Vallas Cites Progress, Says He’s Staying “‘Til Someone Says I Can’t”

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Paul Vallas says he isn’t going anywhere.

Despite a primary last Tuesday that makes it likely school board control will shift to members who do not support him, Vallas said in an interview late last week that he is going to work in the district until he is told to stop.

“I am going to keep this job till someone says I can’t,” said Vallas. “I have a three-year contract and assuming the (state) Supreme Court rules in my favor, I just will continue to work as long as I feel I am making progress.”

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  1. There you have it. Rev. Moales will stay until he is asked to leave and I guess so will the Mayor. Vallas might as well be sticking needles in the eyes of the teachers who do not support him. What he really meant to say is he will stay until he gets another offer.

  2. The arrogance of this man is incredible. He knows he will be gone within a year. Expect Vallas to try to give more contracts to education corporations he has a hand in as well as Holy Moly. WF members of the Board of Ed and Bobby Simmons you are going to have your hands full keeping an eye on these guys until after the new Board is sworn in.

  3. Ah, Paul Vallas. Too much Kool-Aid. You do and will serve at the will of the Board of Education. You may have a contract and you may get severance but you cannot, cannot, tell anyone how long you will stay. Sorry, not your decision. Or, come December, Finch’s.

  4. How many ‘public school system’ critics were at last week’s BOE meeting? Started at 6PM and finished a few minutes after 8 PM. Covered the Agenda including Old and New Business. The public had a chance to be heard as well.
    If you have a problem with Public Schools until 2011, then you are a part of a group that cannot be seated in any Bridgeport site for a gathering. Reform was in order. How do you get to reform, anyway? And if, as the posters above, you still have issues with what is being accomplished, day in and day out, why not get specific?
    Mayor Finch and folks (from out of town) who helped with his Charter initiative in 2012 were defeated and discredited because they were out-of-towners and because their plan was going to take our vote on BOE members from us. (Many of us were not using the vote regularly, it should be noted.)
    During the past 20 months active reform pursuant to a five-year plan for changes and for balanced funding has been ongoing. This time the objecting voices come from another quarter, the local and state teachers’ unions, along with the Working Family Party. The Union has called the reform superintendent to task for Governance Council errors of his predecessor, and in a public forum two weeks ago, the vice president of the BEA used fiscal deficits previous to Paul Vallas’ appointment as a criticism. He has been accused early in his months of office of preparing to close schools, fire teachers and open Charter schools. That has not occurred, though there may be parents in the community who yet may wish to look at those schools as a part of the variety for their children, and as taxpayers when they understand the fiscal dynamics for the City in terms of State funding. Vallas has brought greater funding to Bridgeport public education by opening the interdistrict schools, a way in which Hartford and New Haven have secured additional educational funding years before Bridgeport.
    How many of the nay-saying BEA membership, the teaching professionals, are Bridgeport residents? Does the State leader of the Working Family Party live in Bridgeport? Is it possible both sides are attempting to direct the future of Bridgeport (and the education of our youth) with voices and funds from outside?
    In that regard, the importance of in-depth learning about our candidates, (especially how independent, caring and informed they are in bending to the task at hand of monitoring the reform and continuing the funding) and supporting the best people on the ballot, becomes. Time will tell.

  5. Why did independent-thinking Paul Vallas immediately appoint John Fabrizi to a very senior position soon after he arrived? Did Fabrizi’s record as an educator merit such consideration or was Fabrizi pre-selected by others prior to Vallas’ appointment?

  6. Bridgeport may have won a small battle the other night, but not the war. The Bridgeport Public School District needs allies and Paul Vallas is a good ally to have around. Take the advice of Andre Baker and work together to win this war.


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