Paging All Donors–Open Bar At Mario’s Fundraiser

It’s time to load up and lard up in advance of the Nov. 2 general election.

For a suggested contribution of $100 – $2,000 Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa is opening up his bar Thursday night for all consumable adequate fluid ounces and all the pasta you can plunder.

The chairman wants to stuff the town committee treasury for an Election Day operation–and maybe save some for a rainy day–in this quiet election cycle featuring Board of Education and City Council seats.

If you want to be a cheapskate and contribute $100–especially if you’re an inquisitive infiltrator desiring more than pressing nose against the fundraising glass–it’s a fabulous deal.

Don’t worry, Mario has a number of reliable donors who’ll add an extra zero to the cause.

Plus, ya just never know who’ll show up to a Mario soirée.



  1. It will be so much fun to go to the DTC COVID fundraiser, but Thursday is the only night I have during the week to clean out my Birdcage and now it takes two papers of the CTPOST editorial section to do that job, the paper’s so thin my flucking Bird can shit’s throw it, (Sure I’ll pay a dollar for 18 months!)
    It would be great to break bread with Danny Roach, Stevie A. and the Drama Queen, cold Penne and flat beer and how can we ever beat Maria P. in the 138th ???

  2. So the CC meetings will remain Remote because of covid,but the council and a 100 others can meet in person,eat drink and bullshit with each other for a fundraiser??..Can’t make it up..

  3. There will be a separate collection box on the bar if anyone’s interested in donating to the lawyers fund to help Michael Defilippo with his court case.
    (Lol…sorry, I just couldn’t help it!!) 😝 🖕

    1. Rich,at least the donors get a break,they only will have to help out with DeFilippo’s defense fund. The taxpayers are footing the bill for Joe’s and his inner circle. Last we heard a few months ago it was around $600,000 or so..


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