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  1. With retired Lieutenant Dave Daniels as emcee of the event and the audience seating nearly full while many members of the Police Department stood at the rear, the swearing in ceremony was carried off with some pomp, reasonable decorum and some fond story telling by the newly seated Chief, Rodney Porter.
    His work in the past has provided him with knowledge, formal training, and life experience over the years and his residence in Bridgeport is not just an afterthought or contractual requirement. He likes the people who serve the public and he likes the public in general. He will listen to all people and use his abilities to administer department duties, provide quality service, and help the overall City grow better. He looks to the public to do their part as well by performing oversight on matters of concern or issue. He is capable and conscientious and my wife and I as Bridgeporters who were present, were proud for the City. Time will tell.


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