Awaiting Trial With Bradley, Former School Board Chair Jessica Martinez Confined To Home For Cocaine Use

Dennis Bradley and Jessica Martinez.

For repeatedly violating conditions of her pretrial release, a federal judge has ordered home confinement for former school board chair Jessica Martinez awaiting trial with State Senator Dennis Bradley on campaign finance charges.

The lockdown centers on Martinez’s cocaine use and failure to participate in a drug treatment program.

Martinez may leave her residence for activities approved by her probation officer such as drug treatment, court appearances and medical purposes.

Martinez’s substance abuse was a key factor in her removal as Board of Education chair. She had repeatedly denied any issues with drugs.

Martinez and Bradley, her former attorney, await federal trial charged with multiple counts of wire fraud for alleged violations of Connecticut’s public finance system. Martinez was charged with additional counts of providing false statements to federal law enforcement and a grand jury. Martinez says she was manipulated by Bradley during the whole process including what to say to federal authorities.

Bradley, fighting for his political life, faces a Tuesday Democratic primary against party-endorsed Herron Gaston, a city faith leader and assistant chief administrative officer.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

“Though the court scheduled the show cause hearing with the hope and expectation that the defendant would use the time period to address her issues with using cocaine, communicating with her probation officer and consistently attending drug treatment, the written status report filed on July 25, 2022 and the verbal update provided today in court, covering the time frame from July 26, 2022 through August 4, 2022, revealed that the defendant continues to violate the conditions of her release,” U.S. District Judge Robert M. Spector stated following the hearing Thursday afternoon.

On July 11, the judge issued a written order finding there was “clear and convincing evidence” that Martinez had violated the conditions of her release based on her continued cocaine use and her repeated failure to participate in drug treatment.

“Although the defendant appears to have acknowledged that she is regularly using cocaine, her participation in intensive outpatient drug treatment continues to be sporadic, according to the July 25, 2022 status report filed in this case, and she continues to test positive for cocaine, as evidenced by her positive drug tests on or about July 25, 2022 and July 26, 2022,” the judge stated Thursday.

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  1. What is neuropsychology?
    Neuropsychology is a specialty field that joins the medical fields of neurology, psychology and psychiatry. Neuropsychology involves determining how well the brain is working when it is disrupted by a brain injury or psychological disorder. A neuropsychological assessment is a comprehensive test of a wide range of mental functions including behavior.

        1. The point is, they should have revoked bail and locked her up for testing dirty.

          No need to spend tons of money on an evaluation. Let her go cold turkey once she’s in prison

          1. I’m not surprised you take such a position. I guess incarceration of people doesn’t cost a ton of money.

      1. Jim, at any rate, considering drug substance addiction/abuse is now considered a disease Psychologists can identify as doctors and part of the medical field,” because prolonged substance abuse alters the brain’s reward system to trigger biological and behavioral responses related to the abused substance.”

        To be fair aren’t any prolonged abusive activities that generate’s a brain reward system to the point where the brain reward system will trigger a biological and behavioral response, generally negative? Abusive gaming can be placed in this category as a disease, No?

        P.S let’s not forget the inevitable internal brain reward-ish system. Check yourself, people, before it gets out of hand and before you know it. You are calling up a buddy to help you beat the shit out of a woman, putting her in the hospital, so you to bust a nut, I mean to generate that biological brain reward. SMH

    1. Neuropsychological leading to cocaine use?
      Similarly: bartending for Mario and ballot harvesting and other election fraud crimes!!
      That case has now been put off until NEXT year!!!!
      Hey!!!!!! It’s Bridgeport! What’s the big deal? 😂 😂

  2. In the spirit of John, M, L. I have a few questions. 🙂

    1, Why were such terms to drug testing and counseling attached to Martinez’s release/bond when this wasn’t a drug-related/abusive crime/case?

    2. Why is it an offensive behavior and derogatory language in the use of the term Ex -Felon by Maria, that gets her ousted from her council committee’s assignments, yet Erine/Moese of his people boasters on his Facebook page to be Teh Director of Welcoming Ex-felons, who keeps his committee’s assignment? I think Moses of his people needs to apologize to all the re-energy people who he has offended as he welcomes them on behalf of Career Resource 🙂

    I would ask how Maria managed to get on the coveted Contract committees and not be relegated to the lowest level of committees in the first place, and just tune her one vote out, but I am too tired. 🙂

    Moses, maybe you should think about a rebranding, to Black Jesus. 🙂


    Ernie X, drop the FELON 🙂

  3. @Joel G
    She is awaiting trial on Federal Charges.
    The cost of her incarceration would be borne by taxpayers nationwide.
    Those Red State MAGA types would gladly add her to the prison population, rather than have some overpriced counselor/therapist bill for seeing her.

    I was fine with her having one or even two chances to remain at large pending trial. and follow the rules. BUT she blew it repeatedly.

    “On July 11, the judge issued a written order finding there was “clear and convincing evidence” that Martinez had violated the conditions of her release based on her continued cocaine use and her repeated failure to participate in drug treatment.”

    Continued Cocaine Use
    Repeated Failure to Participate in drug treatment.

    No more chances should be given. Lock her up, dry her out, cut her off from her local suppliers. She’ll have loads of time to do a 12 step program while cooling her heels behind bars,

    1. You sure have it all figured out. As if one can’t get drugs in Prison. You don’t even understand what “Cold Turkey” means. To quit any drug habit without having to be thrown in jail or drug program. JUST QUIT!

      1. @Joel G
        Try looking in a dictionary and NOT adding your own made up requirements to the definition,

        Merriam Webster:
        “cold turkey noun
        Definition of cold turkey
        1: abrupt complete cessation of the use of an addictive drug
        also : the symptoms experienced by a person undergoing withdrawal from a drug.”
        “noun Informal.
        abrupt and complete withdrawal from the use of an addictive substance, as a narcotic drug, alcohol, or tobacco.”

        Not even Urban Dictionary mentions a requirement not to be incarcerated or attend a drug program.
        “Cold Turkey
        A faster but unpleasant method of stopping an addictive habit, such as drugs or alcohol. It means that you just totally, completely stop, and never do it again (or at least try to).”

        You don’t get to change the definition to serve your purposes.

        1. My definition of ” cold turkey” personal life time experience. Have you ever wondered where do the people who provide definitions on dictionaries are? What makes their’s or YOUR definition the correct one?

          1. My definition of ” cold turkey” is based on personal life time experience. Have you ever wondered where do the people who provide definitions on dictionaries are? What makes their’s or YOUR definition the correct one?

          2. @JoelG
            That’s why I also quoted Urban Dictionary which is far less formal than others.

            You provide anecdotal experience to color your interpretation of the term. It may be what feels correct to you, but is meaningless as an authority to society.

            What I do wonder is why you cannot construct an English sentence that makes sense. I have never wondered ‘where do the people’ as ‘do’ has no reason to be added in the sentence.

            It is not correct definition, it is the accepted definition.
            For example, quitting heroin and substituting Methadone is not going cold turkey. One drug substituted for another. Quitting Heroin and going through 12 step program instead can be cold turkey. It also can lead to a serious case of the DTs.

            I have never had to go cold turkey, but enjoy a piece the day after Thanksgiving.

            That said, I believe she should be locked up until trial, she had multiple chances and blew them.


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