Carolyn Vermont, Ex-NAACP Leader, Joins Ganim’s Mayoral Staff

Mayor Joe Ganim on Thursday appointed former Greater Bridgeport NAACP Executive Director Carolyn Vermont to his staff as community liaison. The position pays $70,000.

“Carolyn is a true supporter and activist for the most vulnerable in our city,” said Ganim in a statement. “Her extensive knowledge of the city along with her passion and devotion to children’s and community services make Carolyn a valuable team member to serve in this role for my administration.”

Vermont,  president of the Rotary Club of Bridgeport, has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Fairfield University.

Ganim, entering an election year in 2019, brings on someone who has sizable experience as a face of social service advocacy including director of Urban Initiatives for Connecticut Against Gun Violence as well as work with Advancement for Bridgeport Community Development, United Way and Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership.

The cerebral Vermont has established a profile in the city with the business community and social services organizations, but she’s not someone who comes out of the political establishment irrespective of her toying with elective office.

Vermont this year was a short-lived candidate for Connecticut’s 23rd State Senate District to replace a retiring Ed Gomes. She was unable to secure enough certified signatures to challenge petitioning candidate Aaron Turner and party-endorsed Dennis Bradley who won the August Democratic primary on his way to a general election victory.

Most every hire Ganim makes on the horizon will be filtered through the prism of his reelection campaign with no formally announced opposition. That is likely to change in the coming months, but what will be the level of competition?

Supporters of State Senator Marilyn Moore, coming off another mighty reelection win, are pushing her candidacy. Will she? Who else is out there?



  1. As always Jimfox right on target. When Kimberly Staley left the city’s employment Mayor Ganim needed another Black woman to pose for pictures to pander the Black community for support should Senator Moore run for mayor.

    There are still questions in the Black community about her tenure as the president of the NAACP, not addressing issues relevant to the Black community, what really happened and who was really responsible.
    Under the leadership of Vermont Fuller the Bridgeport’s NAACP had been under fire for failing to fight a redistricting plan that hurt one black state Senator’s re-election bid (Ed Gomes) and for not engaging enough in the community on issues like the beating of a man by city police in Beardsley Park. The internal squabbling and allegations of financial improprieties finally forced state and national leaders to intervene.
    “It was in dire straits,” said David Daniels III, a retired Bridgeport police officer who ran the Bridgeport Guardians, a group of black officers. “There were controversial things going on back then (citywide) and they were silent because there was so much infighting.”

  2. Congratulations Ms. Vermont! I know you’ll be a positive addition to our local government. I look forward to all of the constructive solutions you’ll garner as a result of your appointment. Continue to stand strong.

  3. Jimfox and Donald Day sum it all up. This move is apart of Ganim’s campaign for mayor in 2020 because Ganim knows that Senator Marilyn Moore can beat him. But this move shows how out of touch Joe Ganim is with the black community. There isn’t any strong support for Carolyn Vermont being appointed by Mayor Ganim staff as community a position that pays $70,000. Was this position already in the City’s budget and approved by the City Council?

    “State takes over local NAACP chapter”
    State chapter takes over Bridgeport branch as arrest widens internal rift within civil rights organization
    By Keila Torres Ocasio Updated 12:33 am EDT, Tuesday, April 23, 2013

  4. Congratulations Carolyn, when someone like you is appointed to a City position, the reason why is no issue with me; you’re qualified and professional. Good luck!

  5. Congratulations Carolyn Vermont, I am certain you will do great things for the city. Your Background and community involvement is outstanding. Do not let any of bloggers reduce your appointment as a trophy for the Mayor. The city is lucky to have an individual of your caliber. Congratulations to Kimberly Staley and best of luck on her new career endeavor. It may be a loss for the city, but you are entitled to embrace your future and not be shackled to your past like many on this blog. Congratulations to Marilyn Moore on her re-election. Back to the star of this post, Carolyn Vermont, Best of luck and I hope you make the most of your new position. So many great things are happening in the City . Don’t let anyone reduce you to a minority appointment. Your qualifications are outstanding. Personally, you are just a lovely human being and I am happy to know you. You are very respected in the business community and throughout the city.

    1. What an ass wipe!
      You head up Democrats For Deeken and when you get your ass kicked you give a gratuitous congratulation.
      You once again prove how Patric you really are.

          1. Careful Mr. Walsh,
            You may be a huge Moore supporter , speaking about asswipes. You are beginig to sound like a lunatic like Bob Keeley. knock it off. I realize living in Branford and of advanced age you may have a distorted view of politics in the city. So to be clear , I was in Trumbull as a delegate and supported More. My district leader sttod in fromnt of Winthrop in Full support of the Democratic ticket. I have not made any calls or knocked on any doors for this so called Democrats for Deekens. I did receive a all from the Moore campaign while at the Rally for all of the Democratic candidates of which Moore did not participate which was very disappointing. Talk about pathetic, This post was for Carolyn Vermont- The fact I gave a congratulations to Marilyn Moore should not have a need for any side comments from yourself. It is all about Carolyn Vermont’s appointment- To bad that you do not like it. I think I have made the last comment on You and Moore. It is for Moore to Thank me- As far as Mr. Deeken’s goes. He is a very nice guy and made a good candidate. I know him and respect him and felt if he had a chance he could have been a good young Senator. I am happy with the Bridgeport Delegation . Bob Keeley/ Bob Walsh- you can keep spreading fake news and repeat it as often as possible . It doesn’t make it correct. I will assume you , Ron Mackey and Donald Day are part of Moore’ s executive exploratory committee. Good luck with that and get in line.

    2. So was it Mario who told you to do this?
      Or maybe it came from Joe as “other duties as assigned”
      Or maybe you are so low on the feeding chain you simply take you orders from Paoletta.

  6. Super Congratulations to a well deserved individual! Being born and raised in the city of Bridgeport this makes me proud, but more even excited that Carolyn Vermont has been selected for this role. As she possesses a wealth experience, knowledge, passion and dedication (qualities that are much needed in our inner cities such as Bridgeport)….A better individual could not have been selected! Looking forward to a bright future!!

    Again….Super Congratulations!!!

    Warmest Regards,

    1. Kid and Bubba, I don’t know Carolyn in a political capacity, but I’m aware of her civic activity, and I have always found her to be professional and certainly not a part of the dinosaur leadership in Bridgeport. Why do you think there was such a negative reaction from some of those accustomed to being informed. I believe the decision was made by Joe for whatever his reasons.

      1. Lisa, if you read the link that I post spells out a number of things that might help you to see a bigger issue. The NAACP is America’s oldest civil rights organization

        The State takes over local NAACP chapter because internal rift within civil rights organization when Carolyn Vermont was the NAACP Greater Bridgeport Branch President. There were battle brewing within the local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People over control of financial statements and membership information, members say Vermont has failed to provide annual reports or regular updates on the funds raised by the organization, accusations she says are not true. Two of the board members who made charge were, first vice president Keith Williams and member Bobby Simmons.

        Bobby Simmons is a licensed CPA located in Bridgeport, Certified Public Accountants are licensed by the state to provide independent attest services which includes the audit and review of financial statements which may be required by third parties to provide a level of assurance that the financials accurately reflect the financial condition of the company or individual. Bobby was also elected to the Bridgeport Board Of Education. Keith Williams was the NAACP second vice president, Keith is also a 30 member of the Bridgeport Fire Department and was the treasurer for the Firebird Society of Bridgeport for over 20 years and Keith is the President of the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) . Lisa, I trust Bobby Simmons and Keith Williams and their hard work and commitment to the residents of Bridgeport far surpass those of Vermont plus they were willing to step up and speak out about problems within the NAACP.

        Lisa, I agree with the first part of your comment but there the other side.

  7. I feel sorry for Carolyn Vermont. Seems like she’s paying people to promote her candidacy for a job. You know Stevie A must have been paid. That’s how they got him to support Democrats for Deeken.
    Maybe he can start Democrats of Vermont!!!

    1. Bob Walsh, Are you senile? Where are you getting your information from- You are a local political has been that lives in Branford Bobbi. You are no longer relevant in the city and you should be careful about making unfounded insinuations. Unless you are man enough to name your source you should not be repeating bad information as fact. And what does Anthony P. have to do with any of this conversation?

  8. I’ve personally known Keith Williams for over 30 years and his integrity and character is and has always been beyond reproach. If he says their were problems with finances associated with then president Vermont-Fuller then there is no doubt that he sincerely believes just that.

  9. So super proud of you Carolyn! Bridgeport is blessed to have you, you’re going to do well, and you make a huge difference in everything your hands touch. Carolyn, you were born to lead! Follow your passion, and continue to make a difference. God bless you!!!

  10. Ron, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to respond to you, I’ve been busy working and just had an opportunity to sign in. I did read the link and as always, your observation and knowledge of situations and circumstances are always of interest to me. I plead ignorance to the inner workings of the esteemed NAACP, so my kudos to Carolyn Vermont come from my interaction with her as an advocate and a professional woman. It’s none of my business why and for what reason she was appointed, but I still maintain it’s one of Joe’s finer moments.

    1. Lisa, the NAACP is the only civil rights organization in Bridgeport that is “suppose” to fight for the civil rights for people of color. The national NAACP had white members when the organization was first form and there are a few white members in the Bridgeport chapter. The Firebird Society of Bridgeport is a lifetime member as a organization, I was a member of the NAACP for years because I believe in the NAACP. For the Bridgeport chapter of the NAACP to have the State NAACP to come in and take the Bridgeport chapter charter away from them and cause members to lose their membership and to have no NAACP chapter in Bridgeport because of the terrible leadership under Carolyn Vermont was a disgrace. When members like Keith Williams, Jeff Baldwin and Bobby Simmons come forward and make a formal complaint in writing against Carolyn Vermont and her refusal to provide financial information to their executive board well, myself and others lost respect for Carolyn Vermont for her neglect and poor leadership in allowing the Bridgeport chapter of the NAACP to fall apart. I refuse to become a member of the NAACP again.

      Lisa, in a social setting Carolyn Vermont is very friendly, always smiling and someone who likes to join a lot of organization for whatever that means. But as far as helping the community, now that’s a different story, when you cause the only civil rights organization in the city to fall apart and not be able to help the community resides is a disgrace. The Firebird Society met with Vermont when she was the President of the NAACP and explain to her a number of issues that we were having with Mayor Finch, we gave her our few issues in writing and we asked her to have a meeting with mayor without any of us. Needless to say Vermont didn’t have the meeting, we wanted to give her a chance but we knew that she wouldn’t do anything. As a organization we have never asked or depend on others to fight our fights except us.

      Lisa, back to my comment two days ago, “This move is apart of Ganim’s campaign for mayor in 2020 because Ganim knows that Senator Marilyn Moore can beat him. But this move shows how out of touch Joe Ganim is with the black community.”

  11. Congratulations Carolyn. I think you are fully capable to handle the position for which you have been hired. The plethora of knowledge that you have gained in your many positions in community organizations as a voice and as someone who is doing the work allows me to believe that you have been put in this position because of your experience, knowledge and dealings with businesses within the community. With all that I have mentioned, you will be able to affect change. I wish you well and know that as you continue to pray, you WILL do exceeding and abundantly above all that anyone could ever imagine. Be blessed and stay prayed up!

  12. Jocelyn Dunbar, Judith Bernard, Hope Williams, Jennette Livingston, Denise Watkins and Tonya Lee all made lovely comments in support of Carolyn Vermont appointment by Mayor Ganim to a position making $70,000 a year. I have question for Jocelyn Dunbar, Judith Bernard, Hope Williams, Jennette Livingston, Denise Watkins and Tonya Lee, what was reason that the State NAACP had to step in and forced the Bridgeport Chapter of the NAACP to lose its charter? Dues paying members like myself lost our membership because of Carolyn Vermon and it’s obvious that the charges made by first vice president Keith Williams,second vice president Jeff Baldwin, secretary Delores Crawford-Carey and committee member Bobby Simmons were true. Now maybe Carolyn Vermont set the record straight about her action in causing the Bridgeport Chapter of the NAACP to lose its charter and I’m sure that Mayor Ganim knows what happen because he would never appoint someone who cause this great organization that fights for the rights of blacks in Bridgeport. So, again I ask Jocelyn Dunbar, Judith Bernard, Hope Williams, Jennette Livingston, Denise Watkins and Tonya Lee what really happen?


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