Watch–Moore: No One Is Respecting These People, ‘Shame On Ganim And Perez’–Police: Most Arrestees Not From Bridgeport

See videos from State Senator Marilyn Moore in aftermath of Jayson Negron protest. An exhausted Moore posted several, the one above early Friday morning, with updates trying to get answers from the police following arrests. Most of those arrested were not Bridgeport residents.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Police on Friday afternoon released a summary of the incident report.

“At approximately 8:10 pm the remaining protesters at Walgreens became increasingly agitated and threw a bottle at officers on scene. Officers stayed in position and looked for recognizable Bridgeport community members who could assist in a dialogue. No one was visible. Another glass object was thrown at an officer, and the crowd remained agitated and yelling obscenities at the police officers. For public safety purposes, BPD informed the unruly protesters that they had five minutes to disperse due to the unruly assembly. The crowd did not comply and continued to be unruly and grew louder. Officers moved in fairly quickly to maintain safety and detained 12 individuals. All of the individuals detained we arrested because they did not comply or disperse,” the summary states.

“While at BPD headquarters, an arresting officer was advised that one of the detainees was a member of the press. The reporter wearing plain street clothes and no clearly visible identifying markers other than an ID name badge was released without a summons, as she was not part of the organizers,” the summary continued.

Arrested were: Thomas Bostian, of New Haven, Britney Brevard, of New Haven, Kerry Ellington, of New Haven, Jenna Fu, of Bridgeport, Kiana McDavid, of Hartford, Sam Morbidelli, of New Hven, Kacey Perkins, of Fairfield, Sarah Pimenta, of Milford, Brenna Regan, of Fairfield, Maria Sandoval of New Haven and Michael Merli of Bridgeport.

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  1. “No One Is Respecting These People”?
    Respect them for what?
    Are they mourning the death of Jason Negron, or trying to shift blame for his death to a police officer forced to make a split-second decision to defend himself?
    Jason Negron was a misguided, delinquent teenager caught in the act of committing a crime.
    Who are these demonstrators? Did they know Jason Negron? Where was his ‘family’ when he was on the streets stealing a car? Who taught him to defy the orders of a police officer?

    1. Stealing a car does not equal a death sentence.

      Did the officer consider “boxing” in the car Jayson was driving? According to news reports the police had the street blocked which caused Jayson to reverse. Why not use another patrol car to impede the suspect vehicle.

    2. Tom you are an idiot. Are you saying Ganim and Ernie should be shot and killed because of their delinquency that sent them to prison? Maria do you mind if the cops go in school grounds when there is a large fight, shooting or stabbing? SMH What is very telling, most of the people who were arrested were not from Bridgeport.

  2. Jayson Negron was a CHILD. Do you hear me? A CHILD.

    This exactly why I am completely opposed to police officers being in our schools. Police officers are trained to exercise the power of arrest. Traumatized children need social workers, guidance counselors, psychologists and LOVE.

    You don’t criminalize children

    We severely underfund our public schools which leads to children making poor decisions that negatively impact the trajectory of their lives.

    Mayor Ganim and the majority of our City Council have no issue ensuring our schools are purposefully underfunded, however there is plenty of money for our BPD so they can arrest, incarcerate and or critically injure members of this community.

  3. “the police had the street blocked which caused Jayson to reverse”.
    Of course!
    Jason Negron’s only option was to put the car he had stolen into reverse as the police officer opened the door..
    Or, he could have complied with the police officer’s order.
    Jason made a poor choice as many of us have as teenagers.
    Most teenagers do not commit crimes such as stealing a car.
    Most teenagers do what an adult of authority tells them to do.
    Most teenagers are fortunate to have caring parents to teach them right from wrong.
    Jason, sadly, appears to have lacked the guidance from parents and family that he needed.
    And to the merry band of ‘demonstrators’, stop trying to shift blame to the Police. Officer Boulet, even though he was exonerated, will live with his split-second decision for the rest of his life.

    1. I hate to come across as indignant. When someone chooses to become a police officer they are aware of the inherent risks that may be associated with the job. They carry guns after all.

      It is well documented that suburban men and women come to Bridgeport thinking they can be the best police office there is; and they’re dead wrong. One doesn’t seriously apply for a job without researching the company. It’s the same thing with police work in the inner city; the expectation is that you are probably going to meet someone having the worst day of their life, your first instinct should not be to grab your gun.

  4. Lennie, thank you for posting part of Dan Tepfer’s report.
    The Police Department report provides a grownup account of what happened.
    It paints a rather different picture than what the ‘demonstrators’ have shared on social media where they live their lives.
    If the merry band of ‘demonstrators’ (out-of-town agitators) wish to dispute the Police account, they have that option. Perhaps Mommy and Daddy can help them after they post their bail.
    Senator Moore would be wise to distance herself from the ‘demonstrators’ (agitators) and establish herself as a ‘voice of reason’.
    Connecticut Hearst Newspapers would also be wise to take a closer look at Tara O’Neil’s involvement with the ‘demonstrators’ and her apparent bias.


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