He’s Baaack! Republican City Sheriff Candidates Align With Former State High Sheriff Charlie Valentino To Challenge GOP Incumbents

GOP sheriff challenge slate: Ethan Book, Jacquelynn Perry, Charlie Valentino.

This could be like a wild west show except it’s in Bridgeport, something of a shootout for its politics.

Bridgeport is a city of political comebacks: Mayor Joe Ganim and City Councilman Ernie Newton on the Democratic side. Now former state high sheriff and state marshal Charlie Valentino is trying to become the comeback kid as a city sheriff challenging the Republican establishment.

A slate of Valentino, Ethan Book and Jacquelynn Perry are hustling petition signatures to qualify for a September primary against incumbents former party chair Mike Garrett, Mike Moretti and three-time mayoral candidate Rick Torres.

City sheriffs serve legal papers. Democrats and Republicans are guaranteed three spots.

About five years ago Valentino was sentenced to a year in the state joint for scheming thousands of dollars from people whose cars were seized from delinquent taxpayers

“There was one woman who owed $500 in taxes on her Mercedes, $500, and it was booted and towed and her car was sold, and the only ones who got any money out of it were you and the towing company,” the judge said at sentencing.

Valentino showed contrition, “I know I did wrong and I have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

A second chance message will not be easy against the GOP entrenched. High noon or blue moon?

Valentino was the last of the elected (Fairfield County) High Sheriffs eliminated by voters 20 years ago, rife with corruption, for state marshal service.

Valentino is teaming up with hard-core Republican policy wonk Ethan Book whose enmity for Garrett runs deep. The feeling is mutual. The party-endorsed slate was selected last week.

Statement from Book:

After the meeting, my initial thought was to continue my candidacy solo, seeking signatures to petition for a primary. But then emerged Charlie Valentino and Jacquelynn Perry also planning to seek signatures to force a primary for the three Republican Sheriff positions. All three of us want to effect some changes in the RTC political structure, that to allow for more diversity in the local party organization, that to attract more interested participants and to serve better the interests of our community. We realized that with the three of us taking up two lines on the Primary Ballot, there would be more chances for confusion and splitting up the votes of us as establishment challenge candidates. So, we agreed to form a slate which would appear as one line on the Primary Ballot. Small procedural steps can make a big difference in the ultimate outcome.

Last week Republicans endorsed John Weldon, the school board chair, Peter Perrillo and Mary Gaits for Board of Education. Three of the nine BOE seats must be from a minority party.

Incumbent Joe Sokolovic, a GOP outsider, is going at it alone to petition for a primary.



  1. The jokes and jokers in Bridgeport continue. “I know I did wrong and have to live with that for the rest of my life” he said. Sure you do. Feel better now though huh, making another run for it. Funny thing about the Defilippo affair that I noticed. His “friends” and supporters in general, and those here on OIB who were on his side of the liquor battle had no comments. You know who you are! Lol.

  2. The power of one vote.

    Vote Row B for Board of Ed in the Republican primary, Just for me nobody else. Filling in one oval will concentrate your vote and give me one more vote than my competitors. Why?

    I am a contrarian to the wholly owned subsidiary of the Testa regime known as the Republican Party. I am and will always be an outsider. I have done many things to piss off party leadership. I temporarily switched parties when Bradley won his Senate seat. This effectively made his seat unavailable to a democrat. So called “Loyal” Republican John Weldon did not nominate nor vote for either of the Republican Candidates John Rodrigues or Mike Gianotti. I the “disloyal” Republican Nominated Mayoral Candidate John Rodrigues.

    I also tried to help topple the Ganim regime by helping the Moore campaign, unfortunately that effort fell short. I constantly attacked the Mayor and city council for ill funding our city schools. My opponent John Weldon often leapt to the administrations defense, most notably after I was interviewed by news 12 when the city spent twice as much on a damn tiger than it did on our school children that year.

    Out of the four Republicans on the Board I was the only one to insist on a public vetting of the superintendents contract process and finding the board process in his hiring, contract renewal lacking so I voted no, each and every time. (Note: I find the board lacking not the Supt)

    I am the only one of four Republicans, including my opponent, John Weldon to vote against the fiscally irresponsible 12% raise (30,000) for our superintendent. The board even refused to second my amendment to at the very least to the increased compensation to fulfilling the residency requirement. If anything the Republican Party used to stand for fiscal restraint.

    So for these reasons use the power of one. Vote only for me and not the other three.

  3. Charlie Valentino,
    He’s worth a couple of chapters in Only In Bridgeport.
    And Rick Torres?
    Must have been quite a conversation to get Rick on board.
    “Don’t worry a bit. You won’t have to do any work if elected. I’ll get some people to help you out. And Ganim will be generous with the work he throws our way “

  4. Bob, you got that right, “Ethan on becoming a political whore!!!” What a phony, Ethan was suppose this high moral Republican who was against corruption but look who Ethan has hooked his hope on, Charlie Valentino, Mr. Republican Corruption.

    1. Ron, after more review than the public is normally able, the state imposed on Charlie the penalty that the state, in its judgment said was due. Charlie paid the penalty. Are you attempting to add more to the penalty than the state judges to be sufficient? For several years, Charlie has been working hard for the party. Among other matters, he’s been bringing in many voter registrations!

  5. Valentino is back for more!..You can’t make this shit up,none of these guys can get a job in the private sector,so they figure let’s see what else they can squeeze out of Bpt..

  6. The position of sheriff is supposed to be more than merely serving papers. It is also supposed to involve enforcing the law. Yet the three establishment insiders who were endorsed last week by the local Republican Party don’t even obey or enforce party Bylaws, let alone enforce laws and constitutions.

    The local party leadership, while normally doing well with its annual fundraiser, the Lincoln Day Dinner, resists transparency and accountability, even with publicly available financial reports available for those who have supported it. Contrary to State Central Rules, the Committee meetings are typically closed, and two years ago, the leadership even removed the Bylaws from its website. The party leadership uses patronage positions and favors to maintain control. It has been years since any Republican has been elected to any position except for where there are minimum numbers required for certain positions like Board of Education. At the nominating meeting of July 26th, the three incumbent old-guard Republican Sheriffs were nominated for promise of yet another lackluster two-year term.

    In comparison, those of the Valentino, Perry and Book slate have been active Republicans in Bridgeport for years. For our efforts, the Democrat-to-Republican voter ratio has declined, down over 16% since August of 2018. We have actively promoted minority party representation on the City Council, that without recent support from the leadership insiders. We promote Republican ideals including fiscal conservativeness (budget and taxing), conservativism on social issues, support of our constitutional republic form of government, and we affirm that we are a Judeo/Christian nation.

    It’s time for change, the right kind of change!

  7. Lennie, you call me a political wonk, suggesting that I’m overly enthusiastic in dealing with detail in matters that are continuing political crises, even political cancers, adversely impacting the people, matters continuing as crises because too many of our leaders are exercising what I call the politics of convenience, or deliberate indifference. In other words, too many are not placing sufficient attention to detail. Are you a part of that establishment for which you are derisively dismissive of one who is taking reasonable, peaceable positive steps to correct the messes?

    Regarding our slate’s prospects for winning over several long-term insiders, I look at some of the results of the 2019 primary election. For Republican sheriff, there is the following (with numbers of votes in the Primary)::

    The party endorsed candidates:
    Mike Garrett 319
    Mike Moretti 305
    Enrique “Rick” Torres 364

    The challenge candidates:
    Frank Appleby 189
    Charlie Valentino 201

    Please understand also that the top of the ballot, that is, the Republican candidates for Mayor, included the party-endorsed candidate John Rodriguez, and two primary challengers, Dishon Francis and me. Dishon and I got more than 50% of the votes. As I was running solo and not as part of any slate, do you think that the fact of two candidates challenging the party-endorsed candidate may have had an adverse impact on the votes obtained by Appleby and Valentino? And then in the 2019 General Election, Rodriguez didn’t even get 10% of the votes.

    Further, you seem to think that Rick Torres is a sure win because he ran for Mayor several times (and lost; that with declining percentages). He has been Sheriff now for nearly four years. Can anyone tell me if he has actually done anything as Sheriff? I’ve asked around and I haven’t gotten any answer yet!

    Regarding incumbent Sheriff and former Town Committee Chairman Mike Garrett, there certainly are issues between us. It seems to me that more detail needs to be openly reviewed. Thus, for the benefit of all, I hereby challenge Mike Garrett to a public debate (subject to conditions for which he would not have unilateral control).

    Perhaps the significance of this discussion can be enhanced with the recognition that, just as there is a local Democrat Party political machine, there is also a local Republican Party political machine!

    May God bless our Park City!

  8. Ethan, you said, “the Valentino, Perry and Book slate have been active Republicans in Bridgeport for years,” “We promote Republican ideals including fiscal conservativeness (budget and taxing), conservativism on social issues, support of our constitutional republic form of government, and we affirm that we are a Judeo/Christian nation.” What the hell does that have to do with anything, do you think that’s going to get voters to vote for you. Ethan, you said, “Lennie, you call me a political wonk,” Lennie had to be joking because a political wonk would understand the numbers and the history and they would change the losing formula that you continue to use. You will NEVER EVER WIN as a Rpublican in Bridgeport, you would have a better choice of being a Democrat because “ideals including fiscal conservativeness (budget and taxing), conservativism on social issues, support of our constitutional republic form of government, and we affirm that we are a Judeo/Christian nation,” that statement means jack shit, Bridgeport voters won’t for you base on that bullshit but you keep on running the same old same old because it makes you feel like a winner.

      1. Ethan your rhetoric means absolutely nothing, the facts and the history proves that you are wrong. You decided to hook-up with a true loser, Charlie Valentino and true loser political party, the Republican Party, in fact your political party is so small and you can’t even get elected to anything, now that’s what you call a loser.

        1. Ron, Charlie is not a loser. In 2019, he put up a slate to challenge most of the Repub Town Committee candidates. Two of his candidates won their primaries. The Republican Party wins some and losses some. It may be small in numbers now in Bridgeport but it has the right foundation and is growing. I have already been elected on various occasions in Fairfield County. But remember the issue here is winning the September primary. With God’s help, I’ve done very well with primaries against the Republican machine. In 2018 and 2020, I won primaries for Repub candidate for State Rep with large margins; 76% of the vote in 2018 and 74% in 2020.

  9. Ron
    All he has to do is beat one endorsed Republican to get elected city-wide. And he tells us, based on results two years ago, he would need 306 votes.
    That is absurd. 306 votes. But watch. He won’t even get that.

    1. Bob, Ethan does all of this talking about morals and national political issues that has nothing to getting elected to sheriff, this all about getting just 306 votes or more, are you kidding me. Bob, now Ethan said, “Ron, your politically-motivated attempt at a wide dismissive rebuttal is unavailing. Please look in the mail for the letter I just sent to you!” Lke a letter is going to change my position about him.

  10. I have to chime in here to defend my comrade Ron. 🙂

    Ethan, as well as others, it’s somewhat ironic to invoke God in one’s political ambitious endeavors to procure votes in the democratic process of elections, personal strength, guidance, wisdom, etc. perhaps. Let’s not forget, God, as most of the world knows/sees it (single God, has no one to inject one’s two cents, for better or worse. 🙂 ) It’s an ultimate totalitarian dictatorship, your perspective is unwarranted or wanted. 🙂

    To my comrade’s point, Charlie can come off as a loser because it seemed he schemed the poorest and vulnerable among the Port’s residents for personal financial gain. That’s not much of a quality of heavenly trait.

    Ethan, you can every Republican primary to the cows come home, as Comrade stated unless it’s a mandated requirement to have a Republican representative like on the BBOE your efforts are seemingly futile in Port politics.

    Really people though, a Glade Plugin. 🙂


  11. Ethan, you said, “The Republican Party wins some and losses some. It may be small in numbers now in Bridgeport but it has the right foundation and is growing. I have already been elected on various occasions in Fairfield County,” Ethan, again what the hell are you talking about, “the Republican Party wins some and losses some, where do they win?

    Ethan, your support of former President Donald Trump and the insurrection is very serious and disturbing, base on your statementsit’s obvious that you have the same views.

    Trump’s History of Support From White Supremacist, Far Right Groups

    President Donald Trump’s refusal to explicitly condemn white supremacist groups during Tuesday night’s debate follows a similar pattern.

    Extremism experts warn that Trump gave a boost to the far-right group known as the Proud Boys by mentioning them during the debate.

    Trump’s racist, xenophobic rhetoric has frequently been viewed as a source of encouragement by white nationalist and far-right extremist groups.

    Ethan you think that blacks are going to support you? As for the Republican Party in Bridgeport you are so out numbered 10 to one so that means that need Democrats to win in any citywide election and don’t know to form a coalition so you could get elected to a citywide elected position, no, you want to swim in your little Republican pond with no power to make change.

    1. Ron, you twist other facts and what I have said.

      I have supported Trump for many good things he has accomplished. Here’s an article that describes ten;


      There’s absolutely no basis for you to say that I supported any insurrection. Stop that.

      That he didn’t condemn white supremacy at one point in time does not define Trump as he specifically condemned it at other places before and after a particular debate. Various of his policies have benefitted Blacks.

      “Except the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain that build it; except the LORD keep the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” Psalm 127:1

  12. Well, then you (R) have a shot. However, it never stops you from running against Christ. 🙂

    I am a simple creature, but I think this “democracy” thing is getting out of hand, people. 🙂 Shouldn’t a position that entails law and authority like Sheriff have some type of background and traning? Aren’t felonies allowed to run for public office, and would that include running for an elected law enforcement position? What am I talking about of course it would, Valentino running. 🙂

    People keep saying our “democracy” is broken. Democracy isn’t broken, it’s “special” 🙂


    What’s next for “democracy” electing doctors? What would be the criteria, staying at a Holiday Inn Express. 🙂


  13. P. S nothing says the success of “democracy” like electing a man, who hawked steaks in a mail-order electronic catalog, to the presidency of the United State of America, the most powerful country on the planet. 🙂

    The saddest part was, its, democracy, is so “special” they had to rig the election just to get out of office. 🙂


  14. Ethan, you said this concerning Donald Trump, “That he didn’t condemn white supremacy at one point in time does not define Trump as he specifically condemned it at other places before and after a particular debate. Various of his policies have benefitted Blacks,” that’s bullshit, do you think blacks who vote in Bridgeport believe this crap? If someone gets stab in the back with a six inch knife and you pull it out three inches the knife is in back causing pain, that’s Trump, he throws out some crumps and he think he’s winning over people. In America there are 435 House of Representatives and 100 Senators and those 535 members of Congress and there are ONLY 2 BLACKS who are Republican,Ethan what dos that tell you about blacks and Republican.

    “The GOP is now just the party of white grievance”

    1. Ron, you need to stop trying to make up facts and rather stick to supportable facts –


      Also, for our campaign, Charlie, Jacki and I affirm basic policy point:

      We affirm fiscal restraint, such as in budgets and taxing,

      We are conservative on social issues,

      We support our constitutional republic form of government, and

      We affirm that ours is a Judeo/Christian nation!

  15. Without having an OIB account, Charlie Valentino prepared and authorized me to present the following statement:

    There has been much public comment about the legal matter which I faced and resolved several years ago, discussion which has been adversely affected by incomplete media reporting. While I acknowledge making some mistakes, for protecting what I can of my reputation and for public understanding including for this important campaign period regarding Republican Sheriffs, I offer this brief explanation.

    First, I acknowledged that notarizing an affidavit in the name of my deceased mother was a terrible mistake and one which I wish I had not made. My thought that was I helping a man who said he was pressed to have the affidavit later the same day. Unfortunately, the man never disclosed that the affidavit was to be used for transfer of two stolen vehicles. I did not benefit for my action, inappropriate as it was.

    Second, at court, the matter was repeatedly continued, each time with prominent incomplete media reporting. Each time the matter was continued, I was hit with yet another large legal bill. This was frustrating and costly. I wanted to get the matter over. My attorney advised that I plead guilty and do the time. I followed that advice.

    I was convicted for perjury, not for “scheming thousands of dollars from people whose cars were seized from delinquent taxpayers”. [It’s curious that they never went after the man who illegally transferred the stolen vehicles.]

    With regard to the tax delinquent Mercedes, $500 was due for six years of back taxes on a 12-year- old vehicle, a vehicle that was unregistered and uninsured. The towing fee was $200. The car was auctioned with the proceeds given to the towing company for towing and storage.

    I deeply regret my errors for which I have understood that the state which convicted me has also deemed that I fully paid the penalty it imposed. I’m not asking that the public now overlook this matter. Rather, I’m asking that the public consider the real facts, also consider what I’ve done in the public arena prior to the incident and since then and that I am fully qualified and competent to serve the public in the role of Republican Sheriff, together with a team of the best candidates for the position.

      1. Ron, looking more local where real political development begins, out of 70 elected members of the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee, 9 are Black, 12 are Hispanic and 2 are Portuguese.

        For the Lincoln Day Dinner held Saturday evening, Helen Kouassi was given the Republican of the Year Award. Helen was born and raised on the Ivory Coast. She studied and graduated from the University of Abidjan with a degree with honors in Economics. The Ivory Coast government recognized her potential and allowed her to participate in the U.S. Foreign Exchange Program. She received a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Kansas, then went on to work in banking. She became a U.S. citizen in 2008 when she relocated to Bridgeport.

        “Because of her love of caring for seniors, Helene was inspired to create Hope Home Care, LLD. For 13 years, Hope Home Care has been servicing Fairfield and New Haven Counties. The endeavor has created over 150 jobs for residents of Bridgeport, Stratford and Stamford and provided the needed care and support to our ‘seniors’, even with active accomplishments during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.”

        For her earlier years in the US, she was a Democrat. But she read and began to realize that the Democrats weren’t giving message which showed promise of progress. She became a Republican and is now putting feet to her beliefs.

        We can also look at issues which you raised from a different direction. For the last 30 years, Connecticut has had had almost continuous majorities in the General Assembly (now near monopoly). During that time period, the state has devolved from one of low taxes, strong economy and low unemployment to the present where the state is one of the highest taxed states of the union, with among the highest utility rates and highest unemployment. It’s time to focus our discussion on policy.

        1. Ethan, now that’s real nice about Helen Kouassi who was given the Republican of the Year Award. Helen was born and raised on the Ivory Coast. Now what does have to with the Republican Party in Fairfield County and in the state? Pointing out one black who is a Republican means nothing in increasing black voters to become Republican.

  16. Comrade, what does it say?

    I believe there are 3 black senators 2 Republicans from Southern Republican states, who have a majority white population, and 1 Democrat from a Democrat Nothern State with an even larger majority white population.

    As far as representative blacks vote over 95% for democrats. Not to mention in the Port we have elected officials, a black and brown running for office talking about how outsiders who don’t look like the community, “white”, are coming into the community telling them what to do.

    To be fair, mostly going on about Maria who is helping Wanda and Victoria in their campaign. I can only assume 🙂

    As for Victoria, it’s a heavy load to win in the 139 districts, being white, regardless of being a Democrat.

    That being said, Victoria has this innocent, cute sexy vibe thing going though. 🙂



    Just playing 🙂

  17. Ethan, looking at the facts the Republican Party has a terrible record with the black voters. Out of 263 elected Republicans members in the House and Senate there are only 3 blacks. Ethan, try asking the black voters in your district how many Republicans they have voted for. Your connection withe Republican Party shows that the only you can get elected is for you to get more white voters to vote for you bacause black voters will never vote you into any elected position.

    House of Representatives Republican Party has 213 members with 2 black members Byron Donalds (FL,) and Burgess Owens (UT)

    House of Representatives Democratic Party has 222 members with 57 black members

    U.S. Senate Republican Party has 50 members with 1 black member Tim Scott (SC)

    U.S. Senate Democratic Party has 50 members with 3 black members


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