Treating Debit As Cash–State Rep. Marcus Brown’s Legislation To Ease Pain At The Pump

Freshman State Rep. Marcus Brown is urging colleagues to support his bill requiring gasoline retailers “offering cash discounts to offer the same discount if you pay with a debit card.”

I know this is meaningful legislation to constituents in my district and around Connecticut. Any bit helps when it comes to dealing with rising costs.

Brown defeated long-serving Jack Hennessy in a 2022 primary to represent the North End 127th Assembly District.

Brown received a Facebook shout out from former State Rep. Chris Caruso who spent 20 years in the State House shepherding legislative reforms.

Congratulations, Marcus! It’s a practical piece of legislation that helps the consumer. It’s been a pet peeve of mine for quite some time. Some gas stations treat debit as credit while others treat debit as cash. The inconsistency is so annoying. I’ve had to travel to different stations to find the one that treats debit as cash.

Bill statement of Purpose:
To: (1) Provide that no gasoline retailer may offer a discount to induce a buyer to purchase gasoline with cash unless such gasoline retailer also offers such discount to a buyer who purchases gasoline with a debit card; and (2) require certain gasoline retailers to publicly display and maintain any signs the Commissioner of Consumer Protection requires to inform the public that, if a discount is offered to a buyer who purchases gasoline with cash, any payment for gasoline by debit card shall be processed at the cash price per gallon.



  1. Debit is cash but his is tiny legislation with tiny upside from a legislator desperate to make an impact now that his job with wind turbines has vaporized!

  2. Well intentioned bill. One question. What protections, if any, are in place to prevent gas stations from raising all prices to the higher credit price? Cash discounts eliminate debit and credit fees that are passed on to the consumer.

    If businesses wish to retain their current profit margin it will put an upward pressure on cash prices and cost cash consumers.

  3. Marcus is heading in the right direction looking to ease the pain at the pump. The misconception is that the retailer is making money by charging extra for cards, even debit cards carry a processing fee. Go after those making the lion’s share of the money. In most cases it is the distributor causing the high retail prices while the branded dealer is locked into a contract making only pennies a gallon and paying all fees. As you know Marcus I have close to 40 years retail fuel sales experience and I never charged extra for cards. Call me Marcus, you have my number. I can tell you all you need to know about this.


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