Goodwin Takeover Of UB Advances–College To Keep Name

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

The New England Commission on Higher Education has given Goodwin University its blessing to take over the bulk of the University of Bridgeport.

The acquisition, which still needs a fiscal sign off by the bank, was to be announced at noon in a joint statement between NECHE, the accrediting body for the region, and officials from UB, and Goodwin, of East Hartford.

Paier College of Hamden, which is planning to acquire UB’s graphic and interior design programs, is for-profit and so answers to a different accrediting body.

The real estate purchase is expected to take place before the end of the year. The actual changeover to what Goodwin President Mark Scheinberg is calling “New UB” will occur on July 1, 2021.

… Scheinberg said the deal is now less of a partnership and more of an outright purchase that will allow UB to remain its own institution and not a branch. That way UB gets to keep its name and its international students who would have been in limbo while the transfer took place.

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  1. One of the most egregious missteps of G2 is the role it played in fielding the current collapse and cannibalization of our main portal to municipal revitalization, UB.

    And it was G1 that incompetently watched the first collapse and cannibalization of UB as its respected Arts and Sciences programs collapsed and Quinnipiac scooped up the Law School…

    And it must be remembered that our GA delegation has stood by and watched — over a period of years — as this scenario unfolded, as has the membership of the dysfunctional CC — with the exception of Councilman Cruz (and a couple of other “restrained” voices).

    It’s a shame that the competent, committed oversight of the PPWA and Unification Church were drummed out of Bridgeport by ignorant, prejudiced, bigoted voices from local and regional political and religious figures/groups — the latter of which incompetently, and/or with indifference, watched as the city and our educational jewel imploded under the influence of regional designs…

    Indeed; there is an unsavory undercurrent of the present cannibalization/fire-sale of UB that has the pungent odor of criminal design… (Perhaps readying the parcel for use as a rare, seaside casino in a park setting?!)


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