Anti-Violence Summit


Preventing Violence, Promoting Justice: A Bridgeport Summit! will take place Friday (today) at the Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit. 729 Union Ave. Bridgeport. CT Against Violence Inc. mission is to Bridge the Cultures of Law Enforcement and the Hip-Hop Communities, while preventing violence and promoting justice, with the presence of Religion. We intend to bring the real truth about drugs, gun violence and its negative ramifications as well as bring positive alternatives and opportunities to children and young people in the State of Connecticut.


CT Against Violence Inc. (CAV) will be hosting an educational summit to reduce youth violence in our schools and communities. CAV goal is to build stronger communities and help survivors of violence. CAV program includes series of educational sessions, entertainment events and facilitated break-out sessions.

Lunch and check-in start at 10.00am and our program start at 12:15pm and ends by 4pm. There will be afternoon presentation, followed by a series of concurrent sessions and entertainment events and facilitated break-out sessions.


The Summit aims to:

1- Provide space and support for traditionally underrepresented communities and community-based organizations that are youth-led to share information, network and leverage their relative expertise into a stronger movement for social progress

2- Increase the amount of work being done to prevent youth violence through promoting the human rights of youth to education, economic opportunity, and political and social participation

3- Promote the role of youth as leaders and decision-makers in their communities in order to achieve lasting social change

4- Promote resilient, community-grown models of addressing youth violence across a dynamic spectrum of communities

5- Draw attention to the experiences, violations and structural barriers faced by youth on the margins, to make visible the continuum of violence and to promote accountability in responding to intersectional discrimination.


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