Who’ll Win The Moore/Daniels Endorsement Sweepstakes? Gomes, Ganim, Neither?

What will Marilyn do?

State Senator Marilyn Moore and Lamond Daniels are at the apex of popularity among political insiders these days, both former mayoral candidates courted by Mayor Joe Ganim and his Democratic primary redo opponent, John Gomes.

An endorsement from one or both would certainly warm up a chilly campaign season.

Will they? And what’s in it for Moore and Daniels?

For Gomes, it’s simple: he wants to solidify the anti-Ganim vote to build momentum for the January primary. For Ganim it would be an unexpected boost from an opponent who nearly took him out in 2019 and a newcomer who brought enthusiasm to the campaign trail.

Let’s start with Moore who brings a legislative base to the table. Votes are not often transferable but Moore who crafts an independent persona would add prestige to a campaign if she decides to endorse. What could they offer her?

To start promise to thwart a candidate against her in 2024 as she seeks another two-year term, support programs and policies she embraces such as affordable housing, fair rent program, food insecurity.

Moore is certainly not a fan of Ganim or Gomes. She largely treats both with benign neglect but if they want to make Marilyn happy the attention is certainly something she may play out for a while.

There’s also this equation: if Ganim manages to keep his seat, and that is certainly at risk right now, what are the chances he runs again? If Moore is still inclined to wage another mayoral run in 2027 does she prefer the seat be open?

A Gomes victory would provide a chance to solidify his standing with voters for another term. Based on Gomes’ strong showing with voters, even if he comes up short, he will likely stay in the picture.

What will Lamond do?

Daniels as well must eye the political calculation. Technically, if there’s another general election, he’s eligible for the ballot. Will there be one? He does not sound like a one-and-done mayoral candidate. So what’s in it for Daniels if he endorses?

He has a solid job in Norwalk government with the credentials for a high-level administrative position. Why would he return to Bridgeport government if he’d rather be a mayoral candidate from an outsider’s perspective. He’s also not doing cartwheels over the Ganim or Gomes options.

So Moore and Daniels will weigh the calls, the discussions, the meetings, etc. from both camps.

What’s in it for the city? What’s in it for them? Do they just stay out of it?




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