Calling All Kissers–Showcasing Top Political Smooches–Paging Mario, Gen Now Votes, Pacino

City Councilman Alfredo Castillo planted a kiss (was it wet?) on the ring of Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, nominating Bridgeport’s preeminent political kingpin for another two years as party chief. It was a classic Tuesday at Testo’s Restaurant moment.

The genesis of the buss was BPT Generation Now Votes sardonic video “kiss the ring.” More on that coming.

City Councilman Alfredo Castillo kisses the ring of Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa.

The chairman likes that respect thing, with a sense of humor. Still, there’s this image from The Godfather:

Of course, pow, right in the kisser, from the Mario-Rizzitelli battle 1989 Dem convention.

And this from Gen Now Votes. Who knows, maybe kissing will be back in vogue.

But then there’s Dog Day Afternoon

Still, if you wanna smack your lips …



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