1. I heard that business at the liquor store is a bit slow and the parking situation sucks so Mike Defilippo is offering a discounted rate to take care of the AB’s in the 133rd. Also available for lawn mowing. Hey….the attorneys fees are mounting and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  2. District 139
    Replace the incumbents
    One has a bad record and the other broke the rules and awaits a judge’s ruling.
    Both are associated with machine politics.
    Vote Simmons / Majewski on Sept. 14.

  3. I am on the ballot as an endorsed candidate. No one has communicated to me, that if elected I need to think or vote on issues in any way other than what I believe is right.
    “Transparent, accountable, collaborative”.
    Effective public education is the backbone to democracy and freedom.
    Let’s make Bridgeport Public Schools a model of how successful education is administered.

    1. Pete, if you win,you will get your “talking too”… I recommend the chicken parm as your meal,usually it’s complementary if you agree with terms..Enjoy!

    2. Pete
      You’re a Republican. Chances are you won’t win. If you do John Weldon will explain how it works.
      If John loses and you win, well, you’re f*cked. Mario will invite you to lunch. He’ll explain how it works.
      If John loses and you win AND Mario doesn’t invite you to lunch then he’s got enough votes lined up and he doesn’t need you for sh *t. You are really f*cked.
      Good luck, you’ll need it.

    3. Mr. Perillo,

      Will you truly be transparent or will you continue to support John Weldon and his excessive use of special meetings to lock out from public view such items as the superintendent’s hiring and contract? Will you vote no on needless executive sessions?

      Will you support allowing public comment on any issue, unlike weldon who has severely restricted public comment to agenda items only?

      Will you seek to enforce the residency clause of the superintendents contract?

      How will you advocate for more $$?

      What is your stance on curriculum revision?

      How do you feel about all the corrupt democrats in our city?

      Will you defend Mayor Jo Ganim and his underfunding of our school system?

      Will you support a hiring process that now bypasses the board entirely in violation of the bylaws or will you tell Weldon to ensure his Personell committee meets and interviews candidates as required?

      Just a few of the questions.

      Please provide some details of what, when and how you intend to do, not just talking in points.

      Be prepared for a phone call telling you not to respond. How you react to that phone call will dictate the next four years in the unlikely event you win a seat on the board.

      Vote Row B

      And only Row B


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