What’s In Your Tax Bill? Bill And Bill

Finch brochure
Cover of brochure mailed with tax bill.

Tax bills had some company in envelopes mailed by the city: an eight-panel slim-jim brochure headlined “YOUR CITY @ work.” Do you like elected officials reminding how much you pay in taxes? Or do you like to know how your tax dollars are spent?

The piece features a smiling Mayor Bill Finch with updates on economic development projects such as the state approving “the $22 million tax incremental financing package that will help move the Bass Pro Shops Construction forward.” It also provides updates on school construction projects, the BGreen 2020 sustainability plan, reminders about alternate side of the street parking and offer for a free smoke alarm.

The city sends tax bills for the start of the budget year July 1 and again for January 1. Don’t ya just love paying taxes right after Christmas? Ugh.



  1. I’m getting extremely frustrated with this fool. All I have heard for almost two years now is Bass Pro. There is absolutely nothing going on there, should have let a corporation build a world headquarters there. As much as I hate to say it, nobody wants to come to Bridgeport to shop and not much else for that matter. Prime waterfront is going to be wasted with a Walmart. Take a look:
    www .bldsteelpointe.com/the-steelpointe-project/leasing-plan/
    ‘Anchor B 180k sq ft’ better known as WALMART. WASTE.

    1. Steve A,
      Take a look at this site map. This is something you can feel very proud of? Very excited about?
      To me it looks like the biggest misuse of 50 acres in the history of mankind. There appears to be twice as many parking spaces as there is retail space for Bass Pro and just the opposite for the other anchor.
      And based on these plans there is space for three restaurants.
      The largest parcel of waterfront developable property between New York and Boston (as they proclaim) and there are only plans for THREE restaurants???
      Come on Steve, this is supposed to be what will drive Bridgeport for the next 20 years? Well I guess do as much for the next 20 as it has for the past.
      Throw them the hell out and get real developers on site.
      This looks like some board game for kids.

      1. The way the City and RCI develop Steel point may very well be the biggest mistake in BPT history. OH! and of course, the JOKE will be on Bridgeport once again. Like I said, my faith in this city is fading fast.

  2. *** What this city needs is a political “ENEMA!” Lord knows there’s just not enough local politically interested active voters in this city to really make the difference that’s needed to force a changing of the overall DTC, some of its members and their local City and State chosen politicians. Many who have helped throughout the years run this city into the ground and make it one of the top highest taxed and negative laughing stock poster child cities in the nation! The phrase Mr. Paul Newman gave the city of Bpt a long time ago still fits it right to a tee today, “the armpit of Connecticut!” Lord knows I’ve lived and learned and have tried to help stir the political pot in my district from time to time only to get, really, nowhere! Unfortunately the time has come along with the high urban city and state taxes, rising utilities costs, increased crime and poor ghetto city services, etc. to put the “for sale” sign on the old house and hope to get out of “Dodge” before it gets worse! *** Nothing left but political pipe dreams and political promises to the citizens of the Park City who just wander around like zombies and talk about the “past!” *** GROUNDHOG DAY ***

  3. Paul Newman referred to Bridgeport as the armpit of New England and he said that while living in bucolic Westport CT. He drove through Bridgeport while en route to his alma mater Yale where he sometimes lectured drama students. At the time, the smokestacks in Bridgeport were still visible. The contrast must’ve been startling, prompting his remark.
    Mr. Newman complained about industrial presence–today’s bloggers complain about its absence.

  4. So how’s the economic improvements working for ya?
    Once again and ad nauseum, Bridgeport’s government has no clue as to how to generate an economic revival. I’m going back to Pannuzio, Seres, Mandanici, Paoletta, Bucci, Moran, Fabrizi, and now the idiot known as Finch … and their administration minions who are/were run by the likes of Stafstrom and Testa. Flies and leeches one and all, not to mention most of those who have served and serve on the city council. Bridgeport is never going to see revival with the same old same old and the bloggers on this site either just know it and have no juice, or just complain about it.

  5. If Bob isn’t afraid to call The Mayor of Bridgeport an idiot, then I’m not afraid to label Bob a low-level dirtbag who’s “devolved” to the point where he’s trading family heirlooms for cash. He’s a proxy for ineptitude in Bridgeport. He’s a documented doomfreak–the kind who subtracts value from the world we live in.

    1. Now we’re talking … name calling from those who actually do nothing. Thirty-plus years ago I spoke of the incredible potential of Bridgeport in regards to downtown, the harbor, the airport, the substantial labor force that was rapidly losing their jobs. Where did it go? Nowhere. And what do we have? Pie in the sky bandaid repairs for a city with broken limbs. I spoke of the incredible 180-degree turnaround in New Rochelle NY as a perfect example of what should be done with Bridgeport. Everyone dismissed it as undoable with the corruption, nepotism and cronyism that is rife with Bridgeport’s politics.
      And what do I get? Being labelled a complainer and being dismissed as a “dirtbag” by someone who seems to know more about dirtbags than I do.
      But I’m not the issue. The real issue is Bridgeport and the lack of substantial people who run it. anna and Local Eyes don’t get it and certainly don’t have the knowledge or ability to do anything. I have and failed several times. But at least I tried and they haven’t.

      1. Bob,
        Perhaps a positive course for 2014 would be to join a few courageous taxpayers and do some digging into City finances. Budget Oversight Bridgeport, otherwise identified as BOB, on OIB and elsewhere would be happy to have your viewpoint and research represented. Call Andy Fardy or me (203-259-9642) and pick an area for deeper drilling. Then your comments combine opinion and facts. That connection is important and critical. Name-calling disappears when people cannot answer critical questions. Time will tell.

  6. If you look around this city you will see people who have tried to make it a better place and HAVE made it a better place. The people in power either don’t have a clue of whom they are or simply ignore them because they are not part of their self-serving club. You tell me this town don’t have no heart; well, you just gotta look around. IN SPITE of the ineptness and corruption, things happen. Not to mention the hard-working people and ethnicities of Bridgeport who don’t know the names Testa and Stafstrom, who just work their tails off, act as good citizens and keep Bridgeport afloat. My two cents. And thanks, Bob for being a “doer.”


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