Another Poll Shows Close Race Between Malloy And Foley

A new poll by Vox Populi Polling shows a statistical dead heat between Governor Dan Malloy and Republican endorsed Tom Foley who faces an August 12 primary from State Senator John McKinney. Malloy and Foley squared off in a tight election in 2010.

From the pollster:

In a recent survey in Connecticut, Vox Populi Polling found that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is in striking distance of Democrat incumbent Dannel Malloy. The survey also indicates that Education and Democracy Party candidate Jonathan Pelto is not doing Malloy any favors. With months to go until the November election, Malloy only leads Foley 35 to 34 percent with Pelto picking up 3 percent and 27 percent of voters undecided. Among independent voters, Foley leads Malloy 36 to 24 percent. Further, the majority of respondents said that they disapprove of Malloy’s performance as Governor.

“Republicans have a potential pick up opportunity in Connecticut,” said Vox Populi Polling pollster Brent Seaborn. “With the majority of voters disapproving of Dannel Malloy’s performance as Governor and a third party candidate in the race, this seat is prime for Tom Foley’s taking.”

See survey here.



  1. Malloy is against the recognition of the three remaining tribes. FACT: These tribes will hire 6000+ permanent employees. Fact: They will need 3000+ construction workers for years. FACT: The city will have infused $67,000,000 a year. FACT: Property taxes will go down. FACT: Malloy is against the tribes. FACT: Malloy is against the people of Bridgeport!

    1. Charlie, I can’t speak to Malloy and his non-acknowledgement of Indian tribes and I certainly appreciate your desire for a casino in Bridgeport. The reality is a casino will never happen in Bridgeport. It should never happen in Bridgeport. Atlantic City is going down the tubes, gambling is available within an hour from Bridgeport. There is just not enough business to go around. If the developers of Steelepointe were hoping, forgetaboutit. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun serve the area. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc., etc,; they are all struggling. The Connecticut Casinos just had an expansion. Bridgeport CT needs to put to rest the notion of a casino. It’s not a catalyst for development. Welfare recipients will spend money there. Gambling addiction and alcoholism will rise. Casinos are self-contained, no outside restaurants will benefit. Atlantic City is a perfect example of what development did not happen. After the gambling strip, Atlantic City is a ghetto. Their benefit is they are on the ocean. The hotels are aempty and closing. Bridgeport needs real economic development. Jai Alai was a big deal in Bridgeport and then just quietly the frontons in Bridgeport and Milford closed. I remember you couldn’t even park there. Drugs, prostitution, gambling addiction and mindless jobs. Bridgeport can do without it. We cannot support the traffic and we do not have the space. We might get mega bucks and taxes reduced, but the long-term negatives will far outweigh these pipe dreams.

        1. Where Have You Gone Lowell Weicker? Does Chris Dodd Give A Crap About Bridgeport? Plus: Fab Radio
          December 22nd, 2009 · 13 Comments · City Council, Education, State Politics

          Lowell Weicker, now there’s a guy who did something for Bridgeport.

          Check that, not something but a lot. Check that, not a lot but more than any pol on the planet. Weicker was elected governor in 1990, served one term and arguably is known as the governor that blasted the personal income tax through the state legislature. That revenue is just one thing he did for the state’s largest city. His slot compact with the Mashantucket Pequots wired more than $10 million to the city in the initial state distribution formula in 1993 and tens of millions more since. In addition, look at the things he did specifically for the city:

          – A new Housatonic Community College downtown. Housy is now the highest trafficked community college in the state.

          – Weicker relocated the regional state police barracks from Westport to downtown Bridgeport to create a sense of security at a time it was urgently needed.

          – Weicker found $10 million to purchase from the city Beardsley Park and the state’s only zoo, now operated by the Connecticut Zoological Society.

          – Weicker made maintenance of the city’s railroad station a state function, saving additional dollars.

          Why does this matter? Now you may think Weicker’s a blowhard, a this and a that but for me the guy went out of his way to make sure the state’s largest city was well cared for by the state mother ship. He understood that a strong Bridgeport means a stronger Connecticut. He cared.

        2. Steve, it was good running into you today. We are not always on the same side of an issue, but I do truly believe you care about the well-being of Bridgeport.

      1. “Welfare recipients will spend money there.”

        The types of clowns you support are taking these welfare recipients to the casino by the busloads.

      2. Atlantic City was never designed with the city in mind. The two CT casinos are almost in RI. The associated crime and other civil disorder you state is a myth perpetuated by opponents. Univ of Chicago did a study that debunked that myth. As to the other social worries, that is OCD which is treated by an MD.

        Finally there is going to be a casino in Bpt. Nobody ever said any person must work there. There are city development plans for the city along with the development plans. This is Malloy’s worse nightmare!

  2. The Kitty Witty Poll

    My cat has pick the winners of the last three State races for Governor in CT, she’s batting 300%.
    This year we put out three kitty litter boxes for her to vote on. The first box contains a picture of Governor Malloy, the second Box contains a picture of Mr.Foley, the third box contains a picture of Mr.McKinney. Knowing McKinney and Folly are in a primary, we pulled the Malloy box off the floor until Aug 12th. After August 12th we will put new litter boxes and pictures out for the general election.
    As of now, Mr. McKinney has a small lead over the face of Mr. Foley. But all this can change, depending on how much water she will consume before August 12th.

    We also did a poll for the Moore and Musto race, it seems Kitty Witty has given Marilyn Moore a mandate as of this puddle polling.

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