Officials To Celebrate Black Rock School Topping Off

Black Rock addition
Rendering of Black Rock School addition.

Mayor Bill Finch, Interim Superintendent of Schools Fran Rabinowtiz and other city and state officials will gather today (Tuesday) at 3:30 for a “Topping Off” ceremony to celebrate the construction of the highest structural element for the new addition to Black Rock School on Brewster Street.

“My administration is committed to ensuring Bridgeport kids have access to the top-notch facilities they deserve,” said Finch in a statement. “Improving the quality of our school facilities makes for a better learning environment, helping to ensure our kids get the education necessary to be prepared for college and to compete for 21st century jobs.”

The 18,000 square-foot addition includes 10 new classrooms, a multipurpose room that can serve as a gymnasium and assembly space, elevator access to all floors to make it ADA compliant, two new playground structures and a new entrance area on School Street. The addition was designed by Newman Associates, and the construction was managed by Bismark Construction and Premier Construction Mac LLC. The cost of this addition is $8.8 million, and eighty percent of that is covered by the state.



  1. “My administration is committed to ensuring Bridgeport kids have access to the top-notch facilities they deserve.”–Bill Finch above.

    I have a commitment today that conflicts with the “topping off” at Black Rock School. However, at the last Education sub-committee of the City Council meeting I listened to Bassick HS representatives, once again, laying out the terrible conditions with the roof at that school.

    While Supt. Ramos was still in charge, the Bassick roof project had priority status and Black Rock School improvements may have been on the radar but were not in line ahead of Bassick. How did a change in fortunes occur so Bassick is still leaking, mouldering and peeling away while Black Rock may be complete before 2015?

    CC President Tom McCarthy was challenged on this story and it goes back to a hidden School Building Committee holding meetings, exercising authority, operating by CC rules, failing to report as liaison to the CC members, and making decisions that affect bonding, capital spending and how long current students have to remain in “unhealthy and less than a low notch” facility. Perhaps Brett B. will prepare a statement to report the how, why and justification. Time will tell.

  2. John, think about it!!! Black Rock School is located in the heart of the wealthy section of Bridgeport. Bassick High School is located where? In the working-class neighborhood aka South End. Who contributes more money and votes on a more regular basis? The Black Rock political machine is headed by Danny Roach and the South End political machine is headed by Mitch Robles who has 15,000-plus relatives working for the city and does not give a shit about Bassick High.
    When have you known this administration to do anything right? We are building a new Roosevelt School at the site of the old one and we are tearing down Marina Village where many of the kids who attend Roosevelt come from. Go figure.

  3. Andy, Black Rock wealthy? Black Rock is a working class neighborhood. Probably St. Mary’s by the Sea has big houses and a view and people with big bucks but the vast majority are working class.

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