A Slice Of Political Pie, Ganim’s Mystic Calling In Stonington

So after Stonington Connecticut (think Mystic Village), you hit the Rhode Island border. Such is life on the campaign trail for Mayor Joe Ganim. Thursday night he addressed the Stonington Democratic Town Committee searching for party support in an uphill battle for governor. Thirty years ago the film Mystic Pizza featured secret ingredients in its special sauce. Joe’s gonna need secret ingredients and a special sauce to overcome what appears a fundraising disadvantage for a projected August primary with failed 2010 gubernatorial self-funder Ned Lamont in the hunt, as well as Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and former Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz likely qualifying for large public grants.

Ganim, prohibited from public funds because of his 2003 conviction on public corruption, is forced to raise loot via large-money donors. Lamont, the wealthy cable television entrepreneur, will self-fund all he needs to win or lose. Bronin and Bysiewicz, assuming they qualify for public funds, will spend roughly $1.4 million respectively. Ganim, so far, has raised more than $200,000. A big test comes February 22nd at Testo’s Restaurant at a large-ticket fundraising event. And what after that? Ganim must troll for dollars outside his tapped Bridgeport area fundraising base to compete financially. He’ll need to persuade relevance for donors to write the check.

Ganim (see video above) touched on a recurring theme before the Stonington DTC, “I’m not a perfect candidate but no one has the experience” to address “the challenges facing Connecticut.” Ganim highlighted development successes in the city, some underway such as the Cherry Street lofts in West End and power plant coal-burning conversion to natural gas in the South End, and some announced but not underway including the promised redevelopment of vacant Downtown theaters.

As far as the fiscal condition of the state of Connecticut, Ganim declared, “I’ve never seen it this bad.”

He said the state cannot tax or cut its way out of the financial mess “… much of it has to be a commitment to focus on job growth.”

In an indirect swipe at Donald Trump, Ganim added “As a party we blinked and we got what we got in the White House … real people are getting hurt.”

And so on it goes for Ganim the next several months moving around he state leading to the party’s May convention where he’ll need 15 percent delegate support to claim a primary ballot spot in August.

None of that matters unless he’s able to blend secret ingredients in a special sauce. Translation: money, organization and message. And a lot of serendipity along the way.



  1. Joe travels all that way and spews lies to those people for 20 mins..Joe touches on how “his 16 year old son taught him about social media”(a feeble attempt to relate to the older members listening btw).But I don’t think Joe realizes that social media and the internet work both ways,you can get your message out,but also fact check.Joe was taking credit for things he had nothing to do with,the power plant transformation,the new High school etc,etc..Joe,you’re not fooling anybody,you lied to us to get re-elected mayor,and it’s not going to work again for governor..

    1. He said the state cannot tax or cut its way out of the financial mess “…much of it has to be a commitment to focus on job growth.”

      What the Fluck are you on Joe?!
      That’s just what you did to this city for the past two years!

      1. Right in. The only growth happening in Bridgeport was begun under Bill Finch. The theaters? That’s been in the works for years. The Cherry Street lofts? Fiddle dee dee. Ganim had nothing to do with that. The casino? Give us a break. That ain’t gonna happen no matter how much some would like. The only development Little Joe Ganim Nd Pa Testa can take credit for is Steel Pointe.

  2. Pardon me for saying but the power plant owners announced they would switch from coal to natural gas during Smiling’ Bill Finch’s term. The Cherry Lofts have been in development for even longer. Ganim is taking cradit for anything happening, just like every other self-interested politician.

  3. Lennie, what’s this I here that the challenge slate for the 139th town committee can’t run because they weren’t certified or sanctioned to run. True, not true, I’ve got it wrong or simply misstated? I heard it last night from two individuals that are running from the 139th. By the way I was told that I have a strong following on OIB from the 139th, who knew?

    1. Don, here’s what I don’t understand how could Wanda Simmons, Debbie Sims, Vaughn Sims Jr., Phylicia Brown, Eric Stewart-Alicea, Bonita Whitaker, Lezlie Geter, Felicia Boston and Ronald Donte Jones can’t run for the 139th town committee because they weren’t certified or sanctioned to run. Wanda Simmons just ran for the City Council and Eric Stewart-Alicea ran and won a seat on the 138th district DTC but they aren’t able to run for the 139th district DTC.

  4. Did the Stonington DTC ask Joe Ganim if he actually committed the felony crimes he was convicted of? It will be amusing to see if that question is posed to him directly. Presumably, Ganim will go into his ‘I made mistakes’ prepared response but not admit guilt for the crimes he was convicted of.

    1. Tom,
      It appears that you are amused by the mistakes made by others. That is unfortunate. I would say that the commission of a crime by anyone is an unfortunate mistake, and Joe Ganim admitted to that. It also appears that the humor you see in others misfortune is selective.
      When Ethan Book raised the issue that the “Federal Crack Cocaine Trafficking Conviction” and imprisonment of Bridgeport Republican Town Committee Chairman Mike Garrett’s longtime girlfriend was not disclosed to the committee when she was nominated for membership, even though Garrett previously rejected nominees without criminal records because they were not in his opinion “properly vetted”, you didn’t feel Ethan’s comments were warranted. Now you think it would be amusing if someone would ask Mayor Ganim if he was guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted..
      I have an idea Tom, at the next BRTC meeting why don’t you ask Garrett’s girlfriend if she was guilty of the crimes that she was convicted of and ask her to give a brief explanation. Maybe that will satisfy your sense of humor.
      Also Tom I believe that if you had not lost your job with the city you would be slapping Joe Ganim on the back and telling him what a great job he is doing instead of bringing up the past that has already been addressed.

        1. TBK, it’s curious that what I initially raised about problems of the WPCA collections evolved into why I am a Republican and then to President Donald Trump. As a short response, Trump was neither convicted nor charged with anything.

      1. Joe,
        The subject of Lennie’s post is Joe Ganim.
        The fact that Ganim has not admitted guilt for felony crimes he was convicted of is significant. My comment is relevant to the topic. As usual, yours is not.

        1. Tom,
          Are you sitting on Garrett’s lap with his hand up your back again? It is a very good act, and you make an excellent dummy.
          Now I’m wondering if it was your double standard or your attitude that only what you have to say matters that cost you your job.

    2. Even a broke clock is right twice a day and is this one I agree. It’s past the time for Joe Ganim to admit guilt for the crimes he was convicted of and to said that he’s truly sorry and that he has ask for forgiveness from God, his family and the voters and not to just gloss over it. The voters will except someone who’s seeking redemption because they asked for it.

      1. Ron, what you say may make some sense. However, in addition to stating and showing remorse, there needs to be some track record for where Joe is now, Mayor of the largest city in CT. He doesn’t have a track record!

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        1. Joe Ganim reminds me of David Koresh, “reverend” Jim Jones and other charismatic megalomaniacs that have led essentially good oeople down the wrong path.

  5. There are several problems with Joe’s candidacy for governor, some of it related to his federal felony conviction for government corruption. While I support the principle of second chances, that doesn’t mean that a second chance in government should follow a major conviction for government corruption. Also, Joe’s jump back into the political arena came only about two years after he had completed his sentence, not much time for reflection and rehabilitation, also a time period when we heard nothing from Joe; i.e., no presentations to the City Council on improving city government, no letters-to-the-editor, no public appearances until that January 2015 appearance before the East End Baptist Tabernacle when he launched his new candidacy for mayor (at a church where the Ganim family is reported to have made substantial donations). Then when he’s elected, he defies a campaign promise to avoid tax increases and rather pushes the City Council to approve one of the largest tax increases in city history. Also, he goes on to bridge his current employment with the city to his prior terms, that in a manner which is supported by no standard or legal precedent (a unilateral move which, in my opinion, smacks of government corruption. Further, I’d like Joe to disclose if he or any Ganim family member or relative has a financial interest in American Tax Funding, LLC, one of the most active purchasers of city tax liens. As I said above, Joe doesn’t have the right track record yet to try to leapfrog to be governor!

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