The Royal Flush Of Campaign Messaging: Toilets

gold toilet
Guggenheim Museum bathroom. Any takers?

Joe Ganim pulling Ned Lamont’s chain about his wealth has forged a campaign swirl over the number of toilets in a candidate’s residence. This must be Joe’s new version of head count.

“Any time you’re going against a multimillionaire who lives in a house with eight bathrooms, you wonder what that life is like,” Ganim told Channel 8. His comments aired on the “Capitol Report” Sunday morning show.

Ganim’s new handle on toilet messaging produced this piece from CT Courant reporter Neil Vigdor:

“I think that actually class warfare, which is actually what this strategy is, can resonate with the voters of the state,” said Gary Rose, chairman of the Department of Government, Politics and Global Studies at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield.

“To paint Ned as a very privileged, wealthy individual, I think that could actually work to any candidate’s advantage, whether it’s Ganim in the primary or Mark Boughton or whoever the Republican nominee is in the general election,” Rose said.

The mayor of the state’s largest city, Bridgeport, Ganim said he has one bathroom at his home.

So does Mark Boughton, Ganim’s mayoral counterpart in Danbury, who is the endorsed Republican candidate for governor. He piled on Lamont Tuesday in a tweet.

“Eight bathrooms? How out of touch is Ned Lamont?? Good grief…” Boughton posted.

Full story here.

Joe, born in Bridgeport but raised in bucolic Easton, has seen his share of bathrooms. Still, statewide reporters are starting to gravitate to Ganim’s class warfare in his underdog role against Democratic-endorsed Lamont for governor.

Run Joe run? Maybe he’ll force all the candidates to run to the bathroom for a head count. No plug intended.

Ganim’s latest tweet.



  1. You just know that Joe is reaching for a big throne for himself so any place he can sit for a moment of peace looks like home to him. But toilets?? Joe has one at home, but there is only one person living there, yes? And perhaps he entertains elsewhere, like at Testo’s where there are multiple thrones. Apples and oranges you say……OK
    To me the sign of wealth and privilege is a chauffeur with a big vehicle. How does Joe compare here? Is he still fearful of the threat from several years ago for one of his current supporters and petitioners? Perhaps he likes sitting up, real high, like he does in the Council Chamber, above the riff-raff who sit outside the gates? But it is taxpayers who foot the cost, right? Joe doesn’t have a sense of what’s his rightfully and what is not. That is what got him in trouble years ago. He is still at it, with the public footing and Joe taking no chances by never letting the public know about his benefits….until it is too late? An admired and respected politician would parade his compensation, or rather not hide all the emoluments generated by his needs and wants. Any doubters on that subject? Time will tell.

  2. Joey is forcing himself to become the laughingstock of CT politics. But,apparently,some people are getting fooled by this and have been sucking up to Joey.

  3. Ganim claims he has one bathroom at home? Is he referring to the apartment on Main Street he uses as his home address?
    Check Vision Appraisal and see all the toilets he owns as an absentee landlord in his rental business. They don’t count?


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