Watch: Lamond Daniels Fresh Start Video For Mayor

Petitioning candidate for mayor Lamond Daniels, a Democrat, has launched a 60-second video on his Facebook page echoing a change-agent theme.

“Bridgeport! It’s time to shake off that old political machine. We’re ready for a fresh start, a new perspective for our city. Come roll with me as we pave a brand-new path forward.”

Daniels is trying to wedge an alternative narrative for the Nov. 7 general election.



      1. Wait, What, Speedy, What’s your 👉 you’re trying to convey? “Bill Cosby in a Colgate commercial” The dude in the commercial is not Bill Cosby. I don’t 👀 it. I am sure there is a 👉 in your post. Please elaborate for the SIMPLE folk. 🙂

        If anything, this dude comes off like Eddy Murphy whose name is Phil. Though your post/point seems hostility in nature. You changed Speedy. 🤣

        1. As simple as I put it:

          “…and tell me he doesn’t come of as Bill Cosby in a Colgate commercial.”

          My missing finger missed an ‘f’ in off.

          …come-off as Bill Cosby…

          And Bill Finch too.

  1. Nice Lamond! Distribute! E-mail and text links, etc…. Follow-up similarly with more videos with specs!!!

    Lamond is hitting the RESTART BUTTON for Bridgeport!!

    Go, Lamond!!

  2. Final thoughts, Look on the bright side people, while today was somewhat of a bust, Yesterday’s weather could have been today and today’s tomorrow. 🙂 That’s looking at the glass, well, be water, my friends.

    Empty your mind, Check. 🤣

    They should have a private section and bring back camping on the beach side and even allow RVs to camp at the end. Easily set up and control access points from the Bathhouse back. A whole new added vibe and revenue stream of music goes. 🙂 JS


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