Andy Fardy, Retired City Arson Investigator, Passes Away, Services On Sunday

Update: includes services. Growly, passionate, outspoken, irascible, craggy-faced; firefighter, husband, father, grandfather. Andy Fardy was all those things. The retired city arson investigator and charter reader of OIB passed away late Wednesday morning in St. Vincent’s Medical Center. He was 75. His wife Pat notified OIB of his passing.

In recent years Fardy had struggled with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, something he would occasionally share in the commentary section of OIB after years of smoking. Born in Bridgeport, Fardy graduated from Harding High School. He was a rock-solid resident of the Upper East Side for decades.

After service in the U.S. Navy, Fardy joined the Bridgeport Fire Department where he earned his stripes as an arson investigator during a period of intense neighborhood flareups. When he retired from the department he went into the private sector taking his investigative skills to Travelers as an insurance investigator.

Along the way, he became an establishment Democrat in Bridgeport politics serving many years on the Democratic Town Committee. Bridgeport parks was part of his passion, serving many years on the Parks Commission. In recent years, however, he became disillusioned with the direction of party politics buttressed by numerous commentary pieces he wrote for OIB.

If Fardy liked you, you knew it. If he didn’t like you, you knew it. There was very little gray when it came to Fardy. He did not mess around with perfumy niceties. He was as candid as a burst of thunder, often engaging OIB readers on a number of subjects.

He could also show a soft side too when it came to children as defined by his years volunteering for city youth programs including as coach at the local Little League.

In addition to his wife Pat he is survived by sons Shawn and Seth and eight grandchildren.

Friends may call on Sunday December 16, noon to 3:30 pm, followed by a service at Dennis & D’Arcy Abriola & Kelemen Funeral Home, 2611 Main Street, Stratford.

In lieu of flowers please make contributions to the Connecticut Firefighters Charitable Foundation, 200 Oronoque Lane, Stratford,CT 06614

In 2014, Fardy wrote about his health condition in an OIB commentary following City Council consideration of a proposed smoking ban in city parks.

I would like to comment on the recent meeting of the ordinance committee in which they discussed a smoking ban in the parks. My question is why pass another law that will not be enforced and if it is do I want to tie up one of the few patrolmen we have in the streets with this nonsense? It’s like the curfew law. How is that going?

I am a former smoker who 10 months ago was found to have COPD. I have that disease and I have no one to blame but myself. I still feel we should not pass this law. If we do ban smoking, shouldn’t we ban the use of charcoal grills in the parks? I know that sounds silly but there is a health hazard in burning charcoal.

Dr. Michael Roizen MD in Internal Medicine states charcoal produces soot that irritates respiratory conditions such as Asthma and releases carcinogenic VOC Benzene so stay away from the smoke. He also states stay away from quick-start charcoal soaked with lighter fluids.

So I guess if we are going to protect the public in the outdoors from smoking then we have to do the same with charcoal grilling.



    1. I am honestly saddened by Andy’s passing. Losing a close family member is always difficult, but during the holiday season makes it even more difficult.

      Pat, Shawn and Seth, please call on me if there is anything I can do to help you.

  1. Pat, my sincere condolences to your family, both nuclear and extended, in your loss. May God be pleased with Andy’s time on earth and may God’s grace comfort you during this difficult time.

  2. Pat, my deepest sympathy to you and the family. You should know that during these difficult times of a lost of a loved one that Andy gave his best in everything.

  3. My friend,
    You left all of us too soon. When we met ten years ago, you were Town Committee, new to OIB turf, but knowledgeable about Bridgeport politics. Whether lunch at Testo’s, a Park Commission hearing, or DTC, you were plugged in. I showed up as Beacon2 in those early days and we found some Irish heritage and concern about public funds in common. Budget Oversight Bridgeport or most commonly BOB was the acronym we applied to those annual pursuits when we would show up at B&A meetings, to be told that we had no right to speak. So we learned, slowly but surely, that municipal process was basically closed, unaccountable except for State laws, and opaque to the sight of most, including those folks who were tasked with OVERSIGHT responsibility. I am talking about most City Council representatives for whom you had a litany of names best forgotten at this moment.
    Your life as a: “Firefighter – Bravery and Brotherhood”.
    Now it is your time to be peaceful, for eternity, and sure that is a long time. But when you have a moment to turn from heavenly delights, will you share a smile with us as a sign that you have some better news for us? Time will tell.


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