Meet The Delegates, The Most Popular Dems In CT Politics

These political people are popular: delegates to the May 18-19 Democratic convention in Hartford. See delegate list provided by Connecticut Democratic Party here. Delegates will endorse candidates for statewide office including governor. Candidates must secure 15 percent support to make the August primary ballot. The only other option for ballot access is a petition drive.

Greenwich entrepreneur Ned Lamont and former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz go in with the most party support for governor. Mayor Joe Ganim says he’s confident he has enough delegate support to primary, but just in case has launched a petition drive for what he hopes secures more than 15,000 signatures from Democratic voters for ballot access.

On Tuesday Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto posted the names of the nearly 2,000 delegates from around the state. From the state party:

In an unprecedented show of transparency in the delegate process, the Connecticut Democrats have released the names of the statewide convention delegates on their website.

The Connecticut Democratic Party has taken steps to make the convention and delegate process more transparent than ever before starting with releasing the delegate allocation by town last year. The Democratic Party has focused on cultivating grassroots energy and involvement in the process over the last year, and we’re looking forward to record turnout like we’ve seen in the Stratford special election and in the 2017 municipal elections this fall.

“We want this to be a fair and transparent process for everyone,” said Connecticut Democratic Party chairman Nick Balletto. “We have been working with party leaders and activists across the state to make sure that this process is inclusive to everyone who seeks to be involved. In November, we must make sure that we are united against the Republican Party who will continue to cower to Trump’s agenda and enact policies that will rollback progress for Connecticut families. We have already seen the radical national Republican agenda employed by elected officials here, and in the 2018 midterms the Party and voters across the state have the opportunity to hold Republicans accountable for their failure to stand up for Connecticut.



  1. Surely there must be a mistake. The two State Senators from Bridgeport do not seem to be on the list.
    Unless Mario is losing a step and thinks the Jaoa Gomes is actually Ed Gomes but that wouldn’t explain where Marilyn Moore is.
    Could it be that these two independent minded individuals might vote to endorse some one not named Ganim?

    1. @Bob Walsh
      The list only contains the names of Delegates representing the Town Committees. There are other Delegates, such as Thomas McCarthy, who have voting credentials because they are members of the Party’s State Central Committee (each State Senate District gets 2- one male, one female).

  2. Well at least that independent minded Ezequiel Santiago wasn’t slighted even though he appears to be the only state rep worthy of being a member of the Bridgeport delegation.

  3. A large number of City workers are on the list also a lot of former DTC members who lost in the recent election a some former City Council members who also just recently lost in their reelection efforts. Most of those on the list are old time DTC members.

  4. Constance Vickers is a delegate for Ganim. Pretty disgraceful.

    Joe Ganim and Paul Ganim are delegates. How nice to keep everything in the family.

  5. FYI>>>>>>>>>
    This is not a defense of BDTC’s choices or process.
    This year’s convention is expected to take much more time than 2016 because so many offices are contested>>>more speeches, more votes, etc.
    Not everyone has the time to spend the 18th and all day (and possibly night) in Hartford. Add to that the cost of transportation, parking, and meals. Some Delegates will incur large childcare expense in order to attend.

    1. You’re right Marshall, I think I only agreed to be a State delegate twice in 20 years. It’s boring, small talk with people you can’t stand, in others words, the sheep go because they must or else.

      1. Lisa,
        I go because I enjoy it. I get to see friends and associates from across the state, discuss election and platform strategies and network.
        TDTC delegates are not bound and vote as each sees fit. This year I serve on one of the convention committees and look forward to participation. 2016 was boring and lasted only a few hours.
        I have attended the National Democratic Party conventions twice in the past: Chicago 1968 and NYC 1992…they were great experiences

        1. Marshall, you go for the right reasons. I know the Bridgeport delegation, they couldn’t hold an intelligent, knowledgable conversation for more than three minutes.

  6. When the late Anna Migliore was the Democratic District Leader for the 138 District in the 1990’s she didn’t allow elected officials and those who were appointed to City Commissions and the Superintendent of Police Walsh to hold a position on the DTC but they were apart of the 138th family leadership meetings for the entire district in making decisions. Anna Migliore was one of the most powerful district leaders and well respected.

  7. Say it ain’t so Joe.

    “Harp To Back Lamont; Lamont Backs Tweed” |
    New Haven Independent

    Ned Lamont has snagged a prize in his quest to win the Democratic nomination for governor: the endorsement of New Haven Mayor Toni Harp. Harp, in return, has snagged an…

  8. Joe must be going bull shit over this announcement.
    He thought he had wrapped up New Haven’s support for Governor.
    Of well,I guess he can go yell at Mario!!!


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