At Halfway Point, Voter Turnout Moderate For General Election

Voter interest is certainly up from the anemic Democratic primary, running along similar numbers as the mayoral turnout in 2019, at Tuesday’s 1 p.m. halfway point.

As general elections go this one is more difficult to predict coming on the heels of a court ruling for a new Democratic primary that will likely take place in December, unless John Gomes prevails today. If he does he becomes mayor-elect and will withdraw his court challenge.

How does the court decision play into the psyche of voters?

Conventional wisdom leans to Gomes and petitioning candidate Lamond Daniels splitting the anti-incumbency vote today. If that holds true it benefits Mayor Joe Ganim who once again will win the absentee ballot vote if the vote today reflects the September primary.

If Daniels, framing himself as the viable alternative, overperforms expectations it certainly solidifies his place in the future of city politics. He should run well in Black Rock, West Side, North End and Downtown. The other side of the city is unclear.

Gomes hopes it ends tonight with the oath of office December 1.








  1. John Marshall Lee says:
    September 26, 2023 at 11:50 am
    Thanks to encouragement, continuously, from Jeff Kohut, another candidate will ascend the steps of the Government Center on Wednesday at 11 AM. Perhaps there will be sunlight parting the recent gray days and perhaps a baby or two to greet, but it is an opportunity for a candidate with no “absentee ballot” questions clawing at his campaign to talk to us. The ABS issue is front and center in Hartford today. And in court for the next two weeks minimum with Judge Clark. Answers await all of us.

    But listening to a man who knows what quality municipal service can mean to a community from his current professional service to the people of Norwalk, may serve to distinguish him among those who are registered voters but just plain disgusted. He is a man with professional qualifications, energy, a Bridgeporter with a spouse and children and hopes and plans for a more productive City future than sits on us currently. Will the sun come out, tomorrow? Will you hear a message that informs you and opens your mind to hope? Will you be inspired to act in November? Be there.Time will tell.

  2. Jeff Kohut says:
    October 4, 2023 at 6:37 pm
    Deliberate election fraud, on a massive scale, was the false claim made by the Trump insurrectionists regarding the 2020 election. It was that suspicion of election fraud, by the easily led, emotionally labile Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol and killed Capital police officers, that nearly upended our elected government and nearly upended our very form of government… Political insurrection, instigated by political manipulators/agitators seeking to install an autocratic despot as US dictator, was accomplished by way of playing on the hopes and fears of impressionable, anti-democratic racists/bigots with respect to the illegitimacy of a democratic election, stolen by way of “ballot stuffing,” per the false claim that was refuted by many exhaustive audits of contested voting districts/precincts, nationwide.

    The political shenanigans seen — on thousands of hours of official BPD video recordings — by the whole nation, and beyond, depicting the stealing of an election by “ballot stuffing,” plays directly into the political narrative/rationale for violent insurrection/civil war of the racist, far-right factions of our society/electorate, putting the whole nation at political and even physical risk in the next presidential/congressional election cycle. The dangerous, racist, far-right, will say “Look what happened in Bridgeport!”

    And we can be sure that they will be citing the demographic statistics of our city when they deride us, the Democratic Party, and democracy in general as they shake their heads and spit verbal bile as they mourn the Trump loss and Democratic sweep in 2024… It won’t matter that the eyes of the nation and the world force a squeaky-clean election. All that will matter is that massive ballot fraud was perpetrated in one failing, DEMOCRAT city, that, in reality, is run/politically-controlled exploitatively by and for the benefit of those that don’t actually live in the city, in order to keep the regional, socioeconomic status quo, and political/economic benefits available for enjoyment by said “absentee landlords” (puns intended)….

    So, yes; Bridgeport’s “Ballot Gate” is an “exploding scandal”, per mayoral candidate Daniels observation. But it might also prove to “explosive” — in a more literal sense — in the aftermath of the 2024 elections, if there aren’t thorough investigations, leading to appropriate legal consequences for any wrong-doing discerned thereof, completed in a timely way, by appropriate law enforcement agencies pursuant to a legitimate outcome in the current, Bridgeport mayoral election cycle…

    Hit the RESET BUTTON for Bridgeport’s future! Vote for Lamond Daniels for Mayor! (No absentee ballots in his trunk!…)

  3. Press the RESET BUTTON for Bridgeport’s future — VOTE ROW F — for “Bridgeport’s Best Hope” — LAMOND DANIELS!!!




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