Bhargava Approved For Public Funds In State Treasurer Primary Challenge

Candidate for Connecticut State Treasurer Dita Bhargava has qualified for $484,125 in public funds in her challenge of Democratic-endorsed Erick Russell for the August 9 primary.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission that oversees Connecticut’s voluntary public finance program approved her grant application this week. Statewide candidates, other than governor, who meet the financial threshold will also receive $968,250 for the general election.

Stephanie Thomas, Democratic endorsed for Connecticut secretary of the state, was also approved for a $484,125 grant. She’s being primaried by former Bridgeport Health Director Maritza Bond who’s awaiting word on her grant applications.

Statement from Bhargava:

“Three weeks ago, I was the first to have raised funds to qualify for public financing. Today, thanks to my team’s diligent work, which helped me submit a flawless application to SEEC, I am proud to be the first to qualify for public financing officially.

I am also the first and only candidate to roll out an extensive policy plan as the next State Treasurer.

Through a lifetime of hard work and commitment, I learned what it takes to get ahead and am eager to bring my work ethic to serve the people of Connecticut. But first, I need your support. Please find me on line B on August 9th and help me make history in the democratic primary as the first South Asian constitutional officer.

I appreciate your support and promise that I will always put the needs of Connecticut residents first.



  1. A few good Women

    “We live in a world that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by Women, Who’s gonna do it? You Ernie Newton? I have a great responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Joe Ganim, and you curse the State Central Committee. You have that luxury. The luxury of the blind. The luxury of not knowing what I know: That soon the death of Brown Mucus, while tragic, probably will Piss Mario Testa and Mayor Joe Ganim off. And my existence, while grotesque and uncomprehensible to you and the City Council, saves Tax Dollars! You can’t handle it. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about, you want me on that City Council wall. You need me on that wall. I use words like RESEARCH, honor, code, loyalty. I use these words as a backbone to a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the False blanket of the DTC and the felonious Goverment that Joe Ganim & Mario Testa provide, Then questions the manner in which I protect this City from It. I’d prefer you just said thank you Maria P. and went on your way. Otherwise, I’d suggest you pick up a Lawn sign for State Rep. Jack Hennssy and stand a post.”

    1. Jimfox
      You may kiss Maria, A** I, see you have become her biggest CHEERLEADER on OIB. Even when she wrongs you still uphold her. Well, even the candidate she put up 15-1 for the former councilwoman from that district. Jim if you really wanted to give advice it should be to your Wonder Woman Ms. save Bridgeport. Jim misses me with the Bull!

  2. Congratulations to Dita, the Most qualified candidate for State Treasurer.
    As a former New Havener I find it offensive that the New Haven party machine thinks it owns the State Treasurer’s position and since Hank Parker it is reserved for an African American.
    Dita is both a woman and a person of color, some in the party think she isn’t dark enough…..such nonsense.
    We don’t need a State Treasurer under the NH DTC thumb.
    Think one party politics is ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT? New Haven hasn’t elected a RepublicanMayor since 1951.

  3. I think Erik Russell will make an excellent State Treasurer.

    I think the Marcus Brown bashing is unnecessary. People are excited that for the first time in nearly 18 years there is a Primary\. A primary is exciting and Healthy. On August 9th the people in the North end and parts of the West end will vote. People aren’t interested in the Brown bashing at the door and they are extremely excited about Marcus. I could be deluded but I am not. Maria is out of her neighborhood and is about as popular in the North end as Browns opposition. Jacks won every campaign only because he was on the top line in a general election. Now- People have a choice. The people who vote in the Primary are those that want change. Marcus Brown did very well in the North end in a previous election cycle. Moore won by Absentee ballots. This year we unanimously endorsed Moore. She needs a strong Partner in Hartford. Brown’s opposition fought the mask and vaccine mandates. Not very Popular. Playing solitaire during a session is also not popular. This had not been a very good week for Ms. Pereirra in her district. on August 9th her political clout will diminish further. To the Chagrin of many, Marcus Brown was nominated by myself. Mario Testo did not twist my arm. My former district leader, Dennis Scinto (may he rest in Peace) would be very proud that Marcus Brown was running. Dennis and I walked for miles during Browns senate race. The constituents remember us supporting Brown. for years Dennis Scinto was hoping to find an aggressive , bridge builder to take the helm. Finally, a primary , let the best man win and as always, Thanks to all of the candidates all over the city that are running in the hopes of making a difference. After 18 years– ENOUGH! Politics get ugly at times – it is what it is! Break over- haven’t been on this blog in awhile and so disappointed to read all of the negative Brown Bashing. I wonder if we asked all of the elected officials from our city . State Reps. and State Senators I wonder who they’d support. I know the answer.

  4. “The people who vote in primaries are the people who want change” he says. SURE!, maybe in a perfect world. Mostly, ESPECIALLY in Bridgeport, the people who vote in primaries are party loyalists who know they have to make it to the polls to please the boss. The ones that vote for the challengers to the party endorsed people, are the few (usually), that the new candidate can get to the polls. The rest of the voters might be the ones who want change but the odds are against that from happening. Disagree? Stats please – on voter apathy. ESPECIALLY in Bridgeport, where the corrupt rule, alongside their colleagues, some of whom are felons or even on their way to becoming one!!!!!

  5. RA you tell us :”the people who vote in primaries are party loyalists who know they have to make it to the polls to please the boss.” Perhaps we need to review your understanding, closely, to see what it may reveal?

    Who is “the boss” you reference? If I have a City job, I do not have to worry about my actual workforce supervisor, do I, as there appears to be no annual merit evaluation meeting or task. And my actual supervisor, in whatever employment hierarchy of responsibility is posted, has no say in my life, do they? So how does “the boss” (and we’re not discussing New Jersey now) keep track and enforce? Time will tell.


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