The Ganim-Lamont Matchup, Does Joe Have A Puncher’s Chance?

Ganim boxing
Puncher’s chance?

Joe Ganim is on the August 14 Democratic primary ballot for governor. Now what? He must set forth ideas for the future so voters don’t focus on his past. Easier said than done.

Most electors vote on the future. Some candidates, via strategists, are loathe to provide specificity–if we say this, what about that?–for fear it will bite them on the campaign trail. Sometimes you can get away with it, given campaign finances, organization and public profile. Ganim doesn’t have that luxury.

Ganim’s message, a state economy that works for everyone, is an inclusive platform to engage voters in a dialogue about where he wants to take the state, but it rings hollow unless he adds some specific meat on the bones to inspire a turnout on his behalf against party-endorsed Ned Lamont who’ll outspend Ganim heavily.

Ganim has created some doubt about Lamont questioning the disconnection of his Greenwich wealth to the plight of poor urban voters who feel left behind and exploiting Lamont’s knowledge depth on government programs such as Renter’s Rebate. It’s a start, but Ganim will need more than urban areas to cut through the static of his past. He’ll need ideas, and bold ones, to ultimately resonate.

For the most part, among the seven candidates for governor–five Republicans, two Democrats–who have qualified for the ballot, GOP petitioning candidate David Stemerman has put forth the boldest initiatives.

Ganim and Lamont have trotted out agreement on most of the basic liberal positions such as supporting organized labor, a $15 minimum wage, gender pay equity, gun control, family leave and revenue increases such as state tolls.

Ganim is not an idealogue; he’s a strategist counterpuncher and gifted retail politician crafty at framing message and drawing contrasts to gain media attention. Give Ganim a policy idea and he can run with it. Lamont is an affable plutocrat who came into prominence in 2006 on one issue: his opposition to the Iraq war embraced by then-incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman. Lamont won the primary but his campaign failed to pivot a message that resonated with unaffiliated voters who swing general elections in Connecticut. Lieberman prevailed in the general election as a third-party candidate.

Lamont returned in 2010 challenging party-endorsed Dan Malloy in a gubernatorial primary. Malloy was outspent heavily but still had plenty of dough to make his case on his way to a general election win. In making cases against self-funders (paging Lamont, paging Linda McMahon) in Connecticut it’s not what they spend, it’s what the opposition spends. Does the opponent to the self-funder have enough dough to compete?

It’s a disquieting notion to Ganim operatives. Ganim, as a result of his 2003 felony conviction, is barred from participation in Connecticut’s public financing program so Ganim’s soliciting dollars from large-money donors who may pony up a personal maximum contribution of $3,500.

Then there’s the question of Ganim’s past. How hard does Lamont’s operation go after it? Do they push back or let it go? Depends how close Ganim nips at their heels. Push too hard and Lamont risks alienating an urban voting bloc Lamont must have for the general election. No, they won’t vote for the Republican but will they stay home? The general election, unless something kooky happens, is shaping up as a tight battle presuming Lamont prevails.

So does underdog Ganim have a puncher’s chance to win the primary?

Once again it depends on dear ol’ MOM–money, organization and message.

And some bold ideas so electors focus on the future and not Ganim’s past.



  1. *** Joe might have a punchers chance in the urban city’s of Ct. but other than that, he will not prevail in his life-long quest to be Gov. of the state. ***

  2. “And some bold ideas so electors focus on the future and not Ganim’s past.”

    Lennie, you’re coming off as if people in general reject people with convictions for fear of the past or to keep punishing them in perpetuity. Have you given any thoughts that maybe they’re concerned more of the future. A future in which the convicted person may commit another offense? Are people concerned with Ganim’s past not concern with the future?

  3. Someone I know knocked on my door for Stallworth yesterday. This individual was training a young canvasser wearing pool shoes.

    I made it clear that no one in my home would be voting for Stallworth.

    This individual went on to say that he had recently joined a Ganim for Governor group chat and that someone was angry that I have publicly denounced Ganim. He then stated that the person stated that if I ever “mess with them” they were going to “kick my ass.”

    I responded with “Okay.” I just laughed.

    I guess I was supposed to be scared, but I’m not. It just fires me up to knock on doors against Joe Ganim and anyone else tied to the corrupt machine.

    1. Maria,between people constantly calling you gossiping about people you don’t like,and people “knocking on your door” doing the same,if I were you,I’d move and change my number.Who the hell wants to deal with all that?If people were calling and knocking on my door constantly,I’d lose my mind.

  4. Only if there’s something in your glove will a “puncher’s chance” help. But that’s not the way to compete with Lamont. Uh-uh.
    Ganim’s message needs to evolve to the point where voters feel empowered. Lamont’s support is already wishy-washy, make his message look weak, too.
    Logically, this is where politics needs help from economics.
    What Ganim needs is a full employment program that turns any mobile phone into a wealth-producing and trade deficit-reducing business adaptable to any person living in Connecticut and nowhere else!
    Scarcity creates value and Ganim’s message is all about VALUE and Connecticut voters, right?

  5. Over/Under on how many times Joe uses the “Yes,I’ve made mistakes” line in his speeches?.Ned is going to start hammering Joe on his past now,bringing up things Joe doesn’t want to have to talk about.He fooled some in Bpt to get relected,the rest of the state won’t fall for it.

  6. There is no doubt that Ganim is one of the best bull shit artists in Connecticut. He talked the minorities in Bridgeport into voting for him. He may sell that bullshit in New Haven and Hartford and Waterbury but the rest of the state wont buy it. I hope after he looses this run he decides not to seek reelection here. so far Ganim 2 has done nothing to improve the city and he has not improved city services,


  8. So in the article above it says that Ganim said that the “young people crossing the border remind him of the youngsters living in his city”. Which ones? I guess he must mean the criminal youths and gang members that we constantly read about because those are about the only ones reported on most in the local news! Steve- people like you who still “worship” this guy live in la la land or must receive some sort of political patronage. There really could be no other reason. Sad. That’s why Bridgeport and similar cities with the same problems are what they are.

    1. Steve worships Joe to be included in a circle of people who feel the same way. It gives Steve a sense of “having many friends”.Once Joe loses this primary, and Mario sees the writing on the wall that Joe can’t win here again either,Mario will move on to another who has a better chance of winning, and Steve will follow.
      Remember back in the summer of 2015, leading up to the mayor election,?Steve hated Joe, and worshiped Finch. As soon as Finch lost and his “friends” got behind Joe, Stevie followed.

        1. Of course Harvey Weintraub, I will not make a habit of responding to your asshole comments. To be clear I never hated Joe Ganim. I supported Finch and during campaigns we do make regretful comments. The good news there was no secret there. The fact that I was friends with most of Ganims staff before , during and after the campaign.

          What you need to remember is I have friends. I have many friends. Unlike Lisa Parziale, lets see she had her lips planted firmly on Joes ass. She felt relevant much like she did think she was responsible for Marcus Brown and Kyle Piche Langon .Before she was kissing their asses she was kissing Mary Jane Fosters Ass and then threw her to the curb for Joe. Now she is as relevant as Bob Walsh and Bob Keely and yes I was awful to Joe Ganim- Beyond words yet here I am and there you are! As for Rich Augustynowich, Everyone on this blog knows you have only one agenda, Keeping Defillipo from opening a liquor store across the street. I am certain 2 years ago when Parziale was running for town Committee I am certain she supported the store and every little thing Mario requested. She lost.And continues to loose and continues to talk like she has a comeback coming. Thank G-d Lennie supports that delusion. She has secrets, she goes way back– waaaaaay back.

          Oh Harvey , you nailed that one!
          You are her new best friend.
          As long as you assault me she loves you- she has no friends and that is about as sad as it gets. I can’t believe I ever has respect for you!

          As for using terms as worshipping Joe you all make yourselves look ridiculous.

          1. funny Steve… I never mentioned Defilippo when I commented on your post. But thanks for opening the door for my comment on him AFTER YOU brought it up!! His LIQUOR store issue and what being done in HIS behalf is just another example of many of how Bridgeport’s DIRTY politics works……and everyone knows it. The problem is people like you that look the other way for personal gain and that’s exactly what was referring to. Re-read what I wrote. Anyway…thanks! I’m sure Michael Defilippo appreciates your comments and keeping it alive!!! Ha!

  9. Yes you hit the nail on the head. Maybe Michael Defilippo could fill those shoes…….after and IF the law gets changed FOR HIM….to open his LIQUOR STORE!! Steve- if Ganim cares so much about the youth then why is the budget always cut for the board of ed?

  10. Joe went on a fact finding mission. He wanted to see first on how the children, who reminds him so much of kids in Bport, are being ‘kept & cared for’ and then initiate cages in Bridgeport Public Schools.
    He can save millions.

  11. Rich Augustynowich and Harvey Weintraub,

    Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach , Steven Auerbach , Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach…………..CALL ME BY MY NAME (an excellent film ), Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach. All I posted was a link and I still get commentary.
    Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach , Steven Auerbach.

    No original thoughts left on this blog. Lennie allows people to copy and past comments from years ago which of course is exciting to see how people change. Some people stay the same – Miserable and negative. Keep it up. BTW- I have to admit. of the 100,000 hits this blog gets -50,000 are from me and 42000 are from Bob Walsh. Keep saying my name- It makes me feel special. Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach Steven Auerbach Steven Auerbach Steven Auerbach Steven Auerbach. Surely nobody can possibly believe I will be wasting my time promoting Ganim on this blog to create a an opportunity for losers with no life. People do have gotten bored with the same old bullshit everyday. I had a friend that would tell the same sad life story every time you met. Years could go by and the same story over and over again. That has what has become of OIB.

    Whether you like Ganim or not- He is a success story. Get your head out of your asses and accept that. Don’t like him? Don’t vote for him. Life is a series of choices. Some of us get involved and others sit back and write commentary. SZteven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach, Steven Fox Auerbach, Steven Fox Auerbach, Steven Auerbach, Steven Auerbach say my name bitches! 🙂

    1. What has become of OIB, it had turned into a cheerleading blog for Steven Auerbach and his support of those already elected and in power and what was Steve’s reward, a City job and a chance to kiss up to Mario Testa, Steve, you’ve done good.

    2. Steve Auerbach Steve Auerbach Steve Auerbach….lol…lol. I guess everyone here pushes your buttons!! What fun what fun!! Again….thanks for opening the door: Michael Defilippo Michael Defilippo Mario Testa?(maybe) liquor store liquor store liquor store. Change the law for one person. Change the law for one person. There Steve are you happy now?! Keep opening the door. Ha.

  12. Oh please, Joe did to you what he did for hundreds of other people to shut them the fuck up, he gave you a job. Just what is the going rate for honesty and integrity now days?

    1. Yeah Harvey- He was Tried and found guilty like Lennie Grimaldi. Lennie was part of the same team. Ganim went to jail. He paid restitution. lisa Parziale and Maria Pereira worked their asses off to get him elected. Yeah, Keep focusing on me. It is time t move forward. Joe was elected. He is the Mayor and our Mayor is running for Governor. Your redundant negative commets doesn’t hurt Joe. Doesn’t really bother me, it really does however, hurt our city and keeps the negative stuff going. Joe has many supporters – raking in the cash and he knows he is the underdog. That is the magic here- Ganim is a fighter and he doesn’t let others define him. Look Foster loved this city so she left– Finch wants Lamont to win so he can get his next position, Moran is in Trumbull , Bucci is in Trumbull, Fabrizi is heading to Florida and Ganim is standing against all odds. Even my character asassinations of him didn’t work. So there you have it. In the end, when people will judge Mario Testa, you will find a man with a hell of a lot more friends than enemies.

      I am not sure what Ron Macky imagines I get to suck up to Testa. I do not know anyone that does that. I am a member f the town committee. I support my district leader and council woman. Bridgeport is my passion . I have a fantastic , amazing life aside from politics. Life is good and I think Ganim and Testa re no worse off for the constant assaults.

      Back to Harvey and the rest of the anti Ganim crew. Everytime you attack Ganim you are insulting Lennie Grimaldi. People do make mistakes and do get second chances. One of the basic premises of Christianity is “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” , The man that said that was a Jew and they believe an eye for and eye , a tooth for a tooth. If that were the case we’d all be blind and toothless.

      1. Steve, I’m glad that you admitted that you are a yes man no matter what plus you only support those who are already in office like Russo, Finch and Ganim and your other boss Mario Testa, it’s always yes boss.

        1. Ron Mackey- Are you some kind of stupid? Yez Masta? what the fuck are you talking about? Is that what you got from the last paragraph or are you just dumb. Is your world just Marilyn Moore and your choices and everyone else is a follower. Are you assuming we are mindless idiots? I know you are. So let me humor you. Mario and Joe are our Massa’s and you can relate to that- we do what wAsk your ass kssing friend Lisa Parziale, She has been part of the Yez Massa- Political corrupt machine since Bridgeport Politics had the corrupt reputation for 40 years are told. But now the 2 of you just kiss each others asses.Me I am no longer youthful- I am on the town committee. I am not a yes Massa . I started a Democratic Town Committee page to show there was transperancy. You you talk about Mario Controlling the Town Committee I assume you are talking from Personal experience where Yes Massa was your response. Mario Testa has never demanded anything from me. If you know anyone in this universe can tell you otherwise do tell!

          1. LOL, Steve you are slow, I mentioned Russo twice in replying back to your comments and you are just questioning me why. I referring to Anthony Musto. Nothing has changed, you are still the biggest supporter of incumbents. You never challenge power, you are one of those who goes along to get along.

  13. And you are no different. We all make choices. I don’t attack your inexperienced choices. I do however support the winner. It helps in getting things done instead of spending years complaining and contributing nothing. I could not imagine spending every waking moment attacking an elected official for years on end. It must suck to be you. Never accepting the winner. When Ganim kicked Fosters ass I immediately went over to congratulate Ganim at Testo’s. Not one person reminded me of the awful comments I made about him because it is politics..not a life and death situation. The sky did not fall and Bridgeport is moving forward.

    1. Steve, here’s what you don’t understand, elected officials need to have pressure on them all the time to make sure that they are serving residents in an honest and transparent manner and doing the peoples work and not their personal and selfish agenda like the one Joe Ganim is one. When Finch was giving tax abatements to developers that were way out of line like giving someone a 40 year abatement, 40 years and pay any taxes. I guess you see no problem with that Steve because you couldn’t break away from Finch and say that he was wrong, no it’s everything with you the hell if they are hurting the taxpayers.

      1. Ron- you are right and that has always been my point. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes and we all have different issues which we are passionate about but the bottom line should always be what is good for the entire Society and not just one individual. Human nature being what it is frequently does not allow for that. If the dirty side of politics helped those who have hidden agendas but didn’t hurt the rest of us then ultimately it would not matter. The problem is that all of that always hurts the masses and thankfully there are those who have what it takes to fight against it. Since I was in a business that could be affected with the liquor issue I started the fight against what I saw as a corrupt attempt to change a law that was there for good reason. My allies ended up being everyone else in Bridgeport who is in the same industry, the entire school board, council members who care about their communities; church and parent groups, and many others who are just “plain citizens “. All who attended and spoke in opposition at many zoning board hearings and gave great testimony as to why a law should not be changed. This fight has lasted well over 2 years and because of dirty politics is still on the burner with certain persons still trying to figure out how to get this deed done for one person even though the issue is under a magnifying glass. More to come.


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