jack McGregor have an exquisite home and pay at least $40,000 a year in taxes. Selling her home to downsize is not hypocritical. Hypocritical is living in Easton, never sending your children to city schools. Wearing $1200 suits, drinking $100 bottles of wine, wining and dining in the best restaurants, then moving to a rental apartment and luring the impoverished of Bridgeport and apologizing in an East Side Church after 10 years of denial and making the people of the projects believe he is one of us. Honestly Maria, which one is hypocritical? Mayor Finch sends his children to Bridgeport schools. He lives in the heart of Bridgeport in a lovely home on Beardsley Park. His former wife was a Bridgeport school teacher. Back to Mary-Jane Foster. I think the only thing they have in common is Quinnipiac School of Law and appreciation of the finer things in life. One found a corrupt way of attaining them. I am not sure about the hypocrisy. But if my only choice were Ganim or Foster, it would obviously be Foster hands down on every level. However, Mayor Finch has made attempts to improve the quality of life in all neighborhoods and has gotten development off the ground and for this reason he gets my support.

      1. That Mary-Jane Foster and Joe Ganim both went to the same law school and like the finer things in life!

        Oh yeah, and Ganim is a walking, talking, living, breathing individual who is the epitome of hypocrisy. In every step he takes, every move he makes and every breath he takes, you get the song, right?

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