The Power Of The City Council Takes Center Stage

The City Council on Monday is scheduled to vote on the creation of five legislative aides, its own budget director and legal counsel independent of the executive branch.

The language to strengthen the role of the legislative body has undergone a number of iterations. A back and forth has taken place between council leadership and municipal lawyers regarding the council’s authorization without a rewrite of the City Charter approved by voters.

Also, what is the additional price tag for all of this?

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 45 Lyon Terrace.

From the council agenda:



  1. One step forward and one step back, remember when the city had a Affirmative Action Office with Republican Joe Langston then Democrat Alvin Penn, Penn became a council member then got elected state senator but those in power decided that Affirmative Action Office was no longer needed. Republican Tom White a former council member had the position of Legislative Service Director Services Director but those in power decided that Legislative Service Director Services Director was not needed. Please don’t think that Mario Testa and Joe Ganim are going to allow others to take their power away without a fight.

    Tom White: OIB Misrepresented His Role – Only In Bridgeport®

  2. Ten years ago we were discussing Stipends for the CC on OIB. Some attention was paid, proposals were made, statutes were likely changed, and an administrative system with debit cards, or such, is the result today. The public does not see the spending patterns anywhere. Not an open system. No transparency. Accountability?
    And now, not yet on OIB, but in the CT Post today is an article about increasing funds for travel allowances, when CC reps attend conferences around the country along with proposals for staffing not discussed since before Ganim2 appeared.
    Perhaps, the public might have a “seat at the discussion table” rather than a 3 minute limit on subjects that are up for consideration and vote? When a CC member goes to a multiday conference, especially those out of state, do we have any rules or limits on who attends? Or for what specific purpose? And are any reports from such representatives due to the taxpayers in return for the learning experience? Time will tell.

    1. JML I agree with your last point, every member who attends a conference must make a report of their understanding of what they learned at that conference and how it would benefit the taxpayers of Bridgeport, the reports will be made public to the taxpayers and the media and enter to the minutes of the council meeting.


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