Bloomberg Taps Broesder As State Director For Connecticut Presidential Campaign

Brett Broesder

Bypassing Iowa and New Hampshire, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is making a big splash for March 3 Super Tuesday states as well as the April 28 Connecticut presidential primary bringing on seasoned state campaign operatives including several with ties to the state’s largest city.

Mike Bloomberg 2020 announced on Tuesday that Brett Broesder has joined the campaign as State Director along with several other notable Connecticut political veterans in his quest for the Democratic nomination for president.

“Mike Bloomberg has taken on and won on some of our country’s toughest fights–be it on guns, climate, or public health–and our effort to defeat Donald Trump in Connecticut, and nationwide, will be no different,” said Broesder. “I’m eager to start building an organization that will not only help us win the primary on April 28, but also in November so that we can start rebuilding America.”

Broesder has more than a decade of campaign experience including as adviser to Governor Ned Lamont, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz and State Treasurer Shawn Wooden.

Prior to that Broesder served as a senior aide to Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and former Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, as a communications director for the Montana Democratic Party, campaign manager for Peter Kilmartin’s successful Rhode Island attorney general run in 2010, and as a public affairs consultant for Ketchum and H+K Strategies in Washington, DC, and New York, NY.

“Broesder has an outstanding history of building and running teams on some of the most important and high-profile campaigns across the country and in Connecticut, and we’re excited to have him lead our efforts in the Constitution State to defeat Donald Trump and to elect a proven leader to the White House,” said Rob Diamond, East Coast States Director for Mike Bloomberg 2020.

Other Bloomberg 2020 Connecticut hires to date include:
Ruben Felipe, Political Director:
— Served as Deputy Chief of Staff to former Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch
— Served as a Democratic State Central Committee member from 2008-2010.
— Worked as the statewide Hispanic outreach director for Joe Lieberman’s successful U.S. Senate run in 2006.
— Father of current state representative Antonio Felipe.

Michelle Parente, Operations Director:
— Elected member of Milford’s Board of Aldermen.
— Co-founded Ella’s List, a state-based political action committee that helps to elect women at the municipal government level.
— Has worked as a political consultant/manager in Connecticut, Colorado and California.

Jordan Grice, Communications Director:
— Reporter for Hearst’s Connecticut Media Group.
— Former reporter for The Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts), Southside Daily (Virginia Beach, Virginia), and The Citizen’s News (Naugatuck, CT).



  1. So we have Brett and Ruben Felipe, two guys that helped lead Mayor Finch’s re-election campaign in 2015, whose candidate lost to Joe Ganim who was convicted on 16 federal counts and sentenced to 9 years in federal prison.

    My point being if you couldn’t get Bill Finch re-elected against that guy, why would anyone hire these guys to help them get elected?

    Someone told me that in 2015 they kept telling Ruben Felipe “Maria Pereira is working hard in Thomas Hooker. You better get more people up there working.” Time and time again Ruben Felipe would say “Don’t worry. We got Thomas Hooker.” Ruben was monitoring all the results from canvassers and phone bankers.

    Mayor Ganim beat Bill Finch by 150 votes at Thomas Hooker School and it was Ganim’s third best school citywide.

    Bloomberg is a HUGE supporter of charter $chools and the privatization of public education. He was responsible for implementing Stop & Frisk in NY which significantly and disproportionately impacted Black & Hispanic New Yorkers.

    Ruben Felipe is the Director of yet ANOTHER Charter $chool organization and Brett was a huge supporter under Mayor Finch.

    Go BERNIE!

  2. Lennie,

    Has Brett & Ruben promised you some Bloomberg campaign revenue for advertisements on your site?

    Those who have had their comments edited, censored, and deleted want to know.


    1. Maria, no one has promised me anything. I think you’re the only one who wants to know because you think your postings are gospel. They are not. But if the Bloomberg campaign wants to advertise like so many other campaigns I’m happy to feature it.

  3. Biden is my choice. I feel like alot of Obama voters who voted for Trump will vote for Biden this time around. Warren and sanders are way to liberal!! Bloomberg stop and frisk was a deal breaker for me no thanks.


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