State Audit Demands Repayment From Moales Day Care Center

Ken Moales
Ken Moales.

UPDATE, includes state letter: Jonathan Pelto, who hosts the What Wait? blog, files his latest report about issues surrounding a day care center controlled by Board of Education member Ken Moales and his family. One of the issues centers on a letter from the Connecticut Division of  Early Care and Education notifying the Bridgeport Public Schools that a day care facility controlled by Moales was ineligible for a $75,114 reimbursement. Moales had served as chairman of the school board during the period in question. OIB has obtained a copy of that letter signed by Harriet Feldlaufer, director of the state program. Read letter below, followed by Pelto’s published account.

Tina Peloso- Ulreich, Director
Early Childhood Programs
Bridgeport Public Schools
948 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Dear Ms. Peloso-Ulreich:

On January 14, 2014, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) convened a meeting of the Appeals Committee to consider the October 1, 2013, appeal from Marlene Siegel, CFO of Bridgeport Public Schools. The appeal was made on behalf of the Bridgeport Superintendent of schools regarding the refund of School Readiness funds associated with Kingdom’s Little Ones.

Staff from the Office of Early Childhood and CSDE’s Office of Internal Audit conducted a review of School Readiness claims submitted by Kingdom’s Little Ones. Based upon that review, it was determined that 27 children were ineligible for reimbursement. Those students were claimed in error for four months, at a rate of $695.50 per student. Therefore, the total refund due is (27 x 695.5 x 4) = $75,114.

The committee affirms the refund due. Kingdom’s Little Ones must repay $75,114.

In light of hardship around timing of the refund, CSDE will recover the full amount through a reduction to Bridgeport’s monthly School Readiness grant for the remainder of the fiscal year. That allows for the $75,114 to be spread out over five months–February, March, April, May, and June. In each of the first four months, CSDE will reduce the total payment to Bridgeport by $15,000. In the month of June, the reduction will be $15,114.

The Bridgeport Public Schools may work with Kingdom’s Little Ones to determine how they wish to coordinate the adjustments at the local level.

Moales’ day care center website here.

From Pelto:

According to an internal audit and investigation conducted by the professional staff at the Connecticut Department of Education, Reverend Moales, Jr., along with his mother and sister, illegally or inappropriately billed the taxpayers of Connecticut for at least 75,000 in state child care subsidies for day care centers owned by the Moales family and located in buildings owned by Kenneth Moales Jr. and his church.

Moales is Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer, one of Governor Dannel “Dan” Malloy’s loudest Bridgeport supporters, and he spearheaded the failed effort to keep Paul Vallas on as the superintendent of schools in Bridgeport.

Moales’ role in the Bridgeport take-over fiasco goes back to when the Malloy administration appointed Kenneth Moales Jr. to Bridgeport’s illegal board of education, a board that was created when the state took over the Bridgeport School System. Malloy’s action and the illegal board were eventually struck down as illegal by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

However, thanks to Moales’ close relationship with Mayor Finch, Moales got on to the democratically elected board of education as one of Finch’s Democratic endorsed candidates and went on to serve as the Chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education during the time period this daycare billing scandal was taking place.

As Wait What? readers may recall, Kenneth Moales and his extensive property holdings have been facing foreclosure proceeding for more than a year. Those buildings house daycare centers owned by Moales’ family.

As readers may also recall, in the summer of 2012, Moales and his family “won” a sweetheart deal for 60 of the 72 new day care slots that Bridgeport received under Governor Malloy’s state-wide “early childcare initiative.”

Although there were plenty of other providers in Bridgeport that could have utilized those new day care slots, the lucrative contract went to the two daycare centers run by Moales’ sister and mother. Not only are those facilities located in buildings owned by Moales’ church, but the daycare centers pay rent to Moales. The rental costs for the daycare centers have skyrocketed from $20,000 to over $100,000 in recent years.

When the Malloy initiative was announced, potential day care providers were required to guarantee that they would have the new day care slots available and filled no later than October 1, 2012.

However, according to official state documents that were recently acquired by Wait, What?, of the 1,000 new daycare spaces, as of February 1, 2013–four months after the program began–only 950 of the 1,000 spots were being utilized. Of the 50 unfilled slots, 40 of them were allocated to Moales.

In addition, upon further investigation, the professional staff at the State Department of Education determined that Moales’ family had actually billed the state for students who were either not part of the state funded program or may not have even existed.

As a result of their over billing the state determined that more than $75,000 had been inappropriately paid to Moales’ family.

Read the full story here.



  1. The Finch Administration and Governor Malloy do not need this kind of bad publicity from their friends at this time!
    Especially with the Bass Pro project on the horizon, and Governor’s race.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    1. Sidebar:
      Steven Auerbach, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy delivered the commencement address and received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the University of Bridgeport. Steven Auerbach, where was Mayor Finch, you said he would be there for the commencement address by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy?

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  3. Jim Fox, there is no need for anyone to make any of these things up. The people conducting these activities are doing a good job without any help from us. Informing the voters of these activities shall be part of the strategy of candidates running for office. Exposing their activities must go beyond blogs and the CT Post.

    1. Joel, as always, you’re right! From Wait, What!
      Stefan Pryor, knowingly allowed the Moales family to have children in an unlicensed day care center and whether his lack of action allowed the Moales family to illegally or inappropriately bill the state for services that were not properly rendered.

  4. Is there legal recourse? I had to pay additional CT state taxes this year (the formula used for payroll deduction didn’t quite cover this democratic thievery). When will we see the Rev led away in handcuffs? Anytime soon?

    1. Moales can dock his employees/family members’ pay. They made the mistake of providing daycare services to 27 (almost half the total slots) ineligible kids.

  5. This is disgusting, plain and simple. I wonder if Mayor Finch is as repulsed by this as he was with the University of Bridgeport. How will he react. I wonder if there will be a press release from the Mayor’s office. I wonder if the Mayor will be at the University of Bridgeport to support Gov. Malloy not only receiving an honorary degree as well as giving the commencement speech. I am certain Adam Wood will advise him appropriately as there has been so many scandalous missteps in the past few weeks between Tiago’s appointment and the new housing for Marina Village across from the Arena and Harbor Yard. I think if the Mayor is a no-show this weekend it will be the final straw for a lot of people. I am hopeful he will be there and get as far away from Moales as possible. It is an absolute embarrassment. Sometimes you just have to say sayonara. Mr. Moales, please keep a low profile and disappear. Your pride and audacity is a horrific example to those who support you at your Church. You are an abomination!

  6. If the state’s attorney plays this right he can rent a bus or borrow one from the department of corrections and pick up all of these politicians who have violated the law. They can arrest the council, specifically Moye and Banta, they can arrest Moales and family on fraud and other charges.

    1. I too would like to see something official on this–I find it believable but sure would like some verification. I agree the foreclosures, outstanding debts, private schools, Escalades and red-soled high heels beg the obvious question. Let’s see the report.

      1. Those red-soled heels are the trademark of French designer Christian Louboutin, and the average price for a pair is close to $1000! Nice to see the good reverend can afford such high-end footwear. The soles aren’t the only thing that’s red in his case, a few properties are as well. And how nice for his parishioners to indulge him in such luxury with their hard-earned money. That is a travesty!

  7. Kenneth Moales MUST resign from the Bridgeport Board of Education! And if Finch has any brains, he will drop Moales as his campaign treasurer immediately. I am surprised he hasn’t done so already. I have a feeling there is much left to be exposed on this entire Moales debacle.

    1. David Moore, we haven’t heard from Sauda Baraka yet. I’d like to know how many of the 60 daycare slots awarded to Moales daycare were filled by Hispanics. The BOE must look closer into the selection process of this daycare when filling these spots. I’m positive there are many other children who could have qualified for the spots–this could have been avoided.

  8. Kenneth Moales Jr. should not have to leave his position on the BOE, I’m sure he can explain what happened, maybe Lennie can give a call to hear his side of this story. Mayor Finch needs Moales so he can’t get rid of him. If you want change, keep Kenneth Moales Jr.

    1. Ron Mackey, are you kidding? You and his entire congregation should be disgusted. He is not his father’s son. I am so disappointed in your comment. Oh let me guess, he is supporting Marilyn Moore and he is going to endorse her from his pulpit. Ron, say it isn’t so. I’m going to throw up.

      1. Steve, I can’t imagine Marilyn accepting support from Moales given how she has supported opposition to Finch in the past, plus she is a stand-up person.

      2. Steve, you know damned well Kenneth Moales has in the past and continues to support Senator Musto. Musto kept silent during the entire period Moales and Finch were making their move to take control of the BOE. As for Senator Ayala, he too remained kind of silent, but like Musto, worked behind the scenes in favor of the State DOE takeover and mayoral appointment of BOE members. Remember this?

    2. Ron, that is probably one of the most one-sided comments you have ever made. The state paperwork shows what he and his family has done. He should be getting ready for a pair of bracelets. Your partisanship has gone too far, Ron. BTW Ron, Lennie should not call Moales, why? So we can read a bunch of lies?

      1. Andrew C Fardy, come on now, read through what I said. “If you want change, keep Kenneth Moales Jr.” With Moales around it would lead to the defeat of Bill Finch. Moales is Finch’s lead person to the black church where Finch MUST have those votes.

        1. Ron Mackey, you still believe any black pastor can deliver votes in this day and age? The congregation is mindless followers? Isn’t it against the law for religious institutions to endorse candidates without losing their tax-free status?

          1. Steven Auerbach, I never said I believe “you still believe any black pastor can deliver votes in this day and age,” but Finch does.

      2. Bridgeport has been having a hard time to come with a candidate to support to defeat Mayor Finch but a good scandal involving Mayor Finch would bring voters out to vote AGAINST Mayor Finch.

    3. Ron, what could Mr. Moales’ side possibly be? State auditors found his mother and sister fraudulently claimed reimbursement for services to children who did not either qualify for the program or simply did not exist. Kenneth Moales was the chair of the Bridgeport Board of Education when the auditors issued their findings of $75,000 in fraudulent charges. He never informed the remaining eight Board of Education members of the audit or the auditors’ findings in a blatant attempt to protect himself, his mother and his sister. The state sends the money for these daycare sites to the BBOE as the fiduciary of the Early Childhood Readiness grant and the Bridgeport Board of Education then issues the payments to each daycare provider. These are serious findings that certainly point to illegal behavior, not to mention outrageously unethical and immoral conduct.

      Many people called for Ganim, Fabrizi, Newton, Christina and Sandy Ayala’s resignations, but someone who is supposedly a “reverend” conspires with his mother and sister to defraud the state of CT and the Bridgeport Board of Education, yet you feel he shouldn’t be asked to resign???

      Not only should Kenneth Moales be called/forced to resign; he, his mother and his sister should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Finch will not stick his neck out for anyone … and my bet is if this latest controversy sticks (which I think it will), Finch will be looking for a new treasurer.

    4. Peter 2:1-2
      English Standard Version (ESV)
      False Prophets and Teachers

      1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed.

  9. Shame on you Moales, a religious leader and this is what you do to the community. There are so many poor families in Bridgeport that would kill to have affordable child care, and are struggling their ass off to make ends meet, so they can work and feed their children. I can count so many families that have lost work because of their unstable child care situation, but you drive a luxury car off the backs of poor families. You only care about yourself. You are a shameful disgrace and pitiful example of what it means when people from the ‘hood forget their roots and where they came from.

  10. WOW, you guys have already tried and convicted Moales even though most things Pelto says are wrong. As of yet, none of Moales’ churches have been foreclosed. Pelto says in the article ‘he spearheaded the failed effort to keep Paul Vallas on as the superintendent.’ Vallas won that case. He only left BPT for a better job. Pelto should have written ‘he spearheaded the SUCCESSFUL effort to keep Paul Vallas on as the superintendent of schools in Bridgeport.’ Moales hasn’t been arrested and no Republicans in CT found this interesting? I am no fan of Moales but if this story had legs, I am sure the GOP would have had something to say about it.

    Why would the Dept of Ed be investigating daycares when they are regulated by Dept of Public Health? Especially, since DPE is run by Stefan Pryor. The Stefan Pryor who was one of the ‘conspirators’ in the takeover/Vallas/Charters deals. It makes no sense. Pelto has painted Pryor as Malloy’s henchman in other articles. We have to take Pelto’s word for it because he never posts his sources. For all we know, he made the entire thing up. Sooner or later someone is going to sue Pelto for libel but he probably doesn’t have any money.

    1. BOE SPY, no one on this blog has “tried and convicted Moales,” because the Connecticut State Department of Education auditors have already completed an audit an issued their findings. I just checked and could not find any civil litigation filed by any of the Moales clan, Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, or Kingdom Little One’s Daycare against the CSDE in order to challenge the audit findings. If he, his mother and sister are “innocent,” why didn’t they file a lawsuit to clear their names?

      Please visit where you can click on civil cases and search by name. If you enter “Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love,” you will find the foreclosure on his empire is proceeding, and he is also being sued in New Haven.

      Vallas left because he knew he was going to be fired and he called in every favor he was owed to resign before he was terminated. Vallas’ brother works for Governor Quinn and was influential in helping his brother exit gracefully. How would Republicans know about this audit and its findings when Democrats, Independents, WFP, Green Party, etc. didn’t know about it either? There was clearly a conspiracy to not only keep the eight other BBOE members oblivious to this scandal, but the public at large.

      The Early Childhood Readiness grant is a state grant that is administered by the CSDE, specifically The Office of Early Childhood. The Department of Public Health has absolutely nothing to do with the funding of these daycare slots. The health dept. simply inspects the daycare sites for compliance with health and safety codes. Stefan Pryor was not the Commissioner of Education during the illegal takeover, that would be George Coleman.

      If you don’t believe Pelto, simply submit your own Freedom of Information request to Deborah Adams with the CSDE. I am sure she will provide you with all the documents you are required access to under the Freedom of Information Act. It isn’t Jonathan Pelto who makes things up; after all, that honor belongs to you.

      1. Dave, that is not how it works. If Pelto makes an accusation it is up to him to prove what he says. Not me. It is perfectly fair for someone to want him to verify his claims.
        Why doesn’t Pelto post his findings? The actual data, not his interpretation of it. If there were no audit findings, there would be no civil litigation filed by any of the Moales clan. The only Klannish behavior I see going on comes from Maria and her lackeys. Pelto has printed so much nonsense I am leery to accept his accusations at face value.

        Pelto once posted about ‘outrageous management fees that go to the 3 directors of a charter’ but the truth is:
        According to this form 2013 EO:
        Compensation of current officers, directors, etc = $247,393
        IF there are three directors that would be ~$83K each.
        Vallas won the case (get over it) and left for a better job. He couldn’t be fired. He had a contract.

        1. BOE SPY, your link to the charter school data does not work. Which charter school organization are you referring to? I will FOI or research it myself. Once again, you are posting inaccurate information. The CT Supreme Court never ruled on Vallas’ qualifications. They issued a ruling that before filing a lawsuit in court, the plaintiffs should have appealed to the state Board of Education first and gone through an administrative process. In regard to his contract, you are 100% wrong. Vallas’ contract allowed him to be terminated with or without cause. If he were to be terminated without cause, the BBOE simply had to pay him one year’s severance.
          You constantly post on this blog as if you are making factual statements, and you are simply not.

          1. Highlight it and copy/paste it into a browser window.

          2. Yes, that is called the Pelto stretch.
            Pelto did not file an FOI? He was not found in the web site you posted. If he found it without the FOI, why can’t we? You say ‘If he were to be terminated without cause the BBOE simply had to pay him one year’s severance.’ You spend BOE money pretty freely. Do you really mean ‘simply had to pay him one year’s severance?’ It would appear Vallas’ leaving was a lucky thing for the BOE. Just not that lucky for the students or we will see.

          3. BOE SPY, do you know for a fact Pelto did not file an FOI request? Did he share that information with you? I doubt it.

            May I remind you it was you who stated “He [Vallas] couldn’t be fired.” I was just replying to your comment. His contract allowed him to be “fired” with or without cause. I personally think terminating Paul Vallas and paying him a year’s severance would be worth every penny. He decimated and destroyed the Bridgeport Public Schools in the two years he was here. Good riddance!

          4. Please visit where you can click on civil cases and search by name. See if you find Pelto. I thought you were good at this stuff. Again, you stretch. Vallas’ contract said ‘fired’ or did it say: ‘early termination of the contract?’
            You also do not seem to remember the ‘closing 27 schools, firing ??? teachers, et al.’ problems when Ramos left and before Vallas came.

          5. BOE SPY, it was YOU who used the word “fired” in your original statement, not I. Guess what, if you or your contract is terminated early, you ARE fired. Please post a link to any site that stated the BBOE was considering closing 27 schools. I assure you, you will not find one. Once again, you repeatedly post on this blog as if your statements are factual, and they are not.

  11. BOE SPY, how do you foreclose on a tax-free church?
    I want a Mercedes, a Jag, a suit, a stupid degree, a tax write-off, all things that won’t send me to jail.
    I want to become a “reverend,” Al Sharpton style.
    Throw me in the water where Money floats and sink me with Finch, in time!

    1. Why does ‘tax-free’ matter? The bank is foreclosing, not the city. You foreclose on a church the same way you foreclose on anything else. The bank takes possession of the property and auctions it to get their money back. Any extra goes to the borrower and shortage is still owed by the borrower. Usually the bank gets a judgment against the borrower, meaning the bank only gets its money from ceasing tax refunds, lottery winnings or the estate.

      1. BOE–you are correct. This matter is very unsettling, much more so because Moales is a man of the cloth, and the people in his congregation and the citizenry generally hold them to higher standards. What is more unsettling is it appears from the letter the Bridgeport program is the one being penalized by his fraudulent behavior. A very sad state of affairs overall, and he should be prosecuted no differently than if he were an average citizen. Based on what has been brought to light thus far, he is just another shyster taking advantage of the system.

  12. I have one, Kenneth Moales Jr., Peggy Moales and Kenya Byrd-Moales must be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. REVEREND Kenneth Moales must resign from the Bridgeport Board of Education immediately and Mayor Finch needs to issue a press release saying Kenneth Moales has been removed as his campaign treasurer. Remember Mayor Finch, you have a “zero tolerance policy” for anyone who violates the public’s trust in their capacity as an employee or elected official. That’s right, I am calling your bluff.

  13. The letter that was just added puts this in a new light.
    ‘it was determined that 27 children were ineligible for reimbursement. Those students were claimed in error for four months, at a rate of $695.50 per student. Therefore, the total refund due is (27 x 695.5 x 4) = $75,114.’ The letter says it was an error. The readiness program is outlined here with the eligibility req’s on page two.
    The age, community and income of the kids are important. If the parents could not produce a birth certificate (like the kid was born in another country), their income changed, they got older or they moved the kid may have become ineligible. Again, the Pelto stretch. The letter clearly says ERROR, not fraud.
    If anything, this is an example of the poor oversight we have come to know and love from the BOE. Doesn’t the BOE check these qualifications BEFORE paying the daycare? Did they check to be sure this is the only daycare with unqualified kids? Did the daycare pick the kids then file for reimbursement or did the BOE send the kids to the daycares? If this is how they look after our money, the entire board should be replaced.

    1. BOE, it’s hard to comprehend why the chairman of the school board, or any member of the school board, is eligible to receive a taxpayer subsidy for a program that comes under school board supervision. No conflict?

      1. Yeah, BIG conflict. Another example of crappy oversight. This kind of thing haunts the city at every level, like the City Council. It would also appear Moales is a horrible businessman but not necessarily a crook (but maybe). The letter did not say fraud, it said error. Maybe they were giving him the benefit of the doubt. None of the other board members caught onto this? Let’s see. We have a probation officer, mortician, two teachers, IT guy, an EMT and a few others and they didn’t figure it out? With two ex-teachers on the board supported by the CEA, with their teacher friends and/or family, and the teachers got a raise. Any conflict? All this nonsense just reinforces my belief charters are the way to go.

        1. BOE SPY, you are clueless. The School Readiness Grant students who qualify for these slots are approved by the CSDE, not the BBOE. The only role of the BBOE is as a fiduciary of the grant. Each month, the CSDE sends the BBOE funds based on the invoices submitted by the approved daycare sites, In turn, the BBOE issues the state funds to each approved daycare.

          A deal has been cut here that thoroughly needs to be investigated. If Peggy Moales’ site was only approved for 15 seats, and Kenya Moales-Byrd’s site was only approved for 19, that totals 34. The CSDE official writes they were being invoiced for 76 seats for four consecutive months. The difference that was invoiced versus the amount each daycare was approved and licensed for is 42 seats. Somebody is doing very questionable and suspicious math.

          BOE SPY, can you give us any insight on how these daycares have been operating for years and suddenly they invoice for 27 extra children for four consecutive months? Remember, it wasn’t one or two children, it was 27. Do you honestly think the CSDE is going to write “fraud” in a letter to a BBOE employee while Moales is on the BBOE? The same Moales who has Commissioner Pryor’s number on speed dial?

          Kenneth Moales, Peggy Moales, and Kenya Moales-Byrd are desperate. They are all on the verge of financial collapse and are facing the loss of losing their livelihoods if the foreclosure is successful. This overbilling was planned and orchestrated and all three of them must be brought to justice.

          The only “teacher” on the BBOE while this entire audit was being completed was Dr. Kelleher. It was the previous BBOE members, not the current BBOE members. Do you think “Reverend” Moales and your hero Vallas should have disclosed this audit and its findings to the eight other BBOE members? Wasn’t it incumbent on them to do so?

          1. So BOE SPY, you do not think the CSDE and the BBOE can recoup the $75,000 that was paid to Kingdom’s Little One based on their fraudulent invoices? Once again, you are wrong. If the CSDE is reducing its monthly payment to the BBOE each month, then all the BBOE has to do is reduce Kingdom’s Little One’s payments by that exact same amount each month.

            You still have not answered my previous question, if Kenneth Moales, Peggy Moales and Kenya Moales-Byrd have done nothing wrong, why haven’t they filed a legal challenge to the CSDE auditors’ findings? Because they are thieves, that’s why.

          2. No, I can’t explain how they went from 34 seats to 75 seats. It was not my job to oversee or approve these daycares. I would guess they had 34 ‘approved’ seats and other children in other programs who became ‘approved’ seats after the program began. Much the same as Lighthouse works. You have kids in ‘approved’ seats, paid by the system and ‘other kids’ who are paid for by the parents. When you get a new program, the lighthouse doesn’t expand. The only thing that changes is who pays the bill.

            If you reduce the amount paid to ‘Little Ones’: 1–the only thing that will change is who pays the bill or 2–‘Little Ones’ will fold and open under a new name.
            ‘Little Ones’ can’t run on air. One way it is just an extra hardship on BPT’s poor and the BOE gets its money or it is an extra hardship on BPT’s poor and the BOE doesn’t get its money.

            The people who wrote the letter probably wouldn’t have put ‘fraud’ in the letter, but maybe. However, they did go through extra effort to put error. They must have determined it was an error or they would have put nothing. You see, they wrote this: ‘Those students were claimed in error for four months’ instead of this: ‘Those students were claimed for four months.’ If they had the intention to do a criminal investigation, the idea they put the word ‘error’ in the letter will come up in court. Like this: lawyer: ‘when you originally did your review you found the billing problem was an error. I have this letter that says so.’

          3. Why haven’t they filed a legal challenge to the CSDE auditors’ findings? Because they are not challenging the idea they made an error. Vallas wanted the state to ‘forget’ the entire thing. Just ‘let it go.’ He did not think the BOE could get its money back and the state will reduce funds to the BOE to get their money back. The BOE will have a harder time doing the same thing. At best Moales will just bankrupt ‘Little Ones’ and open under a new name. ‘Little Ones’ has no assets (building already under foreclosure or ‘underwater’ in debt to value) or income (non-profit).
            This, like many of the situations that have come up lately, it would seem in the rush to discredit foes or get their way, the BOE is making a lot of bad choices and throwing a great deal of money out the window. There is the idea of ‘right and wrong’ but you have to couple that idea with ‘win and lose.’ If you don’t believe me, just wait. The BOE will not get the money from the state and never get its money from Moales. The Moales money no longer exists.
            Moales charged for kids who did not qualify for the program. Not empty seats. That is why you get error and not fraud. Why didn’t these kids qualify? I am going to guess they were five when they signed up and six when they started the program.

          4. The only role of the BBOE is as a fiduciary of the grant. So your theory is the state gave the money to BBOE and BBOE gave it to the daycare? Why didn’t the state just pay the daycare? The word ‘oversee’ or ‘administer’ the grant does not appear? What would the BBOE think ‘oversee’ or ‘administer’ would mean?
            fiduciary-Law. a person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.
            It would appear the BBOE failed in its fiduciary responsibility. Moales would be 1/9th responsible for this. Knowing Moales has a vested interest in this, the other eight members should have been more careful. Little Ones is 0/9th responsible. They had no fiduciary responsibility. Who, exactly, was responsible for approving the checks or administering the funds?
            Look, I submit overtime that is not approved. Say on my way home I stop to do some kind of city work. I see an accident and stop to direct traffic around the accident to prevent more accidents. This unapproved OT is submitted in error as I am allowed to do the work but not submit OT for it. I thought it would be OK. Someone pays me. Who is responsible?

          5. BOE SPY, what Vallas wanted was to help cover for Kenneth Moales and his fraudulent activity. I am 100% positive Kenneth Moales and Vallas discussed this and both agreed to have Vallas file an appeal on behalf of Moales and Moales either requested or directed Vallas that this situation was to be kept completely confidential.

            Kenneth Moales’ daycares should be closed down. Even if Kenneth Moales were to have to open a new daycare, that would take two things he doesn’t have, money and time. Then he would have to re-apply for state-funded daycare slots. If the CSDE were ever to allocate him additional or new daycare slots, there would be significant political fallout.

            The Board of Education didn’t publish these articles regarding the fraud perpetuated by Kenneth Moales, his mother and his sister, that is being done by the media.

            If there were an “error” in the invoicing of Kingdom’s Little One Daycare, that falls on those who own and operate the daycare. The BBOE does not invoice for how many children were served in the program, the daycare does. Stop blaming the BBOE. This entire disaster falls on Kenneth Moales and his family.

          6. Glad you are so sure of yourself, Dave. How positive were you the CT Supreme Court would remove Vallas (99.5%, 50/50)? I, however, think Moales did bring the issue to Vallas and Vallas acted to NOT lose the state money as he knew recovering the money from Little Ones would be close to impossible. This would work out well for Moales but better for BPT. Much like the teachers, I honestly think Moales believes his institution is doing its best for the kids. Much the same as the teachers, I think Moales believes he deserves what he gets because of all the good works he does. Much like the teachers, people tell him that, his peers tell him that, he tells himself that, there are articles telling him that.

            If Moales’ daycares close, I guess you and your WFP buddies would be OK with those kids hanging out at the bus station. The best thing to do would be to seize the daycares for the debt and sub them out to a private management company. Like a charter company. Ooops, sorry you do not like that word. That company would get its money from running the daycares and BOE would contract to send some number of CSDE kids (guaranteed minimum income) to the daycare for some amount of time. The management company could offer any extra (non-CSDE) seats to the general public with the idea, at some time in the future, the kid COULD qualify for a free CSDE spot and a charter school spot. They could negotiate with the bank to foreclose and turn the buildings over to the management company. Re-fi the debt with a short sale and pay off the original bank. Pay the new mortgage, extended out to 30+ years (at what, 3-4, maybe 5%, no need for public bonding) with the CSDE money. If the BOE negotiates successfully with the charters they might take the deal. Once the CSDE grant runs out the charter is left with the buildings and the debt is their problem. But what do I know? I am just some jackass with a computer.

            Pelto is the only person to publish this info. Lennie re-published Pelto’s account. For someone in the BOE to release this WAS inappropriate.

            The responsibility for making sure you get what you pay for is the responsibility of the consumer. Buyer beware. Unless the seller knowingly misrepresents, then the buyer needs to prove that and that is a civil (you sue him) problem.

  14. This came to mind. Moales’ church is in financial difficulties. This could be because the Moales family is drawing huge incomes or the church is doing too much with too little. The Moales family is also having financial problems. This would indicate the family is not drawing huge salaries from the church. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a church to overextend itself in its charitable activities. Some religious orders take vows of poverty.

    1. BOE SPY, so now you are suggesting the Moales family is drawing small salaries out of consideration for their church members. Really, then how is it Kenneth Moales sends all three of his young children to private schools, which requires $25,000 to $30,000 in tuition fees, per child, annually? The only thing Kenneth Moales cares about is lining his pockets.

      1. Unless the kids got a scholarship, reduced tuition for underprivileged based on income, minority consideration, consideration for children of clergy. It is good to see the Moales family putting this kind of emphasis on education. If everyone in BPT did this our public education system would be a lot better off.

        1. BOE, you must keep in mind Moales has publicly stated “my father has left me a millionaire.” He has stated that at multiple venues. At any rate this whole thing is such a mess. I truly am empathetic to the Moales family as a whole. Mrs. Moales (Peggy) has always been a woman of virtue, and it saddens me to see that she is caught up in this whole fiasco, whatever the circumstances.

          1. Millionaire could be his net worth. Property, trusts, assets, etc. Many millionaires are cash poor. Having someone leave you a million-dollar home could be the worst thing that ever happens to you. You can’t afford the house and you can’t sell it.


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