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 Saturday April 21, 2018

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Ganim’s Historic Comeback Included In WikiLeaks Volumes

October 20th, 2016 · 9 Comments · City Politics, National Politics, News and Events

Among the voluminous stacks of hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta comes a little, local WikiLeaks-revealed nugget titled “GOOD READS FROM ELSEWHERE” detailing an article in the Hartford Courant chronicling Joe Ganim’s historic mayoral comeback victory last November.

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Examining Distrust Between Minority Community And Police

April 3rd, 2015 · 5 Comments · Law Enforcement, News and Events

An investigation by the Hartford Courant reveals 19 deaths of unarmed people in Connecticut involving violent confrontations with police occurred in the past decade. About 77 percent were black or Hispanic. No police officer was convicted of a crime. Minority lawmakers at a legislative forum including State Rep. Charlie Stallworth and State Sen. Ed Gomes […]

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Flood Of Special Interest Money Soiling “Clean Elections” System? More Grease On The Way!

January 11th, 2015 · 1 Comment · Analysis and Comment, News and Events, State Politics

In an era of “clean elections” we’ve never seen so much dark money interests invading campaigns. And more is on the horizon courtesy of the Supreme Court decision a few years ago that allows the influence of independent expenditures.

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Early Voting Rejected At Polls

November 8th, 2014 · 23 Comments · News and Events

Late on this topic but the proposed constitutional amendment to allow early voting was torpedoed Tuesday by state voters. That means Connecticut’s excuse-only absentee ballot voting continues. Approval by voters would have given the state legislature the power to decide the parameters of early voting and for many voters that was the problem: giving the […]

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$33 Million In Public Financing For State Races, Is It Worth It?

October 20th, 2014 · 7 Comments · Analysis and Comment, News and Events, State Politics

Okay, we’re seeing all kinds of spending records broken in this gubernatorial cycle, whether independent expenditures or from $33 million in Connecticut taxpayers funds. You’re paying for it in some fashion. Is it worth it? Hmmm, what Bridgeport could do with an extra $33 million. From Greg Hladky, Hartford Courant. State officials said Monday that […]

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Vermont: You Won’t See Smokestack In Suburbs

February 19th, 2013 · 4 Comments · News and Events

From Greg Hladky, Fairfield County Weekly: Pollution from the smokestacks of Connecticut’s last coal-fired power plant is racist. That’s the message NAACP activists are trying to send about the Bridgeport Harbor Station plant and the impact it’s having on the lives and health of the mostly poor people of color that live nearby.

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Candidates Spending Their Own Money Or Candidates Whose Contributors Want To Buy Them?

November 13th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Analysis and Comment

Greg Hladky of www.ct.com wonders if Linda McMahon’s second consecutive double-digit loss in a general election for U.S. Senate is giving 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley some pause about self funding as he contemplates another run for governor. It raises the question, What would you rather have, candidates spending their own money or candidates […]

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Squeezed By Competition, Casino Slots Sink–What To Do?

October 11th, 2012 · 11 Comments · Analysis and Comment, Development and Zoning

The State of Connecticut receives 25 percent of the slot take from Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun as part of a gaming compact that flows moolah to Bridgeport. Greg Hladky of www.ct.com writes that a major funding hit is on the horizon as new gaming operations surround Connecticut. Check it out: Connecticut’s two tribal casinos are under siege, […]

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