McKinney-Walker Money Merge Likely

McKinney, Walker
John McKinney, left, aligns with Walker. CT Mirror photo.

For Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney to qualify for the $1.3 million public jackpot against party-endorsed Tom Foley, it looks more and more he must merge his money with running mate David Walker. Under Connecticut’s public financing rules Walker, Bridgeport resident and former U.S. Comptroller General, can pool his dough with McKinney.

More on this from Mark Pazniokas, CT Mirror:

The Republican gubernatorial campaign of John P. McKinney is likely to jointly apply next week for public financing with his running mate, David M. Walker, an acknowledgement of McKinney’s difficulty in raising the necessary $250,000 in qualifying contributions.

The joint application would mean forgoing a separate $406,275 public grant for Walker, but it provides a quicker path to a gubernatorial grant of $1,354,250 that McKinney and Walker could share for their coordinated GOP primary campaigns.

McKinney and Walker agreed in May to continue to separately fundraise in hopes of each qualifying for grants, setting an internal deadline for deciding if they would pool their qualifying contributions make a joint application.

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  1. Shouldn’t money be spent on more important things than funding campaigns? That goes for Republicans and Democrats. Everyone should campaign with the exact same sum with every dime accounted for. Am I right? Time will tell. I know I wouldn’t want my money going to flooding campaigns. Just money down the drain. And we are worried about money spent on healthcare and food? Honestly, a million dollars spent on a campaign that has no traction.

    1. That is true. I have always wondered why someone would spend $1 mil to get a four-year job that pays $125K. See the problem? You’re spending $1mil to make $500K minus taxes. I would just keep the mil.

  2. Steve, pray tell us who should be telling us what the “more important things than funding campaigns” are??? Where is Big Brother this morning?
    You mention Democrats and Republicans, so-called established parties, but what about newly forming groups with a reason to avoid the establishment?
    Are you telling us every dollar is not accounted for? Which campaign treasurer has failed SEEC now?

    If everyone campaigned with the “exact same sum” would it be enough for hand cards for a US Senate campaign, and might that be too much for the current Ernie Newton campaign for State Representative, as an example?

    Perhaps you didn’t do the Barnum Festival Pub Crawl last night, missed the great music at the Bijou and decided to be testy about the gubernatorial campaign instead? Time will tell.

    1. Every campaign should have exactly the same low sum of dollars. There should be a fixed amounts of public debates on local TV and may the best man or woman win. Period. This is fair. Big brother’s involvement would just make the political game fair and just. How about the multi-millions of wasted dollars in Presidential campaigns. Shouldn’t Ted Cruze, Sarah Palin and Ben Carson have an equal opportunity to make asses out of themselves instead of co-posting with Clinton’s millions? Did I leave Rick Perry off that list? Sorry, there are just so many candidates who deserve millions of dollars it is hard to keep up.

  3. Politics makes Strange Bedfellows!

    Interesting that the Foley campaign tells some of their supporters to flip their votes to McKinney to get him in a three-way race to siphon off votes for Boughton. Somers dumps Boughton. Boughton and Lauretti go in the dumper. McKinney is lucky to have Walker. I think McKinney needs a Johnnie Walker Black to keep him out of the Red!

    1. I think Mr. Walker is an honest man. As far as can be seen. I don’t care what his politics are, I would like to see some honest people get elected. And no, I do not have a list for comparison.

  4. My inner political neophyte says it’s possible–even likely–Foley and David Walker will end up on the Republican ticket come election day, with McKinney happy to support the duo by adding his considerable base.


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