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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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Wishful Thinking? State Republicans Dub Ganim Dem Frontrunner For Governor

September 11th, 2017 · 16 Comments · Analysis and Comment, News and Events, State Politics

Why would state Republicans fear Little Joe? Could it deliver a fundraising bonanza for the state GOP? A Facebook post on the Connecticut Republican Party page declares “The Connecticut Democratic Party has a new frontrunner: Joe Ganim 2018.”

Now, true, the current Democratic field for governor isn’t exactly deep with transcendent political figures. So why would GOP State Chair J.R. Romano prop up Joe as a whipping boy? The Prescott Bush Awards Dinner is right around the corner. Check out the vig here.

Who knows, maybe Joe will launch his own fundraising effort to Democrats, “The GOP is afraid of me.”

He may need to start raising moolah in large chunks if the federal court does not overrule a State Elections Enforcement Commission decision prohibiting Ganim from participating in Connecticut’s public financing program because of his 2003 public corruption conviction.

From the Republican Facebook page:

The Connecticut Democratic Party has a new frontrunner: Joe Ganim 2018. This is a sad day for our state as Crooked Joe has served time in Federal Prison for corruption – and now he’s the CTDems standard bearer! Connecticut doesn’t need more corrupt politicians leading our state.

LIKE & SHARE to say a man who can’t be trusted with a grant of public money to run for governor should not be trusted to lead Connecticut out of FINANCIAL CRISIS!



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  • Andrew C Fardy

    We already know the state and local republicans are a total waste of time. Naming Ganim the front runner is a total joke and actually makes fun of the dems.
    Ganim is a total wasted vote all this little prick wants is his law license back. Give him that and he is gone

  • Frank Gyure

    Truthfully,I don’t see a frontrunner in either party. As analyzed here on OIB,this sounds like the work of Republican State Chair J.R.Romano.

  • Jennifer Buchanan

    Or, finally a candidate for CT Governor who already has served his prison time….

  • Ron Mackey

    Remember that Bridgeport has two candidates running for governor, David Walker and Joe Ganim and both won’t win.

  • Donald Day

    I voted for Foley and Lamont the last two gubernatorial races which wasn’t easy for a life long Democrat. State and local Democrats are killing me and I know there has to be a better option. As a principled Black man I’m not longer voting the party, I’m voting the person.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    I’m wishing that Herbst wins the Gov. race. Why? It’s the only way Lennie Grimaldi will be able to write part two of his latest book–Herbst and Spices.

  • Harvey Weintraub

    Joe doesn’t even have a shot being re-elected Mayor,nevermind governor..Hard to argue Lauretti’s success in Shelton,Herbst is a good candidate,but his temper and grudges will hold him back imo..

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    The state GOP is calling Joseph P. Ganim the Democratic front runner as a pre-emptive move. He’s a convicted felon, a disbarred attorney who is long on boiler-plated bullshit and well short of political accomplishment (other than engineering a re-election strategy that was employed by Donald Trump’s campaign).

    Joe Ganim is a symbol of the nutmeg state’s sordid political history, one of the reasons our state is referred to as “corrupticut.”

  • Dave Walker

    There is nothing that I would like better than to run against Joe Ganim for Governor of Connecticut. It would by the Constitution State candidate (Walker) versus the Corrupticut state candidate (Ganim). It would not be a close race since, among other things, Ganim has done a poor job in Bridgeport. Unfortunately, Ganim will not be the Democratic nominee.

  • Ron Mackey

    Joe Ganim and David Walker will NOT be the candidates for governor selected by either party.

  • Wingnut

    Can anyone at the Connecticut Post on Lafayette St and State St tell us why the American Flag at their business was at full staff on 9/11/17? Bunch of losers!

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