Unofficial Primary Results For President, Legislative Races

The unofficial results below, screen shots from the Connecticut Secretary of the State election website, represent votes cast on Tuesday’s primary albeit in some cases without some absentee ballots included. Remaining absentee ballots will still be counted through the end of the day Thursday, August 13. Full certified numbers will not be known until Friday or early next week.



  1. City Councilman Marcus Brown lost to Marilyn Moore was also a terrible lost for Joe Ganim for his effort to run for governor or any other statewide position and for DTC head Mario Testa in his effort to be a power broker in statewide elections because he couldn’t put Marcus Brown into the Senate. Even with Marcus Brown running on the same as Joe Biden that still couldn’t put Brown over the top. The margin of Moore’s victory is even more important.

    From the Post, In her three previous runs for the seat, Moore has twice won a primary against a party-backed opponent. She defeated incumbent Sen. Anthony Musto of Trumbull is 2014 and Tom McCarthy of Bridgeport in 2016. Moore was able to defeat the then incumbent State Senator Musto and Stevie A’s hero and the former golden boy and former Bridgeport City Council President Tom McCarthy.

  2. The Moore victory is an amazing one berinie so far only got 872 votes city wide but more got nearly 3 times more than him running on bernie line and remember more ran in only half the city not the full city like bernie so its more like 4 times bernie vote in her district in bridgeport. Ive never seen 1 candidate lead a line and only get about 9 percent than the next candidate on there line gets over 50 percent!!! Thats amazing and shows voters in bridgeport are not brain dead!!! Very choosy voters in bridgeport. I honestly thought moore might loose this race when I saw the line placement of these candidates. This is an upset! Won on the machines and abs. I like marcus he is apart of my generation and I want my generation to lead but Moore has done a great job in our district that I had no choice but to vote for her. If marcus was running against anybody else I would have voted for him.

  3. Marcus Brown was highly competitive in the 22nd District showing Marilyn Moore’s victory is not a mandate and Ganim’s support was almost enough to win.

  4. Local, you need to get you eyes checked.
    Brown was NOT very competitive. He garnered support from machine flunkies, those in Trumbull still upset that he ousted Anthony Musto years ago, and those just voting the Biden line.

    He did no effective campaigning reaching out to Trumbull and turned suburban voters off with his mailer claiming all he won for us…NOT A DAMN THING…. .every single item on the list affected Bridgeport only.

    Let Bridgeport keep paying for his expensive stays at the Ritz Carlton while on junkets…..

    1. I have the kind of eyesight that make pilots jealous!
      Your reasoning is faulty.
      It’s all about votes and and Marcus Brown was close.
      You need a mathematics lesson.


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