Blonde Banshee Visits Pol Pod, Plus: Barack Hopes For Himes

The blonde banshee from Black Rock is in the Pol Pod. Ten days after knocking off Robert Keeley, the longest-serving legislator in Bridgeport’s history, we caught up to Auden Grogins who spent the past 10 days recharging the banshee cells for the November general election when she’ll face Republican Phil Young.

Grogins pulled off what a lot of people said couldn’t be done. She out-hustled and out-messaged Keeley with a blistering door-to-door campaign and searing direct mail avalanche.

Taking out an incumbent in a primary is rare. Keeley was the only one in Connecticut vanquished on Tsunami Tuesday. OIB chatted with Grogins by phone Friday afternoon. She talked about the road to winning the primary and what to expect in the general election. {running time: 5:14}

Solid As Barack

Barack Obama’s camp didn’t waste any time responding to Christopher Shays’ cable ad linking the congressman to the hope of the Democrat and the straight talk of Republican John McCain, whom Shays has endorsed.

“Barack Obama has strong, positive vision for America and a long record of bipartisan accomplishment, and we are pleased that it is respected by his Democratic and Republican colleagues in the House,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. “However, in this race, the good people of Connecticut should know that Barack Obama supports Jim Himes and believes Himes is the candidate who will bring the change American families need to Washington.”

I’m excited. OIB will give you a front-row seat for the Shays-Himes steel cage match.

Count On Mount

OIB friend Michele Mount, candidate for State Representative for the 112th District, which includes Monroe and a part of Newtown, will host a Sunday kickoff campaign event at Democratic headquarters, 415 Main Street in Monroe, from 3 to 6pm.

Monroe Democrats will welcome Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Comptroller Nancy Wyman, 4th district Congressional candidate Jim Himes, 22nd Senatorial district candidate Anthony Musto, First Selectman Tom Buzi, along with former Selectmen Karen Burnaska, Andrew Nunn and Newtown’s Herb Rosenthal.

Mount is challenging Republican incumbent DebraLee Hovey. Mount served as Bridgeport’s legislative director in the General Assembly before resigning to devote her full efforts to the race.

Mount, who has qualified for Connecticut’s public financing, will use the opening of the Democratic Headquarters as a fund- and food-raiser for Project Warmth and the Food Pantry. All residents without regard to party affiliation are asked to stop by headquarters and make a donation to Project Warmth, or the Food Pantry. The Pantry needs: coffee, vegetable oil, canned fruit, Parmalot or shelf-stable milk, crackers, canned chicken, juice, spaghetti sauce, shampoo and conditioner.



  1. I also have some breaking news. Mojo talks a lot of “mierda” about John Stafstrom, but word around the south end is that he is little miss sugar foot. Maybe it’s you who is the “chupa pipi” “traga leche” “saca caca” all along.

    Celia Cruz- it’s good to see a fellow musician join in on the blog. You are right about the current town chair. His inability to deliver his candidates must be hurtful to his ego.

    Silva- We all knew he was going to get ass-reamed, but Mario couldn’t even talk this bozo out of running.

    Lydia Martinez- Same story here. Mario supposedly tried to talk her out, but Andres’ Aunt Santa “The Pug” Ayala wanted his head on a platter.

    Keeley- Let’s just hope that Shays hires whoever ran Bob’s campaign so that he can lose in November.

    Bill Stewart- This horse broke his hoof warming up for the race. Keep smoking your cigarettes and tell your cardiologist I said hello. What a dud.

    Chico Rivera- This guy practically handed you the nomination and Mario didn’t do a damn thing for him. What a shame.

    Anthony Musto- This poor guy got blitzkrieged in Bridgeport. Who in the hell is running his campaign? Where were Council Woman Lyons and Vizzo-Paniccia? Why didn’t they deliver Blackham School? Fabs? This shows some weakness. If Caruso was smart he should run a slate against those two. They can be picked off.

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Mario in a Delorean speeding down Madison Ave trying to get back to 1998. Nobody would have even dared to primary Mario back then.

    Everybody knows that Mayor Finch is as popular as a porcupine in a balloon factory, but you need to let the man be Mayor and stop playing games. This council is so hellbent on trying to flex their muscles that government isn’t moving forward.

  2. There is a crashed car on Bostwick Ave. It’s hit the building and it’s been there 1 1/2 hours, the police have been called and they are not there; what is wrong?

  3. Black Rockin (#2):
    What have I told you about the Bridgeport police? – They are a sorry bunch. Have you read the article in today’s CT Post to see the fix we find ourselves in with the Christopher Russo case? Our police leave a lot to be desired. The City is going to have to pay well over $1,000,000 for their lack of professionalism. It’s a slam dunk for Russo’s lawyer. Maybe we should hire him to get our tax dollars out of “Don” DiNardo.
    And I suggest that everyone read the article to which I refer above because when you start seeing in print an outright discussion of the City’s going into bankruptcy we’re in deep crap.

  4. The Banshee will prevail in November, that’s a given. Republican candidates can expect the votes of their friends and neighbors, which adds up to a token showing. Auden is the Democrat of choice for the 129th district. Unless Mr. Young recieves a large influx of cash and support from the national committee he can be assured of a distant second-place showing.

    Biden is a good choice for veep. He’s been around long enough to know how things work inside the beltway, and he has the integrity to do what the people elected him to do.

  5. Where the surplus went:

    LAST WEEK, lawmakers spoke of a $70 million surplus and yesterday they passed a $79 million energy assistance bill just in time to avoid the chill of winter. But the overspending continues…

    There was NO SURPLUS just the clever machinations of election year politicians.

  6. “Ten days after knocking off Robert Keeley, the longest-serving legislator in Bridgeport’s history, we caught up to Auden Grogins who spent the past 10 days RECHARGING THE BANSHEE CELLS FOR THE NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION when she’ll face Republican Phil Young.”

    Recharging the banshee cells? Is that a euphemism for drinking herself into a stupor across Fairfield County?

    How are Harold and his wife doing?

    Who is taking her out a year and a half from now? Anyone have any suggestions?

  7. How much more do we have to read or listen to stuff about Grogins? Alright already she won the primary and there is no doubt she will win in November so can we move on? I have a suggestion can we please annex Black Rock to Fairfield that way we can move on and talk about other things going on in Bridgeport.

  8. If we annex Black Rock into Fairfield then Auden could represent the place where her business is…

    Who is Paul Young? That’s the best the Republicans can do in Black Rock? Maybe they should just disband the party.

  9. When I asked who is taking Auden out a year and a half from now I meant that as who is going to run against her…

    Re Phil Young…Phil, Paul…whatever.

  10. “Eddie Palmieri // Aug 23, 2008 at 3:18 am

    I also have some breaking news. Mojo talks a lot of “mierda” about John Stafstrom, but word around the south end is that he is little miss sugar foot. Maybe it’s you who is the “chupa pipi” “traga leche” “saca caca” all along.”

    Look “Eddie Palmieri” … I know who you are and am not going to break blogging etiquette by outing you. Regardless, you know darn well yourself that you have had a little “sugar in your gas tank” in your past … if you know what I mean.

    Being bisexual isn’t a bad thing. Being hypocritical about your past sexual experimentation is, tho’.

  11. Why can Eddie Palmieri make comments about Mojo being gay while I can’t make comments about Auden getting dry humped over someone’s passenger side door in the lot behind Chubby’s?

  12. Ghost of Mandy- Whoever you think Eddie is you are way off base my friend. I think you should stick to blowing horns and typing away at your keyboard.

    Mojo knows I am the South End. Eddie Palmieri is a movement. We need to force out machine politics with the strength of Latin Jazz!

  13. Hi Con Filardi
    The public statement of our city’s bondings money should be published in November in the newspaper according to Federal legal published standards.
    I understand it was $58 million this past year for police, fire, teachers pensions and med insurance.
    We are BANKRUPT no cash, and to his credit Mayor Moonbeam (I apologize for the name description) I sincerely think is trying his best to help us out of this mess; he isn’t a bad guy. They just put a pile of heavy stuff on his back and how better can he do?

  14. Black Rockin:
    I have to agree. The mayor has inherited one helluva mess from Fabs and he’ll wind up taking the blame for it. Time will tell, but I think you are going to see a pretty rough time in Bridgeport over the next two years. If the mayor avoids bankruptcy, it will be a miracle.
    For all of us, I wish him the best and I suggest that he seek the advice of Mayor David Cicilline of Providence because there’s a man who pulled off a miracle for that city.

  15. Let me see if I’ve got this straight.
    Finch inherits budget crisis.
    Finch waits until his budget is due to make public the enormity of the problem.
    Finch moves CAO under Fabs to Director of Finance.
    Finch moves Director of Finance to Comptroller.
    Finch keeps in place Budget Director (OPM Director Tom Sherwood).
    Finch privatizes health care jobs.
    Finch blames unions.
    Finch hires outside law firm to negotiate union contracts while no one in Labor Relations loses their jobs (after obscene pay raises are given out to this department by the Fabulous one).
    And we are supposed to feel sorry for FINCH???
    This logic does not leave me grinning.

  16. And Con, the answer lies not in Providence it lies right under the mayor’s nose. Clean house. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. How do we expect things to get better if the people who created the mess are expected to fix it?

  17. This just in: Mayor calls special council meeting Monday evening to deal with finance crisis. Council is to be updated by CAO and Finance Departments. Mayor and Council President may not be available since they may already be in Denver at the Democratic National Convention. But it has to be a crisis if a special meeting is scheduled.

  18. I believe that much of that $58 million is past service liability. Which is what is owed retired employees. That would mean that every retired employee would have to collect his entire pension at one time. The teachers pensions come out of the teachers retirement fund in Hartford for which the city pays money into. The police and fire pensions have been funded since 1978. Health care is another matter and may cost the bulk of the $58 million. City employees contribute to their health care costs.

  19. Grin, thanks for postings #21, 22, & 23. I agree with you 100% but you left out one important part. Mike Lupkas, former CFO has resigned. When Finch came in he appointed Andy Nunn CAO so he had to find a spot for Mike Feeney. Even though Feeney had no financial background whatsoever he was made CFO and Mike Lupkas got demoted, position and salary. Mike L. took it like a man and stuck it out until he found another job.

    Mike L has many years with the city and has a lot of knowledge about the city’s finances, past and present. When he leaves that knowledge leaves with him. Finch should have left him alone. Feeney should have been put somewhere else where he couldn’t hurt anyone. A solid professional like Mike L was hurt and now the city is losing another valuable employee.

    Feeney is very close to Tom Sherwood. Tom is a bullshitter but Feeney doesn’t know any better so it all sounds good to him. Mike L at least had some knowledge and could hold his own against Sherwood. There will be no one to strike that balance now. We are in serious trouble.

    It has been said before on this blog but it bears repeating: get rid of the deadweight and the people from prevous administrations who got us in this mess in the first place. The #1 person is Sherwood, the #2 is Feeney.

    And who is paying for Finch and McCarthy to attend the Dem Nat Convention? No wonder the city hired a consultant to negotiate the union contracts. Osborne is incompetent and McCarthy, although smart, is never there. Between the two that’s $200,000 plus health benefits. Throw in part-time-employee-with-full-time-salary-and-benefits David Dunn and you get another $100,000.

  20. “Wondering // Aug 23, 2008 at 9:42 am

    How much more do we have to read or listen to stuff about Grogins? Alright already she won the primary and there is no doubt she will win in November so can we move on? I have a suggestion can we please annex Black Rock to Fairfield that way we can move on and talk about other things going on in Bridgeport.”

    “Wondering,” I am in full agreement with your suggestion about annexing Black Rock to Fairfield that way we can move on and talk about other things going on in Bridgeport.

  21. Listen eddie palmieri without capitals, wanabe. You’re not shit in the southend & if I was gay I would not hide it but be up front with it, unlike you! You talk a little too much for a punk & my handle is Mojo but people know me as “MOJICA”, & I will find out who you are and see if you’re man enough or she-man to say your B/S in front of my face instead of hiding behind a blog! I’ll be seeing you soon!

  22. Almost forgot, anyone who would like to see eddie palmieri (wannabe) receive a reality check for his thoughtful postings, please feel free to blog his real idenity on this site! It would be most appreciated by his good friend! Thank You.

  23. Hey Mojo, ya no hay que llorar, la vida es un carnival!

    Mojo, not for anything, but you were the one to start with the homosexual innuendos, so, no reason to take it personal…

  24. I feel a musical insparayshon, toonite…

    Para Rep. Ayala – que cante mi gente, a la la la la la

    Oh and for Lydia Martinez, rie, llora, vive tu vida y gozala toda…Some words of advice from Celia to Lydia…Deja la politica ya, it’s time to give up and go, and GO FAR, you remind of el periodico de ayer, que ya nadie quiere leer!!!

    Mayor Moonbeam – I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them who they truly come from when they’re born, show them everything, they want to know…

    McCarthy, DePara Jr and Rodgerson – I’m coming OUT, I want the world to know, gotta let it show…

    Until my next musical insparayshon moment…Here are some words for my amigos, if life gives you a lemon, don’t b*tch, just make some damn lemonade…

  25. The late great Celia Cruz is dead; time for her (wannabe) to mind their business unless they care to talk for E/P in person & take up the cause! Word-up, & fed up with hide-behind-the-web bloggers that disrespect people they don’t even know. Criticizing a political candidate or politics in general is one thing but attacking a person’s character with abusive, or sexual personal remarks that are way off base while hiding behind a blog like a scared little delinquent child getting its kicks should not be tolerated period by this website! Especially when it’s done by people that lack a backbone & got no heart to start with, but will hide in the shadows like roaches waiting to come out when its dark. And if I’m wrong then walk it like you talk it!

  26. Article in today’s CT Post:

    BRIDGEPORT — Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood has disbanded the department’s 12-officer Traffic Division and other specialized squads, including the K-9 Unit, Mounted Unit and the Tactical Narcotics Team, may be next on the chopping block.
    “It is my understanding that other specialized units are going to be disbanded this week,” said Officer Frank Cuccaro, the president of the local police union.
    Norwood on Friday said the changes are designed “to maximize the resources in patrol in order to minimize overtime expenditures. I’m trying to look at any way to reduce overtime.”
    Mayor Bill Finch recently ordered Norwood to cut his department’s overtime in half after its overtime exceeded the amount budgeted last year by $1.3 million.

    HALLELUJAH AND AMEN! The Mayor is finally looking like a mayor.

  27. I am told the traffic division was put together based on seniority. They never internalized their role as ambassadors for the city as they managed the traffic. Some of those guys were chronically rude to visitors, especially around the arena and ballpark. They never worked with the downtown businesses to help them with allowing traffic to go up and down Main Street after the events. I for one am glad that the traffic division was disbanded. Now when there is an event, the best people should be given the assignment to handle the visitor traffic. Every conversation, every interaction counts in making this City work correctly. Visitors having a bad experience use it as the reason to stay away. As for the overtime related to traffic, the revenue that comes in from the events related to parking and traffic overtime needs to be subtracted from the actual overtime expense. That isn’t what is happening. The revenue just goes into the general fund. It should go against the expenses so we get a true picture of what is happening. The Post report only told half of the story. Bottom line, the chief needs to be able to pick the best and the brightest for the assignments, not seniority.

  28. Black Rock pays for Bpt. the city with the country’s higest mil rate, which Black Rock pays.
    Let Black Rock become its own town, and if that would happen Bpt. would sink.

  29. Why on earth would “Officer” Cuccaro threaten to file a grievance with Chief Norwood because of the unit disbandments so as to save OT? Cuccaro has suggested that the contract “requires” OT. Maybe the “Officer” should respell his name…Cookaroo!

    Another fine example of a union bleeding an employer.

  30. Anyone read Bill Cummings’ article in CT Post today about Steel Point? Don’t hold your breath waiting for the development to happen. By the way, the Bridgeport City Council will meet in a special session Monday night for a briefing by city bean counters on finances. It’s not going to be pretty. More on that from me Monday morning.

  31. Lennie #38
    Steel Point was a holding action.
    Bpt. is in big trouble. I think the mayor is trying his best and although I have confronted his views in the past, he is actually not a bad guy.
    Do you think we will make it?

  32. We will make it if the administration makes some tough decisions. They have got to get rid of Sherwood who was the architect of this false budget inherited by Finch. We have got to get rid of Feeney who actually serves no useful purpose other than to cause problems wherever he goes. We lost a good financial guy who was demoted so that Feeney could get this job, one for which he has no credentials.
    We need to take a step back and see where we are and where we have come from. We need to get all of the development entities on the same page and working overtime to get development off the ground.
    The city has to show a positive movement forward and we need to get spending under control and that includes the mayor’s office. No more creative political jobs should be created. Finch is on the right track with the PD spending but he has to make sure the cuts instituted by Norwood are not in-your-face cuts like getting rid of the K-9s or the tac unit. If Norwood can’t manage the PD then let’s get rid of him and hire someone who can.
    Let’s restore the morale in the city workforce. Having long-term employees spending their time wondering if they are next on the layoff list is counterproductive.

  33. Countdown (#35):
    I can tell you that I have had two bad experiences with the PD in the past several months which precipitated my writing a letter to the Mayor copy to Chief Norwood. Both seemed to be embarrassed by my experiences. Yes, I would hope that visitors to Bridgeport don’t experience such out-and-out rudeness.

    I appreciate your position with regard to City employees not feeling secure about their jobs, but it should be obvious to all that expenditures are out of control and the administration cannot look to the taxpayers, any more than it has, for a bailout. All departments should be pared down with greater productivity expected from the remaining workforce. The private sector is having to do it and why shouldn’t government be expected to do the same?
    This city needs to privatize many of its services and we will see greater efficiency for less money.

  34. Steel Point will lead to another lawsuit and end up stuck in litigation for god knows how long. Does this mean that Max Medina will again be running for mayor or will he stay on as the Developer’s counsel and try to recoup some money from the city for his client? Who is responsible for the delay? Will the mayor blame Fabrizi too on this one? Will the developer blame Finch for 7 months of no Economic Development director? Stay tuned for the next episode of: Steel point of no return.

  35. Thanks, Lennie.

    I just read Cummings’ tome on Steel Point. What a complete mess!

    All of you diehard dyed-in-the-wool democrats should take great pride in knowing that the very people you blindly keep in office have orchestrated an assured failure for the only prospect this city has for prosperity. Vote the party line each time every time and often.

    BTW…How’s that worked out for you?

    I truly believe if Mario Testa decided that the next party-endorsed candidate for mayor would be a box of frozen calamari, the calamari would get 4900 votes in a primary and sail into office in the general with 9500 votes…just because Testa thinks the calamari would do a better job than Finch. This is one time Testa and I agree.

  36. Mojo:

    I know how you feel regarding Eddie Palmed me Already.
    He, she, it or whatever can be a pain in the ass at times and I’m sure Palmed me Already won’t be going near you.

    So, on behalf of Mojo and I, we dedicate this song to Eddie aka Simon on the 20th. Anniversary of this Willie Colon classic.


  37. Con: During times of economic downturns there comes a time that public and private industry must lay off employees. What I am saying is if it needs to be done, DO IT!!! Instead we are waffling on this and the employees don’t know if they will have a job or not. It is almost cruel to keep this thing going. Lay off where you need to lay off and stop hiring for new positions. Employees see friends getting laid off and then witness new positions being created that don’t need to be there. An unsettled work force leads to morale problems and a reduction in productivity.

  38. Yahooy I believe it means that if you vote for Obama you are voting for a tax increase. I do know that part of his projected platform has tax increases for small businesses and I believe for the middle and upper class. Just a Guess.

  39. Donj: I appreciate your enthusiasm but do you know what the democratic platform really is?
    What is you opinion on the following?
    1. failed late-term abortions.
    2. tax increases for small business owners.
    3. tax increases for the upper middle class and the wealthy.
    4. Universal Health Care and do you know how that is working in Canada?
    5. Joe Biden is VP nomination but when a candidate running against Obama he made it a point to say how inexperienced Obama was in all facets of government.
    6. Obama’s friendship with the Rev. Wright & Bill Ayers the pentagon and other government buildings bomber.

  40. Wondering if you’re satisfied with the job Bush has done then vote for McCain because many of us here in Bpt are struggling and we are voting for change. I voted for Hillary but Obama won fair and square. And why the hell would someone vote for McCain if they lived in Bpt is beyond me.

  41. donj, I don’t think yahooy is going to vote for Obama, I think he’s a republican. I liked hearing Biden’s speech on TV and I think he is a great choice…Go Obama-Himes-Musto.

  42. McCain’s got 7 houses with 7 tables? I guess when you have the kind of money he and his wife have, you can afford that. I couldn’t believe it when Biden brought that up in his speech. Look at all the people who are now losing their homes – think he cares about that–NOT!!! Just another Bush as far as I can see and we don’t need any more of that.

  43. I guess it’s all right to use our taxes to bomb the s— out of countries 8000 miles away kill women, children and anything else that moves with our!!! taxes. But god forbid we should use our taxes to help people in our country, rebuild our cities, roads, schools and health system. Right-wing christians are against abortions, late-term or any other type, but it’s ok to send the men, women and our children to die later on to fight the lies of bush, cheney (no caps for small people). Is it christian to kill older people just not fetuses. cheney called the oil companies the other day and asked did you make enough or do you need another war, because we can always attack Iran or a little confrontation with Russia so as to get the oil prices back up. Maybe not too close to election might hurt bomb bomb Iran McCain. When I was in Nam many of my brothers and sisters came back with PTSS and we are to believe McCain didn’t have a little bit of the same. Because he has a little anger management problem we need someone who doesn’t have such serious issues. So ya think things aren’t bad enough. We need more laws broken, by the same party that outed a CIA agent because they had to hide the truth with another lie. We wanted to impeach a president for lying about a stain on a dress when bush has stained the fabric of our country for generations to come. now about BPT tom sherwood, feeney two more small people will address the common council with their dog and pony show. Also saw tom buying a smoke machine and mirrors for the council show, wear boots the BS will be deep maybe even a raincoat because s— splatters.

  44. City Kitty

    After donj finihes whatever it is he reads, please ask to borrow it. You need work as well.

    Right now, for the record, I’m voting for Obama because I am afraid of a continuation of Bush and his ways. If McCain convinces me that he is riding in on his white horse to destroy all that Bush has destroyed, I vote for McCain.

    I’m certainly NOT voting anybody because of abject party loyalty. I’ll leave that to the Philistines.

  45. yahooy, I couldn’t help but tease you a little about the way you spelled finished. It’s ok donj, I don’t have to read anything, we are on the same page!

  46. Hooray! Chief Norwood had the cojones to disband the units that were causing grief to his ability to make assigments…Now, assign them where you need them and forget the Seniority BS…Let’s see how Norwood manages this Dept now…Poor union is losing power…Good, it’s about time…I agree with the right to organize, but some of these municipal unions are outright abusing their labor powers, the GAME IS OVER!

    As for Steel Point, ay Dios mio…No surprise there…Let’s wait and see for 10 more years, that seems to be a normal ETA for development projects…

    Oh can’t forget…

    Joel – nice song selection, enjoy it Eddie…

    Mojo – as for you, peace and happiness, my brother, peace and happiness…La Vida es un Carnival amigo!!!

  47. Donj; All I was asking was take a look at the Democratic Platform. I know you are an intelligent person who posts many interesting items. I just find it hard to think that you are not looking at the different platforms before you make a decision. I am not fully committed to McCain just leaning that way. It seems to me if my taxes and expenses are going to go up under each candidate then I need to look at the experience factor. I will wait until I understand each platform a lot more than I do now.

  48. Real life is not a song about “Carnival”; it’s a struggle day in & day out. We who labor through life find a happy medium in the simple things like family, nature, song & dance, art, sports, etc. If some of these things, plus the fact that we’re blessed with life & good health bring us love & happiness, then we are ahead of the game. But make no mistake, whether we’re blogging as C. Cruz or later E. Palmieri, you don’t insult people then chump it off with a song title & peace & love. AMIGO!

  49. I would have to agree with Black Rockin, that Black Rock be allowed to become independant of Bpt. Hell, Lee Samowitts(forgive the spelling) seem to have the right idea when he tried to get Black Rock’s zip code changed & become part of the town of Fairfield! However the town line of B/R should be where it always used to be, right at the street that crosses Fairfield Ave.(Elsworth St.??) where Wa-Wa’s was & I believe there’s a Dunkin Donuts across the street as well? Everything east of there would remain Bpt.& the West End. Lets face it, it’s never really been represented well as part of the #130th district anyway. So that means that Captain’s Cove, PT Barnum Apts., Twin Towers, Aquaculture School, Fire-House and all the industry, etc. in that area would be Bpt. not B/R. Less elected officials & B/R residents on city boards, no B/R arts center, B/R library, tattoo parlors, night-clubs, saloons & bars, etc. not a bad concept on the part of a B/R resident! Hell, half the bloggers on this forum would be gone too!


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