Fines For Out-Of-Staters Who Don’t Self-Quarantine

From Ken Dixon, Hearst Media:

Out-of-state visitors who do not self-quarantine for 14 days, or refuse a health questionnaire, could get fined $1,000, a reluctant Gov. Ned Lamont announced Monday.

Lamont, during his daily news conference, said that if travelers from 22 states where the virus is raging can show proof of recent tests in which they were COVID-negative, they can be allowed into the state without quarantining.

Asked when he would impose such fines, however, Lamont said “We’ll see.”

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  1. But who is going to keep track of who the Out-Of-Staters are and who is going to enforce this? Hell, we have thousands of illegal aliens living here an no one seems to know who they are. And yet they are using up many of our resources intended for out of work and homeless CITIZENS.


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