Police Union Urges Release Of Findings Of Racist Letter Probe

Paris, Ganim
Police union chief Chuck Paris campaigning with Ganim.

The union representing city police officers is demanding Police Chief Joe Gaudett and outgoing Mayor Bill Finch release results of an internal investigation into a racially charged letter distributed throughout the department in February.

“It has been brought to the attention of the Bridgeport Police Union, Local 1159, that the investigation in the above-captioned matter has been finalized and delivered on or about September 21, 2015,” wrote AFL-CIO Council 4 staff representative Kelly Rommel in a joint news release issued with Sergeant Chuck Paris, president of Local 1159. “We again repeat the plea that our officers need closure in this matter. The members of Local 1159 work tirelessly to serve and protect the citizens of Bridgeport. Nevertheless, there has been a cloud over the heads of the entire department since this disparaging letter was delivered.”

Paris added, “It’s time to shed some light here, so we can all move on. We hope and expect the Finch administration will disclose the results of the investigation, and not leave it for the next administration to clean up. The sooner we begin any healing that’s necessary, the better.”

Paris has been a vocal supporter of Mayor-elect Joe Ganim who defeated Finch in the September Democratic primary. Finch has had a scratchy relationship with city police officers for the better part for his eight years as mayor. Many police officers made campaign contributions to Ganim and provided boots on the ground for both the primary and Ganim’s general election win on Tuesday. Ganim has announced he will not reappoint Gaudett to another five-year contract.



  1. Joe Ganim had earned another chance. His formidable political skills paid off. Now it’s time for him pay off. He has another chance but I for one do not trust him. That has to be earned. If he is true to his word about staff cuts, the municipal payroll should be pruned down to be be lean and efficient.


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