Wanted: A Taste Tester For The Mayor’s Holiday Treats

Lotsa cool stuff going on at Bullard-Havens Technical High School including a recent visit from Mayor Joe Ganim at the school’s heralded culinary program where he assisted, see video, with a cinnamon holiday treat and other goodies.

Hmmm, does this mean the mayor will be moonlighting as a baker at Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa’s restaurant? Ooh, how about the mayor flipping some pies at Mario’s pizzeria? That’s what we call apizza-de-action.

Ganim squeezing pastry bag.

Maybe Joe will serve as Mario’s sous chef for the next Democratic Town Committee fundraiser. Yes, a taste tester definitely required.

Mario prepares a pie. Could Joe be his sous chef? CT Post photo,


  1. C’Mon Man, there is only one person to be the taste tester for the Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa, Superstar Steve Auerbach, if he’s kissing their ass then there’s no problem for Steve to taste anything before anybody.

    1. Well if it isn’t Marilyn Moore’s main Ass Kisser – The pot calling the kettle black no? Ron You have become very sad indeed and I am sad for you. Seriously I am very sad for you.

          1. Bob, this so call jew is real brave talking on a blog and he feels real comfortable with his racist comments because he’s such a ass kisser to Joe and Mario and the fact that everybody knows that he is but I’ll tell you one thing he doesn’t have guts to say what he said to anybody black.

      1. Bob Walsh and Ron Mackey, There was nothing racist about my comments. Lennie Grimaldi – your blog has become a real magnet for losers- I am so sorry I came back Like the likes of Ron Mackey and Bob Walsh the Cancer of the city . I honestly dont know anyone reading this anymore.

        Maybe one day Lennie, You will be creative and monitor the posts. I am not sure what happened but apparently most people have stopped checking in. Thank goodness for Bob Walsh and Ronald Mackey. The problem is nobody gives a crap about what they have to say.

        No need to respond as I will not- Seriously bored to tears. This blog has definitely run its course. For me any way. The insults and disgusting comments are just beyond my comprehension. Enjoy and discuss amongst yourselves.

        It is not about thin skinned or thick skinned.
        There is nothing left to say , other than Keep kissing Moores ass. I am glad that there is nobody in my world of importance that reads this blog and enjoys the unnecessary unwarranted comments. I especially appreciate the “Jew” comment. No surprise there. Racist? Jesus was a Jew! I know sometimes we forget that. Seriously , there is something to be said about fake news . You can race bait somebody else. I have no use for you and you’ll never in this lifetime ever hear me inject your name into a conversation . Good , bad or otherwise. I wish for the both of you the life you deserve. I mean that sincerely.

        1. Steve I have to say I don’t know if your comment was racist to Ron and Bob but for Bob to call you out for a racist comment, and Ron, being a black person who openly sent a supportive letter in support of his white friend, Bob, who was a sitting City Council Member, for his racist rant, and who constantly complains on this blog about how the city has racial tendencies and people who support them, like AJ in captain text gate , well ” that’s calling the kettle black” 🙂 PS Steve don’t take it out on Lennie’s OIB, its readers and bloggers because you are offended for, well, I will not call you a kiss ass but you are a chair leader. If the kettle is black, the kettle is black people, Ernie what hue was “happy” Steve’s Jewish Jesus? 🙂 Now that was racist, homophobic, and anti-semite, trifecta 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gujz_btmkRM

          1. Bob Walsh is the type of man who said something put of place that he would apologize but Steve got mad at what I said about him being a big time ass kisser that the only way he could push back was to use a racist comment because he’s not smart enough to do anything else, the first thing that came to Steve’s mind was race.

          2. That’s the essay version, Ron. The long and short of it is he’s just a professional asshole.

        2. Heyyyy..Steve.. hang in there. Your posts are always good. I must say that I am uncomfortable when people refer to religious beliefs etc as a reason to support their points. I get uncomfortable. I THINK IT IS WRONG.


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