Another Shooting At Trumbull Gardens

Trumbull Gardens shooting
Crime scene Trumbull Gardens. Photo courtesy Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local.

A police detail at Trumbull Gardens reported shots fired at 440 Trumbull Avenue early Tuesday morning. They discovered 26-year-old Courtney Frasier shot in the chest.

A crime scene van was requested and the victim was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, according to city spokesman Brett Broesder. Frasier is in stable condition. One weapon recovered at the scene.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Bridgeport Police Department at (203) 581-5100.

Last month a man was shot dead and eight others wounded in a spray of gunfire at Trumbull Gardens.



  1. Thank G-d he is alive and in stable condition. A weapon recovered? Shot in the chest? Let’s hope Frasier will tell the police who shot him. He must have been looking right at the bastard.

  2. I’m hearing there was another shooting in Trumbull Gardens. Told you not to drink the Kool-Aid about sweeping police initiatives and beefed up patrol. The simple truth is this Administration inside the Department and City Hall allowed the staffing levels to dip to a critical level with no real recovery plan. Pray for the children of this city and brace yourself for a long hot summer.

    1. David Daniels, what do the staffing levels have to do with either crime in Trumbull Gardens? Even the voters do not buy this crap. Did you even attempt to get the endorsement from the police department? A former cop, no endorsement, a convicted felon endorsed. A mayor who has brought more development than we have had in six decades ignored and an honest woman with integrity ignored. Can you just imagine what the crime will be like with a convicted felon in office?

      Why don’t you David Daniels tell us what the real problem is at Trumbull Gardens and how you could stop these random shootings?

      The Kool-Aid comments are tiring and not the comments a Mayoral candidate would make.

    2. “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

      Vale la Pena // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:39 pm
      Very tragic event at Trumbull Garden. Bridgeport is getting better every day. Where is the outrage from the black community? Black lives matter!!! Where is the march? Where is the protest? Where were the police? OH that’s right, the police department is understaffed about 70 to 80. Come July that number will be in the 100s.
      So who are we going to blame for this one, the incompetent police chief? You mean to tell me he didn’t know after the new contract there was going to be an exodus of officers? Or Finch for putting an incompetent chief of police in place (get my point)? How about if we blame guns? I though all these new laws that came into effect after Sandy Hook were going to stop gun violence. I’m just saying.
      Lowest crime rates in 40 years. WHERE? Stop lying, Mayor Finch. It’s all on how you manipulate the numbers. More people were shot in 2014 than in 2013. The difference is the amount of people who died. Summer is not here yet. Hold on to your seat, it’s going to be a rough ride.

  3. Well Steve, you are entitled to your opinion. Staffing levels have a lot to do with how manpower is allocated, and I actually like the Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid phrase and will continue to use it, and as far as the Police Union backing Ganim, it’s a nice endorsement that bears no fruit. The union cannot vote and most of the membership lives out of town and the ones who do live here like me aren’t bound to vote for anyone the union endorses. The real problem in Trumbull Gardens and citywide, is Idle hands do the devil’s work. Nothing meaningful will happen in Bridgeport until we include everyone in the process. There should be a stipulation to anyone wanting to do business here to hire Bridgeport people, and we should be funding education to give our kids adequate education to compete in the emerging job market. Our kids don’t see any future for themselves in this place. I think we could change that. The best thing Bridgeport could do for itself is to cultivate a bunch of people who grew up here with love for this place to transform it for the positive, instead of all the out-of-towners bleeding it dry.

  4. Hector, according to the CT Post there was a cop ~50 yards away. What do you do at that point, give everyone an armed guard? Perhaps some of this is retaliatory/targeted violence aimed at select residents. The remainder are innocents caught up in crossfire. The Post story also outlines the added measures currently being taken. These criminals need to be caught–it’s obvious even the police presence is not a deterrent to some anymore.

    1. Lifelong Bpt, that was an excellent post. This has made for political theater. Imagine the message being sent with the endorsement of a convicted felon. What the hell were they thinking? Huge mistake!

      1. Steve,
        What the f’ would you be doing if within three week’s time these acts of violence took place outside your home? Put up more Finch for Mayor signs?
        I hope you get whatever job you are sucking up for because you definitely deserve it.

    1. You being a former cop should know it’s not really idle hands in the city. Most of the North End is nice, Black Rock is nice, upper East Side is nice. It seems to be the same areas that have the crime problems, the projects with a lot of lazy people who just want to live off the government, simple as that.

  5. Hey Steven, let me fill you in on what my sources are telling me about the police union endorsement for Ganim. But the way they see it is like this, FINCH OUT. GAUDETT OUT. GANIM IN. NEW CHIEF. The officers want to see a police chief who respects them and value them. I’m told the current administration hasn’t showed that.
    I have to agree with Daniels, staffing levels have a lot to do with the spike on crime. I’m told last night Bridgeport had to ask Trumbull PD for assistance. Bottom line not enough cops on the street. But at the end of the day, who cares? All the brass in the police department live out of the city (except for one). But they want to hire Bridgeport residents. Steve, do you see the double standard?

    1. Vale la Pena, you are assuming Ganim would hire a more loveable Police Chief who will not hold his subordinates accountable. Maybe the police believe Ganim will give them more perks for their pensions.

      Vale la Pena, what is more curious is why not endorse Mary-Jane Foster if Finch wasn’t an option? David Daniels? Howard Gardner? Now I can understand the excitement from the Ganim camp, Vale La Pena, but to endorse a convicted felon who betrayed the city and destroyed the reputation of the city? What were they thinking? They weren’t, they do not live in the city, they do not care about the taxpayers and they are only concerned about their pensions. Now the residents do not follow the soap opera happenings in the police dept. They do know Chief Gaudett is in the neighborhoods. The average voter thinks the police dept. is corrupt more so than the elected officials so an endorsement for Ganim will not go very far.

  6. I see what you did there, Steve, je je je. Tying in the potential endorsement with the thinking of the shooter, who may just want to hold up Bill’s coming-out party, wondering if that is still a go or maybe he should be at Trumbull Gardens assuring its residents his gun buyback program is working and they can feel safe again, again, again.

  7. Before, during and after my tenure as president of the North End Community Council (NECC–based in Trumbull Gardens but serving the entire North End), we advocated for an extensive video surveillance system and a 24-7 police substation in Trumbull Gardens to help provide a secure, peaceful lifestyle for the residents of that neighborhood. We approached the City and BPD many times in this regard–during the past two administrations. This occurred during the years of my involvement with the organization–2005-2013. (We also advocated for a citywide, Internet-accessible video surveillance system to augment the efforts of an understaffed BPD.)

    Strong public safety advocacy has continued by the leadership and membership of NECC since that period, to the present.

    The fact that residents of Trumbull Gardens–and the rest of the city–are still so vulnerable to violent crime speaks to the political inertia of this city and the lack of oversight and concern for the city at the state and federal levels.

    How many shootings and killings, robberies and home invasions will it take to induce effective state and federal oversight and assistance on behalf of the residents of Bridgeport?

    How many photo-ops of Mayor Finch and Senator Blumenthal in Trumbull Gardens will it take before permanent measures are put in place to secure Trumbull Gardens and the rest of Bridgeport?

    It is time for a political rebellion in Bridgeport. We have been ignored and been failed for too long by City Hall, Hartford, and Washington.

    I believe at this point in time, only Joe Ganim has the right motivation, energy and balls to get the city, Hartford, and Washington properly aligned to get Bridgeport back on the road to prosperity and security.

    Let’s start Jim Fox’s “Conga Line” out of City Hall this November 10.

      1. Andy, that’s sad but true. I’ve made that comment before on OIB and it didn’t go over too big. The city, state and federal government will get serious when America sees on the nightly news white mothers crying over the shooting death of their daughter or son, then America will take notice and do something, sad but true.

  8. Hey Lifelong!
    Here is what the CT Post is reporting.
    “Officers patrolling the neighborhood in the wake of a shooting last month with nine victims–including one who died–heard the shots and found the man lying on the grass, sources said.”
    Where do you see 50 yards? And what does that mean?
    They were on foot or were they sitting in their cars taking a break?
    Come on Finch, step up big time or step aside!!!

    1. Bob–here is the excerpt from the CT Post story where I read about the cop’s location.
      The beat cop was “50 yards away” when the shots were fired Tuesday morning, Broesder said. At least five shots were fired, he said.

      And I will also point out you have commented on the followup story on this very blog where it says “Police officers were on a walking beat when they heard the gunfire. They ran to the scene and found the victim within a minute and immediately called for an ambulance. That probably saved his life,” said Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. “Officers recovered the gun he was trying to hide and quickly secured the crime scene.”

      Two instances where it is mentioned that cops were present and still the perp decided to shoot.
      Hope that answers your question as to where I sourced that info. What they were doing or if you believe them is up to you.

  9. Steve A,
    Where does this come from “They do know Chief Gaudett is in the neighborhoods.”
    He is in the neighborhoods when he and Finch call a Press Conference.
    Oh, and I forgot, when he is leaving Dunkin Donuts and gets in an auto accident.
    Stevie A, spreading more lies to prop up a sagging Tax Bill.

    1. Is that how it comes across? Okay, that works for me.

      Sorry Bob, I am more into this breaking news that Jeff Kohut has endorsed Joe Ganim! This is super exciting news. Will Joe have a press conference? Former Mayoral candidate endorses Ganim. Joe Ganim would be the laughingstock of Hartford and Washington. I am shocked that you Jeff, will be taking your huge following with your integrity over to the Ganim camp.

      Bob Walsh, if I were you, thank G-d I am not, I would be more concerned with Jeff Kohut’s support of Joe Ganim. Not how many Finch signs will he on my front lawn.

      I think the Mayor gave the public information necessary to explain the current episode at Trumbull Gardens.

      Ron Mackey, I am certain if you would like to arrange it, the NRA would love to have a press conference at Trumbull gardens and arm respectable residents with firearms. Is a convicted felon allowed to carry a gun?

    1. Thank you, Jeff. We need great people like you to help rid this city of Bill Finch and his Conga-line dancers! 1-2-3-kick 1-2-3-kick! 1-2-3-kick!


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