Report: Racial/Ethnic Disparity In Use Of Force By Police

From Peter Yankowski, CT Post:

Connecticut police officers used force against Black and Hispanic people nearly twice as many times as they did against white people during a recent two-year period, according to a study released Thursday.

The findings from the University of Connecticut’s Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy analyzed police use-of-force incidents reported in 2019 and 2020 by 55 municipal police departments, four special police departments and the Connecticut State Police.

Bridgeport police reported the most use-of-force incidents in those years with 264. Waterbury police followed at 229 instances. State police reported 181, while New Haven had 161 and Hartford reported 91 instances.

During the two years, Black people were the subject of a use-of-force incident in 506 of the 1,315 reported incidents–about 38 percent of instances where police used force, according to the report. Police used force against white people in 437 instances, about one-third of all reported occurrences. Hispanic people were the subject of police use-of-force 268 times, or about 20 percent of the cases analyzed in the findings.

Combined, Black and Hispanic people were the subjects of police use-of-force 774 times out of the 1,315 incidents, the data showed.

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  1. Formal reporting of PUBLIC SAFETY FACTS and FIGURES has been a requirement of Bridgeport Police Department for many years now. The article above adds a category to the overall reporting that was new two years ago. It is positive to note that Bridgeport seems to be in compliance from the article, though no one is proud of the findings. As indicated, many cities have not followed the reporting requirement, and others have not fully adjusted to the demands of this new and important category, use-of-force incidents.
    On behalf of my responsibilities as Communications Committee chair for the Greater Bridgeport NAACP, I have attempted to work with current and past PD chiefs to make the material relayed to the FBI currently available automatically to the public.
    How can a citizen know what trends are observable from data recorded and reviewed if they do not regularly and timely see that data? What defines a crime wave? Or an increase in drug activity? Or any criminal or violent activity pursued against the public without seeing a baseline of data? A request for FOI rights is not the answer for taxpayers who are funding about 40% of the City budget each year, in my opinion. What say you? Time will tell.

  2. Wait, What?

    The overall occurrences of 1315 use of force incidence:

    Blacks had 506 at 38%
    Hispanics had 268 at 20%
    Whites had 437 at % 33%
    Others had 101 at 8%

    Yet the headline report reads; “CT police used force against Black and Hispanic people at nearly twice the rate of white people”

    So let me get this straight. They combine all races outside of white, particularly black and Hispanic for the Racial/Ethnic Disparity In Use Of Force By Police headline. Blacks are not Hispanic unless you identify, as Afro, Hispanic, I guess.

    Don’t panic they’re only Hispanic

    Even so, to be fair, or not, I guess it all depends on how you want to view/write it. Hispanics are European (Christopher Columbus/”Italian”) Colonial whites. 😇 JS people.

    1. P.S Where does this misleading political-driven report fall in the BIG LEI of racial identity politics, people?

      While this report put the Port and its police department in a bad light over the others while shinning for Hartford, Tony Barr doing the math people. (37 million based on existing state aid formulas, Hartford will receive $85 million and New Haven $114 million) JS

      Out of 236 million from these three cities.

      The Port got 15.5%
      Hartford got 36.5%
      New Haven got 48%

      If you want the country to be better on racial issues you have to do better. This is no crack or meth people. Though it seems money is always a factor. Any abuse of force by police is greatly determined by the state of mind of the arrestee as well as officers seeking to push the issue. For the most part with body cams, the justification is in plan view to better serve the people and the police. JS

      He was right though, they hand no probable cause. To CT’s credit weed is legalized and this man would still have been on the “Straight and Narrow Road to Success.” 🙂

  3. Final point, where do incidents like these fall in this debate of police abuse/abuse of power, along the lines of racial inequality/disparity?

    We can debate about this couple being ticketed or being given a warning based on race. But here you can see the officer chooses to give them a ticket. The lady was challenging the officer and his authority, You can debate the officer’s willingness to arrest her, not legally though.

    At any rate, the catalyst for this arrest was solely based on the mindset of the arrestee. The use of force is generally based on the cooperation of the person being arrested, right or wrong. Not saying cops with shot fuses are not overly aggressive and push arrests, there are, and they do.

    When I say short fuse, I generally mean, the penis sign. That’s the physical attribute that seems to be left out of male aggression/anger. However, being a police officer is a demanding job with the interactions of people where that aggression and anger can easily be unleashed on people with very little consequences, a bit more with body cams. That being said, besides, where you want to put it, God was doing you a solid. Along with too much down-lowness and the generating aspect that goes along with it. I guess that could vary if you are part of the LGBT community, even so though, it is there.

    However, this is the downside of just a blanketed demonization of police/”white supremacy” because every arrest when challenged will take the use of force. That is a mindset that is being created when playing the racial political identity game that leads to incidents like and worse, that are completely avoidable.

    What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish but with body cams, you can at least see for yourself. Although in the era of Trumpism/BIG LIE it tends to be a blinded view. JS

    1. P.S Let’s try to have some understanding when it comes to mindset manipulation. Not every manipulation is like a fat jolly man in a red suit who delivers toys to children. 🙂
      Nor is it just age-appropriate.

      BTY You’ll have your take on dealing with the police. But as my father told me before he steps out to get a pack of cigarettes. You’re a genius who can’t read and don’t argue with the police. You won’t win and it’s another charge. 🤣

      P.S stay woke people. Bam I am out of here. 😀


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