Battle Brewing For NAACP Leadership

Things are a little testy for leadership of the Greater Bridgeport chapter of the NAACP.

Wayne Winston is challenging Carolyn Vermont for the presidency of the chapter. Vermont was named president one year ago to fill out the term vacated by Craig Kelly.

Charges and counter charges between Winston and Vermont over leadership qualities have divided loyalties within the ranks of the local civil rights organization and its more than 400 members. Meetings are conducted at Messiah Baptist Church on Congress Street. The election is Nov. 18.

Winston was a vocal presence at meetings when the Board of Education considered closing down Dunbar and Roosevelt Schools. Winston attended Roosevelt. Vermont has been critical of the city’s Election Day ballot gaffe that led to chaos at voting precincts that impacted many African American voters.

The NAACP presidency provides a platform to address a variety of city issues–politically, governmentally and socially.



  1. *** To vote, you must be a current dues NAACP member & on the members list. After that, you’re never called locally on agendas or meetings in general so maybe it’s time again for another change, no? ***

    1. You are right Mojo. That happens too often and that happens too much in the branch and has lead to frustration for local NAACP members. That’s why new leadership is so important to include all the membership and not a select few.


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