City Plan Of Development Addresses Waterfront, Transit, Neighborhoods, Housing

Mayor Joe Ganim on Wednesday joined city planning and development officials to unveil the new website “Plan Bridgeport” a guidepost of development covering the next 10 years that includes input from city residents who participated in a series of neighborhood meetings over the past year.

The plan covers the waterfront, transit oriented development, neighborhoods and housing. See the plan here.

From the website:

Plan Bridgeport is Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The Plan documents the state of the City and provides a guide for its future. It provides a future vision that is based in the realities of the resources and constraints that are present in Bridgeport today.

The Plan establishes a vision for Bridgeport’s physical form, economic and social health, and quality of life. That vision provides a foundation for policy and funding decisions and informs the City’s zoning regulations, which protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of Bridgeport. The Plan recommends strategies and actions necessary to realize the vision.

Plan Bridgeport was developed with extensive input from city residents, businesses and stakeholders, elected officials, and City staff. That outreach included hundreds of conversations at events throughout the city, multiple workshops, focus group meetings, interviews, and an online survey. In total, the planning process received input from over one thousand stakeholders.

This plan meets Connecticut General Statutes which require that a municipal plan of conservation and development be updated every ten years. It is also consistent with both the State Plan of Conservation and Development and MetroCOG’s 2015 Regional Plan.



  1. I became eligible to vote 48 years ago. I think I can safely say that in every mayoral election since then the incumbent candidate has brought out a self promoting dog & pony show to curry the voters favor. They usually have no more credibility the the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  2. The toothless tiger re-emerges and faces many hurdles to execution. The Plan is a worthwhile concept minus the funding. It will require a headstrong CC to implement its goals.
    Bridgeport needs an aura to replace its stigma.

  3. Brian Lockhart. Sorry , but you are getting lazy, Bowing down to any bloated administrative staff that has the time to do your work for you
    Take it from a lifetime veteran who cares about this City
    Be Good

    1. Absolutely Frank! I believe that it’s just a matter of time when new independent thinkers will slowly take over control of how the city operates politically. In the meantime though, people need to be on guard for damage control as the present “regime” starts to lose its power. ‘They’ will look to serve themselves using the newly written master plan to enrich themselves and their cohorts. Watch out for detrimental changes to residential areas. If you understand how they have already manipulated zoning rules etc. and have USED entities such as OPED to further they’re personal gain, then you’ll understand what I mean. Read the entire 109 pages and look between the lines and watch out. Remember how things were done on Madison Ave. etc. and that whole outcome? Some of the same players are still involved and they’ve enlisted their own “new blood” to carry on. Defilippo’s liquor store is just a small example of what I mean.
      Bartender…. that’s right, no tip for you.
      More to come………..

  4. Imagine a world where Bridgeport’s biggest boosters are those who’ve moved here in recent weeks. That’s right, new arrivals!
    Why would so many people move here?
    Answer: because there’s a job that’s only available in Bridgeport, Stratford and Trumbull and its availability has made headlines resulting in a localized land rush started by “positive friction”. Those wise enough to be here already will enjoy this full employment program enough to make the newcomers trip worthwhile.
    The story will be clear: you cannot be turned down from this job, you can only fail.

  5. Imagine a Bridgeport where the mayor was actually beholden to the people of the city and not the “special interests” that donate to his re-election campaign.

    Wouldn’t that be something…


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