Supremes To Hear Arguments In City Council Election Controversy

 From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

The state’s highest court has agreed to hear an expedited appeal of a judge’s order for a new primary for the city’s North End council seat.

In an order signed by Justice Richard Palmer, the state Supreme Court has scheduled arguments in the case for Dec. 21.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis, following a week-long hearing, found fraud and abuse by city election officials and the head of the city’s Democratic Party in the Nov. 14 primary for the 133rd council seat. The Nov. 14 primary was held after Bellis found fraud in the first primary.

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  1. Great News!!!!
    Someone I was talking to said that there was no way that the city would challenge this. Mario is too involved to shine more light on the problem. Joe is too close to Mario and to close for his run for the governor. Mike DeFilippo is too green to get involved. Chief Perez is carrying to much baggage already he doesn’t need any more.
    BUT NOOOO!!!
    Ganim and Mario are just too ego concentric to let it go. So let the mudslinging begin.

  2. Let’s see Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon spin a little story about how every one is picking on poor Mike DeFilippo and his faux pas.
    Even if he did break the law his intentions were good. All he was trying to do is win an election like ALL good Democrats in Bridgeport do; they cheat. If cheating in getting AB’s was really against the law half of the Town Committee would be locked up.

  3. Paging Bob Keeley. Paging Bob Keeley.
    Start going door-to-door in the district now so as the stories once again hit the newspapers the more people will be talking about it.
    EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it. Bridgeport Town Chair arrested in Absentee Ballot scam! Chief Perez an unindicted co-conspirator. EXTRA! EXTRA!

  4. Bubba, normal, rational, reasonable political minds would have moved on to the primary and let the voters decide. This move has nothing to do with the two candidates involved, I think they would have gone ahead with the 3rd primary and let the chips fall where they may. But, throw in the crazies, Testo, and sorry to say, Ganim, two who are likely on their way out, just had to role the dice. What the heck, they have nothing to lose at this point, the taxpayers are footing the bill for Bohannon’s services and they’re the most disliked, disrespected politicians Bridgeport has ever seen.

  5. Bohannon is earning a paycheck, that’s all. Just a working stiff doing his job. His arguments before Judge Bllis were weak and feeble. It’s doubtful he will prevail before the Supreme Court.

    1. Kid, I hear the City has hired big-time legal guns from Hartford to represent the Town Clerk, Registrar, the AB moderator that discovered the mysteries ballot, and the head moderator. That in addition to Bohannon’s time away from his City responsibility is costing the tax payers big money. Add to that the 2 mills some council members voted to approved on motor vehicle taxes, Happy New Year!!!!!

  6. Mario Testo, who is being driven around by $75,000 a year city employee Danny Pizarro and Joe Ganim who is being driven around the state by Ray Garcia are two peas in a pod.

    They are both dishonest narcissists who could care one iota about the children and adults of Bridgeport.

    Both must go. Just getting rid of one is not enough.

  7. Until I read Lisa’s last comment I was not sure that everyone understood what this situation represented.
    This is not simply a squabble over counting of ballots. It is about interference by the DTC Chair, the Mayor and Police Chief in the election process. We should thank all those involved in oversight for their diligence.

    Now we learn that the Ganim administration has hired high-priced legal counsel at taxpayer expense.
    Fear not. The city council will step in and limit funding. Of course, they have no clue as to how to do this.

    Perhaps they will be instructed to vote on a supplemental tax to cover these court expenses.

    All in favor? …….


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