75-Year-Old Woman Pinched For Promoting Prostitution

Yongyul Kim
Yongyul Kim, 75.

They don’t call it the world’s oldest profession for nothing. City police Wednesday night arrested three woman in a sting of an illegal massage parlor on Main Street, including a 75-year-old, according to police spokesman Bill Kaempffer.

Members of the police Tactical Narcotics Team conducted an undercover operation at the American Asian Modeling Studio at 3853 Main Street. Dressed in civilian clothes, officers entered the location at about 10 p.m. and spoke to a woman through a barred door. Police received a quoted price for both massage and sexual services, but were told to come back because the woman working that night was busy with another client, according to Kaempffer.

The officers returned and gained entry. Backup officers arrived and arrested three women.

Yongyul Kim, 75, and Jo Hall Kum, 53, were charged with promoting prostitution and for failing to have a state massage establishment license. (Go easy on the Kim and Kum jokes.)

Chuyoung Jang, 46, was charged with prostitution and with state licensing violations.

Their bonds were set at $2,500 each.



  1. *** You would have to be “pretty desperate” to seek any type of services from these three bimbos even though they probably didn’t pay their UI bill so all services were done under complete darkness, no? Word on the street is their pimp is 90 years old! *** OLD-SCHOOL MASSAGING ***

    1. Shame on you. Good has nothing to do with it. This is about human trafficking, abuse of power and control. This is not about good old-fashioned, fun, consensual sex. And by the way, it is well worth running on OIB. This is about quality of life in Bridgeport–and everywhere else for that matter–if you had a mother, have a sister, wife, daughter, niece or a girlfriend you care about, you should care about this. Treating another human being like this belittles all of us.

  2. If our clean and green mayor (soon to be state energy czar) wants to balance the budget he should legalize and tax the oldest profession before getting his new gig any day now.

  3. Chosen 1 makes bold predictions based on false assumptions. I am unimpressed with Chosen 1’s ability to determine the future.
    When will Chosen 1 get recognized as a poor observer of the current scene in Bridgeport?
    Answer: any day now.


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