1. Joel, I see you are trying to put a positive spin on the situation for this officer. This cop might have some issues regarding the shooting. They didn’t even arrest him after he was released from the hospital. I don’t think cops are allowed to shoot into vehicles. Luckily for him, this dude didn’t die. This cop might lose his job over this.

  1. Mayor Ganim has asked that we respond with “one voice” by which he means, his own voice. Perhaps things can improve if he asks us to respond with “two ears”? What if each of us was to listen well to our own words, and those of others, and see what can be tried that has not yet been done?

    An instance of this is Trustworthy Information for Public Safety known as TIPS which I worked on with no City funding or request and presented to Chief Gaudett and it operated for a few months at no real cost to the City. There is knowledge in the public and fear blocks sharing. Fear of intimidation by others in the community when internet, or phone communication can be tracked. But an envelope with postage paid to a private police department address avoids these issues. Slower, yes, but infinitely safer for those attempting to do their part towards making the City safer.

    I have mentioned this TIPS method before, but PD leadership has had no interest in the concept or the samples I have provided in hard copy.. And they have not made any effort to make the violence and crime data that they supply regularly to the FB I and which comes from their own records and reporting available as a chart or graph that is a handy reference for the public. Real facts can provide backup to statements of increases or decreases. They are evidence that can corroborate leadership claims. But withou them, there is no backup. Such data is part of governance oversight. Time will tell.

  2. *** Time to take the hand-cuffs off the P/D, make better info. connections in the hard hit communities, gather legal evidence against known career criminals that are still active in crimes & have stricter laws passed against violent crime criminals. And last but not lease, better awareness, training & facilities to deal with mental illness which is on the rise in America. ***


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