Amtrak’s High-Speed Rail Service Tracks Higher Costs For Proposed Station

Amtrak Acela
An Amtrak Acela train travels past the former Remington Arms factory site near the proposed Barnum Station. CT Post photo Ned Gerard.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart provides more details on train station costs.

If you’re going to ask for a new train stop, you might as well go for broke, even if it triples the price.

After initially courting the state to help build a $48 million Metro-North Railroad station and 1,000-space parking lot for the city’s East Side, officials have now decided it should also accommodate Amtrak’s high-speed rail, at a cost of $146.1 million.

That means building center-island platforms, rather than just side platforms, to help juggle trains traveling at different speeds to different destinations and avoid bottlenecks.

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  1. Consider this:
    Connecticut has a population of 3.597 million people
    divide $146,000,000 by the population and you get a cost of
    $40,589.38 dollars per person.
    Spread that over how many years you choose, include interest.
    It looks like a lot of money for a bankrupt state.
    Something wrong here, this is a joke!


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