Lamond Or The Absentee Candidates? Plus: Is Moore Weighing Another Write-In Campaign?

Lamond Daniels after voting on primary day.

Will State Senator Marilyn Moore wage another write-in campaign for mayor? Will Lamond Daniels be a general election alternative to Mayor Joe Ganim and his losing primary opponent John Gomes who has a second bite of the apple on Bridgeport Independent Party line?

Four years ago after losing to Ganim by 270 votes in a Democratic primary and botching the signature sheets to be the Connecticut Working Families Party candidate in November, Moore waged an unsuccessful write-in campaign against Ganim. She lost handily but did not embarrass herself as she has fumbling ballot access via signatures.

Moore is backed by the bulging coffers of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes that poised nearly $300,000 in anticipation of Moore playing in the primary. Moore and Gen Now leaders Callie Heilmann and Gemeem Davis wiped cartons of eggs from their faces after they croaked the petition process, then castigated Working Families for not endorsing Moore this cycle.

But, following Tuesday’s primary, another tight win for Ganim in a historically low turnout, it’s enticing to reckon all of that loot dedicated to Moore could somehow galvanize interest for a competitive write-in campaign.

Gen Now loathes Ganim and isn’t doing cartwheels for Gomes. Is Daniels candidacy a possibility to invest all that dough?

Moore, however, has always been Gen Now’s knighted one to control city hall. Moore just goes along with their flow except when OIB chronicled the dubious coordination of their collective machinations against state law.

They all kept some public distance, anyway.

Marilyn Moore speaks during her Gen Now endorsement, with Callie Heilmann and Gemeem Davis in background.

Heilmann and Davis don’t want to walk away empty handed in their promise of 2023 being the “year of change.” So far the only change dangling around – and lots of it – is Big Daddy’s wallet, that being Niels Heilmann, Callie’s husband, treasurer of the organization.

Don’t be shocked if they rationalize a path for another Moore write-in effort.

Meanwhile, Daniels is weighing an all-in for his successful petitioning placement in November.

Is enough money, organization and message at hand to profile a wedge candidacy captivating an audience seeking a fresh face unencumbered by political insiders? Ganim is mayor and Gomes is an inside-out candidate.

Daniels fits the profile.

Plus, all this hullabaloo about absentee ballots? The Gomes camp, despite the oh-my protestations, worked the absentee votes mightily hard as well.

“Let those guys focus on abs” Lamond can say, “I’ll pepper the establishment candidates with jabs. I’m the new guy offering big changes against the absentee candidates.”

Your choice: Lamond or the absentees?






  1. Waiting for Lamond and Marilyn to weigh in on their indication of activity before Election Day in November.
    The money raised by the incumbent, was literally matched by the three alternative candidates. Getting 2300 petitioner signatures from registered Democrats for a place on primary day is somewhat trickier and success is limited. But Gomes being this close after a Primary race with very low turnout is a sign that there is recognized trouble in the City with governance by those who care to vote and are not beneficiaries of Ganim2 in any way.

    Interestingly, that certain people on the ballot, not necessarily promoted by DTC won, in my opinion because they are observed working for their constituents and not themselves by the voters. That is the opportunity that is open in November on Election Day.

    For any one who talks about the state of City governance and who is registered, to vote, but fails to do so, what can you tell your neighbor? Because you fail your neighbor, fellow taxpayers and unknown others who understand that with only 20 or 25% voting, the majority is not heard. That is not successful democracy but a failing group of voters.

    What will happen when the State Legislature plays games with voting rights the way they have done in so many other states of the union? Ask folks if they care? When they don’t care for a neighbor or the vulnerable today, who will care for them when matters turn and they become an object of vulnerability tomorrow? What about opportunity for your grandchildren? Time will tell.

    1. While getting on the primary ballot may be somewhat trickier and success is limited there is no valid reason Moore and her heavily financed political shouldn’t have gotten the needed signature, outside of their political machination. So what does it say about them, for “Moore”, and for the average “people/voter” they are courting in their cause to “unrig”, the Port in general? If my hypotenuse is correct White financed Black Rock Gen Now through Black Moore under the bus for a brown (Latino) Gomes. JS

  2. In all seriousness, Bridgeport voters are ripe for selecting a new face for our City Halls. The political atmosphere is very volatile, and a new face, speaking the right words, could create a terrific political thunderstorm and flash flooding at the polls on Election Day that could flush the system and sweep away the accumulated political debris that has blocked Bridgeport’s path back to prosperity and the big time for too many decades.

    Lamond Daniels seems to be passing on the opportunity to be the agent of change that brings his hometown to a position of power and respect in the context of being Connecticut’s largest city. I’m sure that if he approached the media, and the right set of properly selected power-players, with a viable, comprehensive plan to put Bridgeport back on top — and displayed the passion and ambition to implement that plan, as Mayor of Bridgeport — he would be able to resurrect his campaign and be elected Mayor of Bridgeport in November.

    It’s time for a decision on if, and how, to proceed in this election cycle by any candidate that is not Joe Ganim. Only a few days left to get things moving and ready for Election Day…


  3. Nice guy Lamond but it’s Fabrizi Finch & Wood part 2 & Moore has proven she can’t handle getting signatures or running a campaign, city is in huge trouble if she pulled out a miracle win.

  4. Moore as a write-in candidate seems worthless considering she didn’t get enough signatures to even qualify for the primary. It’s funny how Gen Now seems to be pissed at the Working Family Party for not placing Moore on the ballot. They need to look inward. How can such a heavily financed political organization not collect enough signatures? Something is off, Gen Now may have thrown Moore under the bus for Gomes. Let that Hypotenuse sink in “People” 🤣

  5. Perhaps Gen Now was making a chess move and sacrificed their Queen (Moore) for a Gomes.

    Lennie those eggs on their face could be the eggs they put in Gomes’ primary basket for a knockout punch and to cloak their move for their “voters/supporters they were relying on the Working Families Party slot in the general. if the shit it the fan, 🙂

    IDK possible, perhaps considering Gome seemed to be in G2’s corner for his comeback election and the one against Gen Now’s now sacrifice Queen.


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