What A Drag! Winston, Deadbeat Dad, Pinched Outside NAACP Meeting–“I Take Full Responsibility” But …

Wayne Winston
Wayne Winston

UPDATE: Statement from Winston: Okay, so now we know why Wayne Winston was hauled away Monday night by State Marshal Charles Valentino outside a meeting of the Bridgeport branch of the NAACP. Winston owed more than $15,000 in back child support. Winston has sought to take control of the local chapter embroiled in a heated leadership split between supporters of Winston and President Carolyn Vermont. The state NAACP branch, per order of the national civil rights organization, is now running the ship until an audit can take place of local finances and new officers elected. Winston did not come up with a court-ordered $20 per week, according to the magistrate in the case. After spending a day in the can Winston managed to come up with enough child-support dough to win his release.

Leave it to the irrepressible Carolyn Nah, the former president of the local NAACP, to come to the aid of her friend Winston in dubious Nah speak:

“It’s a shame for an unemployed black man to stand there and be humiliated,” said Nah of Winston. Nah, who has a history of twisted logic, had accused Vermont of dropping a dime in the phone on Winston when, in fact, the court had ordered Winston’s arrest for some time. Does Carolyn Nah ever get the facts straight? Nah.

CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer has more details:

Wayne Winston was one evasive deadbeat dad.

State Marshal Charles Valentino had been pursuing Winston, who owes more than $15,000 in back child support for his two children, for about a year and had nearly given up hope of finding him until he read a story in the Connecticut Post about Winston’s efforts to take over the leadership of the local NAACP chapter.

Read more from Tepfer here.

Statement from Winston:

As being the person “pinched,” I would like to thank everyone for their comments, whether good or bad. Like many people in this country I ran into some financial hardships and the mother of my children had to use the state for help early in their lives.

My children are now over 24 and that arrest was because of arrearages that didn’t get paid. Not through a bunch of new babies.

Throughout the years with the cost of living so high the child support fell off my radar screen. I have no issue with the state of CT or the Marshall who arrested me because I owe what I owed and I take full responsibility for that. They all have a job to do and I let it get by me. I think many people are critical of the timing though of the arrest.

I am not sure why I couldn’t be found because I am always around in very visible places.

In fact the two marshals were very respectful to me and treated me with dignity. But this is truly a cautionary tale. There are many people who owe child support and let this be a reminder to pay it.

In the end being branded the ultimate deadbeat dad by the media is far from true and what my biggest issue is. Clearly there are people who owe much more than I ever have or ever will but we live in a time where this is more about the drama than truth.

I do not think this one man’s failure to pay child support somehow negates or overshadows the fact the Bridgeport NAACP has been reset and it is an opportunity to have new branch leadership and the very reason it was done was because of what the members of the organization like myself have said all along. The proper financial procedures weren’t filed and funds received.

When you make your next comments ask yourself who amongst us is perfect and has not made mistakes. That’s what our system is about. Innocent until proven guilty and every person has a chance to correct whatever errors they may make.

For the people who know me my commitment to my the community has been steadfast and I never asked for a dime. My service on numerous community boards, fund raising for toy drives, educational avocation, etc. speak for themselves.

I love Bridgeport and its people and in the words of Cornell West, if you don’t love your people, you can’t serve your people. We are hoping the new Bridgeport NAACP will do that and we need everyone who is concerned to help.

God Bless.



  1. After reading this, I’m having difficulty determining who is the biggest disgrace–Winston for failure to support his children or Nah for defending the actions of a deadbeat father. If these two are the best the local chapter has to represent them, it’s no wonder the state took over. The membership at large deserves far better than to be embarrassed by their actions.

  2. This entire situation is another bruise for Bridgeport. It’s a shame some members of the NAACP forget that the middle A stands for advancement. Their actions are not unlike some in the DTC or political office that subscribe to the LAAFP (local associations for the advancement of few people).

  3. The shutdown of the NAACP has nothing at all to do with Winston or anybody else. Nah hasn’t been in office in six years and Winston isn’t an officer at all.
    The branch was closed due to a failure to comply with national recordkeeping and reporting of funds, period. The issues members were complaining about to begin with got Bobby and the other officers to write the letter. Sometimes you gotta do wrong to get things done right.

  4. Don’t post in the third person, you creepy son of a bitch. You know, a lot of people come to the NAACP for help because they are unable to take care of themselves in many respects because they are not being supported by their fathers. How dare you aspire to a leadership role in such a worthy organization when you slapped your own children in the face. How on earth could you even remotely attempt to help others like your children when you failed so miserably to take care of them. You need to dig a hole in a shit pile, put your lazy ass in and disappear from the scene forever. I guarantee every time you show your worthless head someone will remind you just how despicable you really are. Bum.

  5. Carolyn Nah is basically a fucking moron. Wayne Winston is a scumbag, a deadbeat dad who was unwilling to part with a double sawbuck every week to support children he’s morally and genetically responsible for. By her logic it is okay for a white or Caucasion or Asian male to be hauled before the court for “embarrassment.” It’s obvious why this dingbat is no longer in charge of the Bridgeport chapter of the NAACP.

  6. Well well well Mr. Winston!!! Your lies finally caught up with you, you deadbeat dad!!! You walking around town in those dirty suits acting like a big shot but underneath that dirty suit is nothing but a fake-ass deadbeat dad, you should be ashamed of yourself, what kind of a role model are you? You should never show your face in public again because everybody in town knows what your deadbeat fake ass did, go crawl back underneath that rock!!!


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