Would You Want Carmen Dickson As Your Campaign Treasurer?

Teresa Davidson has filed a candidate committee seeking the Democratic nomination for Connecticut’s 128th State House District occupied by freshman legislator Christina Ayala. The city’s anti-blight chief Chris Rosario is also seeking the nomination. Attorney Dennis Bradley, a city fire commissioner, has formed an exploratory committee in consideration of a run. The intriguing part of Davidson’s campaign isn’t the candidate, but the name of her campaign treasurer.

A filing with the State Elections Enforcement Commission lists Carmen Dickson of Hickory Street, as treasurer. Carmen Dickson is the suspended Tisdale School principal removed for dragging kindergarten children down the hallway that last year triggered protests from parents who supported termination as well as Chief Administrative Officer Sandra Kase who called the incidents “shocking.”

Last year the school board by a 4-3 vote, including current members Sauda Baraka, John Bagley and Jacqueline Kelleher, approved a six-month suspension over termination.

Dickson’s suspension will be completed May 1. The school board has required her to take anger management training that includes proper ways to restrain children. School officials haven’t said where she will be reassigned. Hmmm, anger management training might come in handy for Dickson if the campaign is audited by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

The 128th State House District covers the East Side and Hollow neighborhoods.



  1. Gosh, no one wants to touch the Ayalas? Well, Mario wants Christina, no one wants Sandy, Finch wants city employee nice-guy-but-must-we-really-pay-him-for-both-jobs-with-our-tax-dollars Rosario, many people want Finch out but that cannot be accomplished without Mario and the Ayalas get-out-the-vote team. Davidson has questionable judgement in her committee choices. Could we just lessen the behind-the-scenes deals and drama and can I get an Amen for Bradley?

  2. I have been waiting for Lennie to reframe the hypothetical question were I to run for public office “would I want Perez-Dickson as campaign treasurer?”
    You see I called Lennie and asked who some other Treasurers were. I have observed Perez-Dickson as Principal 5-6 years ago at Roosevelt and never saw enough to know what her political and fiscal numeracy skills looked like. But I have reviewed the school tapes and came to understand that wherever she goes, she threatens to attract more attention than the candidate will and it may not all be beneficial to the campaign.
    So I asked Lennie, who else? And he promptly mentioned Bob Walsh is serving Marilyn Moore’s candidacy. I didn’t know that when I showed up at Thelma’s to write a check. So what, Bob has great numeracy skills, knows a lot of people, is unafraid of voicing an opinion when he thinks he is right (and of course he is right 100% of the time!).
    So I asked Lennie, are there any other choices out there. And he said well there is Jennifer Buchanan and I said yes, I had forgotten about her. She has common sense, is politically active, and is experienced in handling money. So as scripture exhorts us, “seek and ye shall find.” And I exhort others, time will tell.


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