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 Saturday October 20, 2018

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Adrenaline Flows In One Final Push

September 8th, 2015 · 19 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Politics, News and Events

Eight days left to the September 16 Democratic primary for mayor that falls on a Wednesday pushed back from the traditional Tuesday in observance of Rosh Hashanah. What are you hearing?

The final mail pieces are teed up, teams of campaign canvassers are marching through neighborhoods, phone banks are working in earnest, absentee ballots making their way to the Town Clerk’s Office. Candidates Bill Finch, Joe Ganim and Mary-Jane Foster seek a second wind for one final adrenaline push.

The last week of a hotly contested race is high alert, a controlled frenzy of paranoia, insecurity and passion. And maybe a little chaos too. In campaign life this is why it’s called suicide watch. Every little detail, charge and counter-charge is overexamined. Yell, scream, throw things. It’s the nature of the beast. Please hide the razor blades and whiskey bottles.

This is the time every campaign headquarters requires someone with a sense of humor to chill out the stressed.

Where were the candidates Labor Day weekend? All over the place.

Ganim upper East Side

Joe Ganim with supporters on Upper East Side. Is that former City Councilman Bob Curwen, left, back in town for a weekend visit?

Finch Seaside

Bill Finch greets kids at Seaside Park.

Foster Lake Forest

Mary-Jane Foster at Lake Forest.


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  • donj

    On my street there are Ganim, Foster and Finch signs all over. One week out and I’m still undecided. I like Joe Ganim and love that he wants to hire 100 cops but scared to see what will happen if he is elected because of his past. Finch has done a decent job with downtown, got to see him at the diner personally. He did not come off as arrogant like some say. Foster seems to be the only one with clean hands. Hard choice.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Very exciting! Adrenaline pumped, surgery Wednesday, recoup Thursday, back walking (I hope) Friday. Then Rosh Hashanah, New Year. Pumped and ready to work the polls. Yes, very exciting indeed!!! This is probably the most uneventful election ever but it has been fun. Great people on the campaign trail and great people to chat with door to door. I know I have been having a great timw and the weather has been gorgeous. Global warming, thank G-d we have a green mayor who understands the concept. I wish everybody a sweet New Years. L’shanah Tovah.

  • Local Eyes

    Re-elect Mayor Bill Finch. Here’s why:
    State and local government taxes are up 75% since 2000. And this doesn’t even include the rip-off fishing license fees that have gone through the roof, the boat registration fees that have shot to the moon, and the legal-looting parking ticket that used to be $12 and is now $60, according to
    www .oftwominds.com
    Taxes are to Bridgeport what rising deficits are to Uncle Sam. So long as deficits rise, Bridgeport taxes will rise, too. The best way to lower Bridgeport taxes would be national fiscal restraint, (i.e. feds spend less money).
    No mayor wants to raise taxes but oaths must be upheld and budgets balanced.

  • Come Back Bridgeport

    Steve–glad to hear of your successful surgery, but disappointed to learn you’re still delusional.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Thank you, Advanced Therapy.

  • Hector A. Diaz

    STEVE, Get Well Soon, any surgery is serious. Will keep you in prayer.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Notice Finch is posing with two kids not old enough to vote.

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